Came to Japan from Taiwan! Meet Golf Magazine Editor in Chief at the Shizuoka international airport

Chen Tai-hee, general manager of Changsei Culture Business Co., Ltd., which publishes the popular golf magazine "Takajio Bunki Golf Digest Taiwan" throughout TaiwanTai-chieh ChenIs coming to Japan、I went to visit a golf tour in Shizuoka Prefecture.、"Mt. Fuji Shizuoka airportGo to Mt.fuji Shizuoka Airport

Evening、We are waiting for Chen to arrive by flight to the airport.、It will be our first reunion in about a year!

Mr. Chen, who has been shaking for a while,、It has been transformed into a very smart
Take care of your physical health、In the past year, he has been able to go on a diet of 10kg. Such a Chen、In order to become healthier and healthier、We are incorporating it into our lifestyle.ZennoaWith the development cooperation of Dr. Osamu Sugiyama of The Institute of Applied Biochemistry, a well-balanced combination of omega fatty acids and Alzheimer's disease, a Japanese pharmaceutical company Manufactured by Kyowa Hakko Bio、I presented "SRQ" which saved alzheimer's type dementia that my father had suffered for many years!
From Mr. Chen、We received Scotch whisky from Scotland, SPEY Chairman's Choice.

I went up to meet you at my favorite car "MASERATI Quattroporte"、From my hometown, Makinohara City, where the airport is located, i run on high speed to Shizuoka City.、Chewing on the joy of reunion in less than an hour、I was able to enjoy chatting with Mr. Chen♪

Mr. Chen、Shizuoka at the attendant of "Shizutetsu Group" this time、Shimizu、Kohei Japan、It will be a five-day visit to oigawa railway and other sites.。
In spite of the rainy season、Because the weather was blessed, it is relieved! Mr. Chen.、See you soon! Re!

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