Her Lord of the "Temple" Taiga drama / woman Castle straight Tiger II naotora Kanoko

Has a long history、733Temple of the Rinzai Myoshinji Temple sect held by priest of Nara period in years (0/733) and "-Ji Temple(Ryoutan-ji) ' to!

Here is、This year 2017 than Taiga drama Onna Castle straight Tiger TV、Increased attention to、Lords II family of the only woman II, "Tiger" (Naotora Ii) site of renowned! Admission is 500 yen per person!

At that time、Adviser II, Tiger was in "South stream Mizuki give (what kezu Sanju)" became "Temple" the temple served as the priest、The Dragon Temple、As the temple enshrines 40s II family、Naotora memorial towers started.、We enshrined the II family graveyard。

Getting sound like Thrush of walking "Nightingale floor hallway".、1729 year(0/1729)9Worship in front of wooden parquet erected sejo mountain Osho's Buddha statue "joroku Sakyamuni Buddha"!
This Buddha who becomes a Buddha of the Enshu area first!

Also、The grounds of about 10000 square meters was named 'forest of Japan ' Multiauthor、Lush green trees、Quiet peaceful space is a proud beauty、In the temple's main hall in 1936, certified nationally designated scenic gardens、In the early Edo era yongdam-ji Temple garden in the garden by Kobori Enshu garden planters appreciation.。In the garden、From Chinese Taoism "horai beliefs" and put his "immortality" and "eternal prosperity"、In the garden room announcements、Could you please explain more!

According to the flower calendar、Fascinated by the colors of the four seasons garden.、To the end of may, full of、In the dark green、Brightly colored pink azalea and is in perfect harmony、
After、Will be a few days even if the hydrangea blooming beautifully.

Jumping through hoops from parking lot gate (main gate)、After finishing the registration to the main hall。
A treasure-trove of tiger direct started.、And visit the temple's main hall and、Sitting in the garden before enjoy spend every time peacefully。
After that、To discover the local area、Touch the tree, looking up into the 400-year-old finally become sacred and "camphor tree"、We have magnificent power!


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