New supplement to give them his father suffering from Alzheimer's disease "Senna" amazing experience!


Home my father (now 68 years old) about 8 years ago and eyes with strange behavior、Since being diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer's type dementia medical checkup、And disease each year、Now that required nursing certification 4 care lived out my life.。

First, while trivial things、My father should be familiar with the geography or prone to get lost、Forgetfulness or badly、"What if it's a little strange? "And remember that everyone was concerned was not understood as。

Seen any symptoms from it、It started with memory disorders、Wandering、Hallucinations、Illusion、Depression、Violence、Rant、Deteriorated and incontinence、Knowing family name also seasonal time than what you currently、1Nor in the、Removal of clothing, let alone、Becomes difficult if you walking to reach out, to life in a wheelchair、Under the circumstances that there is no intention of、In nursing mothers、Was each day to day care to go in week 3。

Us couple has been incorporated into the lifestyle "Zennoa(Senna) "during the company's new product、"Supplements are good for dementia appeared! "And when I heard that it will reinvigorate in、Had been looking forward to the launch of its new product。

New product "SRQ (SRG queue)", "Alzheimer's disease Q&A "that the author of the book、In development cooperation of public interest incorporated foundation under authority of the Alzheimer's type dementia "students applied chemical research laboratory" Sugiyama science teacher, was manufactured at the adaptogen pharmaceuticals of Japan、From the evidence, contains a patented ingredient that、Explain to my mother and father as a man asked.。I started drinking my father from in the last 12 / 9、1Day 2 to day and night and at same time and medication after taking 1 tablet each, divided into two。My father is、For the biting capsules、From the capsule out of SRQ powder dissolved in water, drink was。

The first was the mother of dubious、1Now, months after、See recent、Or the father's intention to、"Sleepy?..."、"Delicious!"、"Cold?" and now speaks of! I felt good going! "And say、Gave me a call while being very surprised! Was overjoyed and my mother happy, I was really surprised that this is!

Now、Are we in conjunction with dementia drugs、This as been drinking SRQ、She said the "happy one drug away from me.。That intention to fully recovered even seem happy、I really get hot chest feeling not full!

Only on the stage but still saw "signs of recovery"。By the people、These supplements may have perceived difference。However,、For people with dementia、If you have a slight hope.、It's great and I realize it firsthand。
If、People with dementia who are closer to salvation and will be、1Even as many people want to tell these stories, I tried lot!

To read this article、More information on wish I would appreciate contact us so to properly introduce。


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