From the popular Italian "homemade Stollen" Nagoya's early Christmas present


[Santa came to our House! 】
Nice parcel arrived home from Tokyo、My favorite Italian restaurant in Nagoya "la vena del legno (La vena del renno) "The was a great gift from Uchida Chie-Chan has been a pastry chef owner Uchida Yuki-Kun's wife!
During the、Stollen, t. picture Santa Claus is painstakingly made and brownies、It was a gift of homemade sweets such as almond Chocolat + homemade miso!
Message card attached、' Is this year?? "And refined Chie-Chan cute handwriting exudes femininity is a Word!
With Stollen、Until the day of our Christmas in Germany and Netherlands、That cut little by little in the family spent about 4 weeks or so, going to eat baked goods。Quite some time ago.、I was kept away since eating Stollen was flaky and Stollen。Suites I take away the moisture in the mouth is weak or the。However,、3One year ago Chie-Chan moist Stollen received from、It's all styleN's are hooked!
Is wearing with plenty of powdered sugar like snowflakes are as reminiscent of White Christmas Stollen、Enjoy a taste of nuts and dried fruit soaked in rum during the、The Stollen Chie-CHAN、Particularly enriched by Fragrant lemon peel、Dying with a refreshing aftertaste in the mouth spread us to immerse themselves in the happy mood!
T. picture Santa's friendly feelings though the suites were filled with、I think tea leaves, TWG tea importer to go to Tokyo to enjoy the Afternoon Tea Time. Mr. Uchida、Chie-CHAN、Thank you always!
The tea house、A valuable domestic honey beekeepers Kawamura, who produced "Honey Boy"、Aroma, rich sweet plump we! In a kind of secret ingredient is recommended to be very rich in taste.
This year's Chie-CHAN、So was passed safely to the sommelier exam、Our wines at renno, not fun!



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