Eel Fujita Hamamatsu station shop tact consulting including heir proposal meeting.


Tokyo-based nationally with inheritance measures、[Specializes in property tax areas such as business succession] shall be "Tact consulting & tax accountants ' Corporation"The Director, Yamada and Serizawa's certified public accountant、In addition、It was a 峯野, y. Kurihara Takashi's insurance professionals in the "fix Japan" and "financial Alliance" eel specializes in Hamamatsu "Eel Fujita Hamamatsu station branch"At the Lunch Meeting!

With their client in the inheritance consultant husband to heritage protection and inheritance of personal as well as、Can also consult issues related to corporate business continuity, etc.、By custom-made proposing we are!

Super gourmet chestnut-Chan with. and the lunch was very enjoyable、Have a shop that you can introduce to your two tongue、"Fujita" provided by the Cantonese steamed eel、Plump and tender、Without persistence with an elegant sauce sweet enough!

Mr. Yamada、Mr. ashizawa、Kurisu、You did it、Thank you for your future!



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