Hamamatsu Koto school music society woven sound Ikuta Koto Miyagi of the great master in Nagao-Sensei in reunion


Koike-Cho. "Music of woven sound (orionn)"Ikuta Koto Miyagi of the great master in beenNagao-SenseiThe koto school enrolled her husband from entering four years early。Her husband learned from a high school student Koto。Japanese-style home is on Koto is also 4 and、Those who come for the first time you will be very surprised.。From now exactly 2 years ago、In one month-Sensei be taken care、2012On July 9,.The were able to safely demonstrate the couple ensemble made their wedding reception.。However,、Very difficult schedule adjustments、Now have we to be closed while。In such、Every year in the roster update you put only the name、Also, you can resume to look forward to these days。On this day、And we ask you-Sensei long Buri、My students just recently held ConferenceOf the yukataWith the able to see what。New students enrolled、Has become more and more classrooms.


After a long time in the classroom and、Ragmat has been remodeled、Fine-Sensei'sCat AbbyThe SANAE teacher says assimilation and coat (laughs)"It's not aimed at you (laughs)"With that。Abby、Shaggy carpet on fluffy and very cozy nice!


Abby (♀:11Years of age)

In the cat14Years of ageAnd it is said72-year-old in humanAnd the very elderly (lol) of Abby is、Summer without disease, seem very health.。On the nature of the cat's own pace while、Koto school is for students in and out of、And often you stroked and patted the loved?。Even when healthy and hope that what I'm。-Sensei、Treat you to delicious coffee we did!


Music of woven sound and-on
Ikuta Ryu Koto Miyagi of the great master
Nagao SANAE Koto school

1607-2-102 Cho Higashi-Ku, Hamamatsu City

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