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Hase 守保 building plan architects hase House at 'cherry blossom' after parties.



Lugu Steakhouse "Granny bear", the landmark wooden houses is the roof of the Pentagon before the curve looks、A stripped-down design and stately elegant hase House。On this day、Hase MoriyasuHe organized each years annual 'Hamamatsu Castle Park cherry blossom"Is held、After that、Secondary flow、The architects 'Hase Moriyasu Architectural planning"The thing with our young industries gather in the Office and at home。Hase said invited me so、After finishing the Yoshida House cherry blossom、I have participated, as well as husband and wife on the way!


In the living room hase House sight in public housing is not. increases in front of me (laughs)、Think roughly about 30 young people desire to converse with are。Is there enough chairs to seat it all these people can wonder、Do not feel cramped can gather so many living、Still terrible is necessary because the other was underneath the wine blossom from early time hase House is (lol) it is、Faintly in a good mood.、There are strangers who also became a fun time, though!


For organizersHase MoriyasuMe holding the rim of hase and Mr. (pictured left) and our couplesWatermelon and North,The representative,Baba broadband lineMr. (pictured right)、Commonly known as:Baba Tchi、Red bread aka my father name is (laughs)


If you always、High female hase House drink, which is an association、This unusual ratio between men and women and is nearly as much! (Surprised) hase said in solitude、What some popular now come to men (laughs) every time、Hase said to fix and set up various events and his companions。The architect started.、And suidou、In addition to the craftsmanship of the Dino, gardener、Design-related、IT-related、Beauty related、Our funny folks at Yamaha associated with different business suit。Age is also、Young 20's 30's 40's and wide range、This destination、Hamamatsu, stand teens got together!


Are gathered in your home full of personality、Folks still full of personality。Different industries are in just a few、We have in common "Hamamatsu is like"Such thoughts?。Their thoughts are positive "Create a space where people gather"And、Design people put more emphasis there "Like hase 守保"That would be! Fun in the evening slipped away quickly、While retaining the breath alcohol、That started the weekend a meaningful thanks! Hase said invited、Thank you everyone was together.

Hase 守保 architectural design

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Weeping in full bloom at the Yoshida House while Japan garden with cherry blossom Local financial companies together! Held 3 financial Summit in portebonur!
Weeping in full bloom at the Yoshida House while Japan garden with cherry blossom
Local financial companies together! Held 3 financial Summit in portebonur!


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