It had an office relocation celebration from Yamauchi and his wife honeymoon!


In Kamakura Komachi Street sweets "Tea near CHA-KON.San。Here is a popular Japanese sweets is famous for, and form the matrix、And thoroughly non-additive material mainly fruits cultivated throughout the country of origin of、Buzz on TV as a dry fruit shop safe and secure a sale、Has been pleasing as souvenirs。The other day it、Aprecio as Viola, in a Manager sits on the Moto Sy that Yamauchi based Shinji-Kun "Office celebration is what is good? "And because it did bother asking、Answered love "dried fruit" butt naked、Brought here near Brown's talking about dried fruits! (My joy) Moto Ze and his wife Yoshi that Yoshimi Chan 2、City is in the freshly married cute friend married couple。Just recently got、When you go to Kamakura is brought。It is the sense of two people.


Apricot 80 g 500 yen

Speaking of apricots (apricot)、Freshness is characterized by plenty of likely to be cheerful orange。This is、The color of vitamin a.。Vitamin A is、Warm body、Is work to me with tough skin and mucous membranes.、Is believed to be effective for colds。This other、Citric acid is said and will adjust the intestines healthy、DL-Malic acid、Includes dietary fiber.。


Blueberries 80 g ¥ 900

In the United States and Canada、Using the wild blueberry。Small, ragged.、Contains more polyphenols than those grown。Blueberry polyphenols、And re-synthesis of rhodopsin decreases and my eyes get tired and aid、Is said to have strong antioxidant properties keep healthy Antiaging and capillaries。Blueberries are good for your eyes and。We will work at the computer a lot to take care of that?。Moto Ze、Thanks Yoshi delicious celebration.

Tea near CHA-KON
Kanagawa Ken Kamakura Shi Komachi 2-7-28 TEL:0467-61-3090
Hours of operation:10:00-19:00(Lunch 10:00-14:00) All year round

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