Day-and I discuss lade mansion!


Today's evening、Hide-SanVisit the House、On the direction of future WEB Magazine lade、The original party held power through static okaichi Manager kuchita,。Kuchita says、After graduating from Tokyo Art University art faculty、On conducting creative Bureau has been active as a designer of commercial advertising、1997Years after leaving.、Hamamatsu and Tokyo based exhibition of images and、It continued production, product design drawings。He told us a happy new year、Day-and I of was that an old senior、"I、30Bill I'm ~ ♪ "and、Inspired heart also said even in all、Staffs are very young。People still are active in different。Small 1 time so we spent some time、finishing and presentation of lade.、Junko's always like "it's time, let's have a meal。"And、We have a dinner invitation、Around the dinner table at all。


Day-and it comes into play often in the House drink、Winter worm summer grass with shochu。And the Caterpillar、Since ancient times more nourishing tonic、In a sort of mushroom as high quality ingredients for the elixir of life、And who want to improve the immune system、How to prevent aging、Lifestyle-related diseases and cancer prevention want to recommend。Parasitic insects and absorb the nutrients and extended the fruiting body looks little GLO is.。Winter would spend summer in the form of insects and grass that is named winter Cordyceps.。Be cool tonight、Will the water allocation and Junko's delicious cooking。







Junko's cooking、Even if food and liquor as well、Good balance、Always us each to have learned。The Japanese seem to especially、Vegetables and made perfect in the Center、Is that helpful because each instrument is very nice。Spinach and whitebait marinated in spicy sauce、Scallops and wakame salad、Bonito and clam、Fried, sweetfish、Meat and potatoes、Rice ball、Miso soup with fried tofu。


Serenity's dining、Talking varied flow can't write here Dentsu times kuchita's backstory and historical background、About the development of young people today,、That have been working in the power、Shake you just study the width of only。Regardless of your career is。


In the wind and rain continues to fall heavily、Hourly hourly day-is it of "recess" is alive and well (lol) but、This recess after day-and it is like wake up refreshed、Sweet things to keep the bite、lade and the commitment to on talk、Above all、Hide-San while leveraging the lade mechanism as part of Hamamatsu art music support organization, launched the project、Mitsubishi Corporation art gate programOf that direction that will focus on helping young artists now。I want to continue significant informational cooperation。Hide-San、Thank you in advance!


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