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"鴨藤-Kun & vegetables Minako-Chan" surrounded by buddies who celebrate the marriage and animal love party filled with



Around the streets studded with neon lights of Christmas、Enjoy lunar new year enjoy dignified and clean air and wrapping the warm atmosphere。2014On December 6, (Saturday)ToYusuke 鴨藤And cumMatsui Naoko NakoChan's wedding anniversary "Porte Bonheur portebonur"And I, was held successfully!

Wedding photo album is available here!


In the lobby lounge、PianoAndWood baseThe live music greet guests.


Groom Office Juniors:Nagata Tomomi's made welcome Board


At the reception desk、And the brideRena NakoChan's College friendRuna uhara.Inoue GosenLet's charge。Beautiful and cute girl likesRena NakoChan's friends are all、Uniformity of beauty's only!


Matsui House dog:Momoko-CHAN


Gatchan (Axolotl)


Hot Moomin Minako-CHAN's love

He was greeting guests at the reception to、Rena NakoChan's parents were bornMatsui homeThe Labrador dog isMomoko-Chan (13 years old)In the Axolotl, a member of cherished family photos and now kept in the House twoGatchan can effortlessly Kaito-Kun (3 years old)。And、Rena NakoHer groomYusukeWith as much love, does not stop! Moomin in the Maru everyone warmly welcomed。However,、To tell the truth to the two new House、Of one family in EnglishYu Kaito-Kun (3 years old)We have、Entry in the hair of an animal that is not、At home I was answering。Receptions begin with lovely produce only 2 people is surrounded by cute animals.


Hot favorite sister should respect Minako-CHAN:Ayako Matsui (left in photo)

Matsui homeBut their marital relationship will be five years from now and me、Home roasting coffee beans specializes in Fukuroi "Blister and Japanese restaurant"Is it the homepage competition inThose who stick to the coffeeIntroducing "Cafe style"In theRena NakoI seek is that I will be reporting、After that、Matsui sistersBegins to frequently to our beauty salon that was moved to Hamamatsu, as well as us。And I am different, slightly more thanMatsui sistersThat is the、Delicious food is to information like the various antennas, activeEating outAndTravelFrom having a common hobby that I love、Difference regardless of years of fun and socializing, we。During such、Rena NakoRight from when you report your marriage.Wedding reception were Mr. Takahiro and Yuya Sanya, is our ideal formGot to say that strangely reminds me of happy。Provided prior to your celebration with friends and family、Only in the reception close friends invited.、Are considered as not stiffly、Wedding reception in a full smile from beginning to end。Became the form of later wish it was two of receptions.


Wedding banquet halls


MC:OSA Nurikabe Chiaki's


Entrance bride and groom


In the tiered feeling normal"Formal and all guests of distance is too? 」And、They are available in small round table。Two thoughts though through、And the environment around the round table to 出向keru feel free to friends、Boost the warm air of a wedding banquet hall、I think was being reduced in size and distance.


Toast:Luca, rolled

In the occupational therapistYusukeBosses should respect-KunAkiyama, rolledMr. more、The toast at unique。Of the brideRena NakoChan andAkiyamaAnd I of Princess! with classmates! (Surprise)AkiyamaIs it to as it doesn't seem such a great lady who looks young! Various help rim even for 2 people、So frank in a wonderful boss you haveYusukeMr、Is good and work under good conditions, I.




Wedding cake named duck farm

Wedding cake、Dream 2 "Duck farm"And the image of a vast farm was named after the cake is! The farm opens up a vast field watched by two men dressed as a duck pond、Axolotl familyGatchanSwim、Hope goat wants to Shepherd in the near future and dog、Cute cake filled with love and dreams、Guests – all gathered, no spurs in the photo!


Wedding cake was cut








Buffet style


Friend introduction than the groom


Profile on screen


From the bride and friends referrals

Alone and one of the guests on the screen pictures and both the bride and groom、Will be presented with a message such as guest's tastes and preferences and features.


12Everyone celebrates your birthday month

And、Off the hook12Born in AugustFor your friends、Two nice"End of year Lottery"For there was a surprise gift! From this stunning show winners will be good.。Congratulations on your birthday!


Here change after re-entry will be bride and groom


Duck dishes


Chef flambeperformance.


The groom is MotoGP flambe!

In the groomYusuke 鴨藤Named after you cum"Duck"With nifty rendition of today、ChefTG SasakiBeautiful than Mr. blue flameFlambeperformanceIs done。And、Continue on following the example of the master chef、For the groomYusukeFlambe challenge too! The stunning success、All tables to MaineDuck dishesMe acting.


Interview to groom friend


Fried chicken from flambeperformance


Love from the groom to eating beans and 2 people

And the groomYusukeFriend of yours-KunIDE, TeppeiAnd cumNaoki AoyamaYour moderator to interview Mr. wall's。This also actually、YusukeIn the preface to the PRAMAC presents from friends with gratitude, to give、The two bigLike fried chickenBy saying that、YusukeMore cum"Present" fried chicken"The surprise has been done! Boryumyi fried chicken flambé with at least two people with big mouths eclipses lengthways and beans! Wasn't that really looks good!


Surprise gifts to your friends favorite fried chicken success!


Also reindeer on stage some day cuddled vows Kiss!


Full of smile from beginning to end、Even a peaceful reception was that celebrates during the late。Two seconded leads just in case shooting table.


Surprise gift with a letter of thanks from the bride to my dear sister


Surprise gift presentation successful!

1One only, notMatsui sisters。My sister'sRena NakoChan forAyakoMr. a、My sister while、And also like the mother in、In 心友、Like rivals time and only in。Hamamatsu in 3 years, one under the roof with good friend sister、As good friends envy from others、Respect each other、So while maintaining good distance、Helping each other、Sisters of the two support each other are very pleasing。From now on、Rena NakoChan's partner isYusukeWill become Kun、Forever I continued with two sisters love forever。At the end of the last、The lacrimal gland fragile a happier surprise、、A gift from the heart is given to a sister who I love more than my sister、1To Ayako lives to be"Far away always stays with me!"The feelings do not、Matching homeware to a surprise gift! Become a nice sister love ends.


Thanks gift from the bride and groom dressed as Santa Claus and reindeer


鴨藤 Yusuke Kun & vegetables Minako-CHAN、Congratulations on your marriage!

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