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Woven sound music society and held at Tokyu harvest Hamana Lake, Chef demonstrates society shakuhachi of Jin



Through the practice, such as the koto, sangen、Improve the individual's skills and、While promoting the friendship in the ensemble、Widely convey the attractiveness of Japanese traditional instruments "Music of woven sound (orionn)" And "Shakuhachi Jin society"For each will be held in collaboration with the annual 'Chef demonstrates society"、Also this year2015March 21 (SAT)In the three days 'Tokyu harvest Club Hamana Lake"And it was held at the!


Fascinated by the beautiful and serene splendor.Shores of Lake HamanaTo、Approx. 510000 m2The expanded scale inTokyu harvestMr. so、Introduction to water sports、Tennis Court、Putt putt golf、It is possible to enjoy the four seasons pool and lush landscaping in.


"Chef demonstrates society"The concert hall、Tokyu harvestAnd it's held in the multi-purpose room。Chef demonstrates societyAnd the、In the field will present the results of the students daily practice、For koto and 17-string Koto、Sami、ShakuhachiIn concert、As each student's published songs古曲AndModern songsExchanging the、In total17SongWill be announced.


Music of woven sound representative Ikuta Ryu Koto Miyagi of the great masterNagao-Sensei


Shakuhachi Jin Association representative Kan Hara (art honor teacher


Autumn leaf / Hideaki Kuribayashi composer


Vs dynamic / Mountains in Japan mountain music


Yaesu cloth / Ishikawa kotodai composer


Two rural poems / Katsutoshi Nagasawa composed


AO no kiseki / Kawamura Taishan composer
Koto:Nagao-Sensei、17-string Koto:Izumiyama chapter child teacher、Shakuhachi:Sugawara h. honor teachers




PictureThe、Various teachers in the elegant and dynamic ensembles、Kawamura TaishanThe composer 'AO no kiseki"。Show the expanse of endless blue sky。Green deep and mysterious seas。To represent the nature of air and sea of kindness and strength、Shakuhachi, Koto, 17 KotoBy written as a trio。So must record the scene show a surge in the late、Please enjoy!


Photo weaving sounds & Jin Kai




Now、But for hectic work has gotten suspended practice、Her husband-SenseiThe students also、I am also affected by two wedding receptionsCouple ensembleGoal、-SenseiThe experience affected by the initiation。Teacher and students、Or even also from your colleagues listened to the concert、See the do again? 」The glad your voice also has bestowed、Time to find and also return what you want。The next target、Still my favoriteModern songs inCouple ensembleWe would like to.


Sunset in Lake Hamana

Were attended the chef demonstrates society thank you!

Music of woven sound and-on
Ikuta Ryu Koto Miyagi of the great master Nagao SANAE Koto school
Address:1607-2-102 Cho Higashi-Ku, Hamamatsu City

Shakuhachi Jin society

Tokyu harvest Club Hamana Lake

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