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Number of residential design and construction、Containers can result in、Even in so it is produced from the store's design、And specializes in total coordination、In the recent、Been handled also play large hotel renovation and revival "ALAIN DESIGN Alan design"Mr.。Goal to be comfortable to live happily ever、Furniture and Interior as well as housing such as total support、And architect Alan beautiful coordination have been proposed at all timesNakane YasuharuWith wife of individualizationEmikoMr. and Mrs.。2 people、We learn every day、Their own experience and the experience、Rage now、So-called trend-sensitive, and、Hope strongly to deliver it to people、His decision to hold the event seminars on a regular basis。This time the、International Interior exhibition and hotel design trend is spread through magazines and seminars "Ailes creation, Inc. Elcreation co., Ltd."The PresidentMayumi TakadaAnd it welcomes the guest lecturer、Introduction of the latest collections and latest hotel designs in the Center with plenty of refer Interior trends seminar vol.1 ♪








The venue is、Alan's Office and using the second floor at the Salon。This seminar is、Divided into two divisions in the afternoon and evening, is done、Our couples、We have participated in part of the night。Guests、Fine ladies only (except for my husband:Lol)。Co-ordinating and related to home furnishings and interior design、Younger women have high antenna?。Furniture、But not limited to the Interior、Many stood out might have been related to various design work。Also our couples、While the current cooperation with Alan、Because the process of progressing the project creates the shape of the new renovation of the aging apartments、I think that study and learning, wanted to return.

Coordinator / Nakane Emiko

Be active as a coordinator in AlanNakane EmikoMr. a、While he has experience as a nurse who became、Of the representativeNakane YasuharuIs it the and decided retirement with independent practice、Qualify as a coordinator、And with my husband, the representativeNakane YasuharuAnd it will support the、As a supporter of good advisors、It leads a couple three-legged race and cheer on your job。Is the tempo with a good two like that of husband and wife comedy、He is a spectacular (laughs)、10In mid-July in northern Denmark and Sweden formed in thermal environment and building design"Southern Scandinavian insulation with yuzo, welfare and design tour 6 days 4 nights"Entitled to tour Northern Europe wishing to become、People who are working abroad and building、Institutions visited have has lost。As well as the technology of Japan、Learning with the latest technology in foreign countries、By touching、Will be reflected in your work in the future, be harnessed。Occupied the eyes continue to work for two people!


Elcreation representative / Takada Mayumi

This time、Teachers welcomedMayumi TakadaMr. a、"MANAS Manas trading co., Ltd."Of the room planning、12After being anointed power over fabric development and brand marketing in the year、2013 yearIn brand marketing、Product development planning、To provide information "Ailes creation, Inc. Elcreation co., Ltd."Has been established.。Interior Magazine "CONFORT-confort"The number is written in、Textile International (mostly European) and Japan, and with wallpaper maker、Appropriate products and planning companies、Sales in Japan of overseas brand textiles and wallpapers for PR and marketing programs are supported。And、Techniques in various overseas exhibitions on design trends to see the scenography and hotels, stores and through seminars and magazine、New information has been conveyed。Trends in the spoken in a tone suitable for fair skin and Parisienne cute appearance Paris and Milan collections information-packed seminars start.


Held twice a year in Paris "Maison & objet Paris"The exhibition in January、Felt was well as variations of color, material, design and technology than previous years and toldMayumiSan。Natural and technological innovation keywords、Collection proposes a mixed coordinate a variety of often and was so。Paris interiors event "Paris Deco off"The、Interior fabrics and wallpaper editor joins the more than 100 companies and、So Stadium to announce new collections、Trend of most high-quality items can be found with a beautiful decoration exhibition。"Black Edition"Romo,In the collection of the (United Kingdom)、PainterJessica ZOOBGuest Designer、Cushions, wallpaper、Most completed the delicate multicolored fabrics on Chair in digital print is visible。And attracted much attention as digital print world, a roughness should、Representative of the company continues taking digital photosRoot built TakahiroOf digital photography also is used somewhere, sometime? And exchanged jokesEmikoIs it (lol) dream big! It is! Rich in variations such as cushion、As well as color、Smallish and long、We combine various shape and design。Seems to enjoy the free combination without sticking to the stereotypes in this way.


Furniture's largest trade fair "Salone del Mobile"Now、While we noted themes such as the history of the brand、In the combination of the namespace、Newness had in the use of new technologies and diverse complexity。The story、Held twice a year in Paris "Maison & objet Paris"To return、And close up exhibition of 9 next、Soft colors and vivid colors、It originated extremes such as high-tech and low-tech elements。Traditionally a、Things such as the unbalanced and mismatched、With delicate filigree and new initiatives、A stunning match to finish、New method for dispelling stereotypes of what was noticeably more。MayumiMr. rises to approximately 400 number of photos also said property at ninety、Reflects them all at once、Pictures every thing fine and can see seminar will deliver the information easy。Once in trends talked about within the collection、As the latest hotel in Paris "Grand Hotel du Palais Royal, Paris / Grand Hotel de Palais Royal"And、A Royal 5 stars hotel、And relatively reasonable though, Interior hotel、Unique design elaborate Hotel etc.、Introduced total 13 hotels。The visit to Paris、It was packed with information by all means come in want to be!


This time、Part of the night seminar、I'm very happy with dinner at、After about 2 hours of seminar、A lecturer inMayumi TakadaAnd I'm around、Thanks for offer exchange 酌mi交waser fun drinks and delicious meals。The venue is、Further up the stairs、Not usually expose too much Alan's retreat Salon!


Alan retreat Salon




Paste beautiful herringbone parquet floor is spread.、Fontana ArteOfConroy theThe surrounding glass tables"For the rest machine"AndLe CorbusierChaise longue calledCassina and CassinaOfLC4 (chaise)AndMies van der RoheOfChairAndMR lounge armchair withPoltrona FrauThe to complete, such as easy-to-remove the stories placed in miscellaneous、FLOSOfRoger AngelsGLO-BALLDecorated in serene adult space。


Des Garçons clothes clothes and will serve、Alan representativeNakane YasuharuSan。During the seminar and was getting ready me like、I was waiting for! Always greeted us just beaming (lol)


The POW and sit in a Chair "Abundance ア ボ ン ド ン スOwners of Pastry "Eberle BernardWith the LC4 was called to his wife豊佳San。Is a very picturesque 2 person.


The success of the seminar thank you for cheers!




Toast with CAVA!


Alan cocktails


Nice to meet you there in、You introduce through the Mr. and Mrs. Nakane、Fun party! You attend、Thank you very much!


Was instrumental in the planning of this "MANAS Manas trading co., Ltd."The Nagoya sales office sales bossTanabe, JapanAnd I (left) and instructor "Ailes creation, Inc. Elcreation co., Ltd."representative·Mayumi TakadaIs it (pictured right)。2 people、As a partner to work with the、They are good friends to so two strictly stimulus to give to each other。Just a few hours will、I find fun dinner party early in the morning near the welcoming I have! (Surprise), but Nakane they provided a cozy meeting because it was。From this Alan says is、So will be offered such a wonderful seminar、To check Allan's website or blog please, ladies and gentlemen, you remember!


Bernard's、Mr. 豊佳、Mr./Ms. Nakane、Emiko、To liven up the streets of Sumiyoshi increasing your success!

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku Sumiyoshi 2-33-27 TEL:053-474-7400

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku Sumiyoshi 2-33 -27

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