Fascinated by the air self-defense force impulse that aviation Airshow ' air festival Hamamatsu 2014 "


Japan Air self-defense forceThe Hamamatsu air baseIn the annualAir Festival Hamamatsu (Hamamatsu base Aviation Festival) 2014This year2014September 28 (Sun)The was held successfully! Hamamatsu station location t-4、E-767、UH-60j J、U-125A、The f-15J-(Komatsu)、F-2 (Gifu)、F-4 (Gifu)、KC-767 (Komaki)、C-130H (Komaki)、Fly from t-7 (shizuhama)。Many people give the air self-defense force's presence further、Professional to show off a brilliant acrobatic flight teamBlue impulse。Its dancing through the air and bright spirited appearance、Many aviation enthusiasts raised the camera、1 and kept looking up at the clear autumn sky!


Day 13: 30 started the blue impulse aerobatic flight! Place a little more awayHamamatsu information PlazaHead to the area、See fill the side of the road to ensure easy-to-place people is seen in、Bicycles and motorcycles、Has caused major traffic jams, with plenty of cars outside No.、You could arrive at the site, somehow we also run bike! About the venue opened Hamamatsu station North District areaFreeIn the entry in、Exhibitions ground self defense force aircraft and equipment、By central air band concert、Colorguard performance、Drum show、Light music Department performance、Flower car、Unit introduction panels、At the same time held also exhibits aircraft model。Provides also enjoyed the ground at an air show outside.


Look for roaring chivalrously of columns to make in technology、Could not help but to the hull around the sky at breakneck speed in the blink of an eye will be missed as I 張ri上gezu voice! Has been around for six years, came to Hamamatsu、I usually、Unlike the flying Princess road, overlooking views of great power! You can glimpse into the astronaut proud technology of Japan and a rare talent。That view was still raw, not to、Definitely recommended!


Beautiful sky autumn sky、In the vertical direction of aerobatics are! Draw a star "Starcross"And represent the heart of arrows"Vertical Cupid"Such as showing off、Heard many visitors who delight in the skies of the Hamamatsu air base is also the birthplace of impulse、And new cross, became a holiday afternoon! I want to look forward to next year's event!

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