Mizuho itaya-machi Bldg. 4F joint Atelier birth! Opening ceremony!


Manufacturing and design、As a place to produce works of art, such asHamamatsu art music agencyTo run 'Atelier"The thing isMizuho itaya-machi Bldg. 4FThe was born! On this day、Not completed Studio at Harrods、We have been participating in the opening ceremony.


231 m² about 4th floor floors in established salons as a shared communication space、The others are 1 room-and then divided into Room 9, with 9 rooms、9.25M² rooms and the staff of 14.35 square has become a monthly fee is different depending on the size of the space mechanism。

1Room, 11.99 square meters 27,000 yen
2Room, 11.99 square meters 27,000 yen
3Room 9.25 square 22000 yen (decision)
4Room 11.00 m 2 25,000 yen
5Need room, 11.00 m 2 25,000 yen (decision) * maintenance fee as each 3,000 yen / month extra
6Room, 10.22 m² 24,000 yen
7Room, 12.65 m² 29,000 yen
8Room, 14.35 square meters 33,000 yen
9Room 9.75 m² 23000 Yen


Already3 roomAnd5 roomThe、Abstract painterKoichi KawabeHas been moving as his atelier、Is your daily production activities have been uchideshi!


For resident artists Committee by、(Art critic and curator) Junko Iwabuchi, Shingo wakagi (photographer), Noriko Yanagisawa (artist), Fumiya Kizu (artist), Yukio Masuda (sculptor), Hiroyuki KANEHARA (art critic) and Hirano Osamu (round 8 real estate group Chairman) as a Committee Member will review。Move-in condition and is evaluated、Among artists members where residents regularly exchanges started.、Together, encouraging public relations on behalf of the whole building、While the activities, either individually or as member information and delivery、And who will spark efforts to recruit supporters and collaborators。


In the opening ceremony as a management and representative of the sponsoring groupRound eight real estate groupChairman of theHirano OsamuA remark from Mr、"Now, Hamamatsu、Opportunities as artists as well as young and fewer days away... I present to break down and、This Mizuho buildings and offices、Support activities of many artists.And passion to be told。


The esteemed artists of many people, including officials at Harrods、Progress from beginning to end to surround a snack served in the Salon room。Future、Mizuho building 4th floor Atelier, in the Center、I would hope that many born artist originating from the Hamamatsu!







Collaborative Studio tenants wanted!

Manufacturing and design、Art、And the people who create, such as event planning、The recruits who can cooperate with the members of the family。Current、And those who are looking for a place、How exciting to be information, gathered at the atelier of Mizuho、If you are interested please contact us!

Facilities overview
Mizuho itaya-machi Bldg. 4F
Location:102-8 itaya-machi, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu-Shi (in a straight line to the North from Jr Hamamatsu station, 5 minutes ' walk:Hirokoji Street)
Scale:Reinforced concrete structure 4-storey four-floors (231 ft²)
Usage fees:Share name or above * all rooms are available (approval and license required)
Initial cost:Guarantor 30000 Yen * upon return、However if you have any repair amortized
Facilities:Watercooler、The men's room、Ladies ' WC、Elevator (lift)、wi-fi
Operation:Hamamatsu art music support organization, Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, 326-28 contact number:053-413-3908
Supporting organizations:Round eight real estate group
Cooperation:Charitable Foundation Plains Art Museum

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