Watase, Hidehiko TRIO classic concert photography


To annual yesterday is being held at the salon, Salon live shoot。This time Watase, Hidehiko (flute) in the Center etc Miyazawa (cello).、Nakane yasumi (guitar) by the DUO classical concert was.、Antonio Vivaldi:From flute Sonata "faithful Shepherd"、Falla:Spain suite、Villa:"Jet whistle", "No. 5 BWV Brazil style', etc.、In the Repertoire of Latin Classics with live venue was very。SLR case just because the shutter sound、Jazz live at more than taking difficult classics、This bashibashi not so always struggle (sweat) want to shoot from Mr./Ms. Nakane guitar mirrorless interchangeable lens camera also asked for、And while hanging a two camera shoot。





-Watase, Hidehiko (flute)
National Music University。After studying at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, Belgium、Active in the world。"Ansunblustera", Trio The Trip's other activities、Such as Samba and Bossa Nova、Framework of the classic variety of performances not。
-Miyazawa (cello).
National Music University。And pass the Orlando Festival master courses in the Netherlands、Study abroad。We played across the world today、Preside over a Chamber Orchestra "woodland notes.。Japan Sinfonia oboist。
● Nakane, beauty (guitar)
Germany Aachen graduated from music college、Solo & ensemble、In the song accompanied by a wide range of genres。History of tango、"Is your voice lingers on" other release CD.。Senzoku Gakuen Music University。

Tamachi Salon
326 -28, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture

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