Originating from the KAGIYA building! Artists and creators active in the world event!


Of the over 50 year-old Lily Wood StreetKAGIYA buildingToRound eight real estate groupAnd get、As part of the revitalization of the city power、2012 OctoberIn what some reopened then from the buzz。Young artists and creators and provide boxes at a reasonable price, to hold events such as、Intended to be a source of cutting-edge culture and。


Rent a space thing in vending as a shop can2014July 11 (Fri.)To be opened and、That first attempt in Hamamatsu "Newshop new shops"Mr.。Retail rental space、10cm × 10 cm timbers 1 determine the number of as furniture and sell a unique technique。And bought a part of the cedar wood smell pleasant atmosphere、A large table in the Center、And the shops of the new idea can change layouts flexibly and can hold various workshops and events。On this day、Here at the new shop、Architects of Brazil in the worldPhilip BalestraYou are welcomed to、"Hamamatsu Brazil invisible through the community development and practical workshop curriculum RE07 Future center Hamamatsu-current in future-'Entitled、Hold an event that allows for discussion with Mr. Philip! Philip,、927,From 9/30Until is is and will be staying at new shop!


And927th (SAT).There was another event has been held in the same building on the same day! KAGIYA Bldg. 3f, art gallery & plant & apparel &…Shop "BOTANICA"And I'm artist living in New York sponsored by theMIKE MINGByART EXHIBITIONAndOpening receptionIt is。ART EXHIBITIONOf the period、9March 27 (SAT)-10/12 (day) 13:00-19:00By holding a。(*-、Fire、Water、Thursday closed on Mondays)


This time、As a specialMIKE MINGAnd the deep friendshipBOOKS&PRINTSOwner, photographerYoung Shin ShingoTalk show and said,2014October 4th (SAT)To be held。When in the past crossed the American continent in two episodes and episode of the NY Times、Interest in each other's art, interesting facts are apparently so it would be! Capacity is limited so、However, we are interested in the book!

MIKE MING × Shingo wakagi ( BOOKS&PRINTS )
Special talk show 10 / 4 (Sat) @KAGIYA4FGALLERY
Capacity::40Name price:1,500Place pie (with coffee):Cagiyaville 4th floor gallery show:15:00~
[Talk-show reservation method]
E-mail reservation:each contact name (we will reply) please email info@otanica.jp
Call for reservation:080-5157-8540 BOTANICA (responsible for:Matsuo)
Store reservations:Admission is possible with BOOKS AND PRINTS shop.

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