In the Toyokawa coastal Wildflower cooking Vol.6 in Yutani House by Mr. Shintaro ajioka eating natsuno grass!


Toyohashi station (Aichi)-Tatsuno station (Nagano)195.7kmIn between the94Things stations、Between the average station distance is slightly2.1kmOfJR East Japan IIDA line。Beyond Yuya-Onsen station (middle station) one in the middle of the IIDA line、Walk 5 minutes IIDA towards a peaceful alley、Little House on the red roof comes into view across the tracks past the island crossing of rice。This is the artist.Shintaro ajiokaMr. Villa "Yutani home"Next I。


Surrounded by green forests and mountains as far as、Peaceful land of cool toilet。Yutani House is located across the line without crossing over、Without crossing a line, manjimaru Yutani home。IIDA line、1At the time one is diamond suggests that the length of degree。In the House of Yutani、Last year2013March 5Than、The four seasons once、3Society to experience the wild dishes over the years, done and done、2014On July 12, (Saturday)TheThe 6th "natsuno grass.The meeting will be。As well as the last、Ajioka, organizers for the invitation、Couples who was allowed to participate.


Yutani House opposite the UNO-River (uregawa) flows、At the four seasons, so pretty in the planked River stream、You can enjoy the wild is now increased by blue blessings of summer sun。This also、Of Yamano grass researcher wild plants can be caught in this area should be masters of the wildGoethe TakahashiWho said food, drink and travel quest露久保 MizueIs it the ajioka, instrument in two different wild foodHospitalityBecause it says to me is fun!


Wrap up the hearth、Many wild food we lined veranda with tables made of wood。We saw or heard no wild type of array。And simple, is one and the same flavor as well.、Wildflowers of each suit in a well represented nature of palate。In its original form are clunky, ajioka, piled up to those wild food color of wild and naturally blend with MO who is also in Kumamoto city.


Approximately less than 20 people gather.、20 species provide delicious native cuisines、First of all, you'll dish description.


Van bangedGoethe TakahashiJust could you please explain more about 1 characteristics of grasses and wild recipes are handled at a time.




Holding the grass of raw before cooking、It is also fun to eat because the us together with the match or replicate the wild feature, such as.




Ajioka House dogAmyRight at the top、Everyone listen and has listened to the description of the rare wild plants and food.


Next in line、露久保 MizueMr. from、1 characteristics of grasses and wild recipes are handled at a time we will explain more about!




You've got to each plate with chopsticks、Moving to a corner table each and trying to enjoy the taste of all kinds continue food and conversation!




This time insert a sake sake like ajioka, gift。Located near my home when it comes to Japanese sake "Drink Boo"Is it in the selection。This time "Shida fountain junmai ginjo malts Hattan No. 35"I have the。Kyouei co., I'm in rice of sake sashimi I've been using since the 1960s Hattan 35, since 2003, and reprinted in junmai ginjo sake、Drinks are being built every year.。Shizuoka flow are arranged subtly distinctive sour taste and flavor in the personality of the U.S.。And we finished with a clean taste dry classy effect。I drink in a unique Tea Cup made of ajioka, and also brings out delicious!


With the tobacco rocks Sesame vinegar


Purslane salad with Sesame miso


With river water hosoaokeiteu


Convolvulus leaves and flowers whitebait with sauce


Smoking rock sushi


Torotoro salad leaves and Eggplant with Yam


Sharon flowers with sweet and sour sauce


Japanese ginger steamed rice


Candied lemon kuchinashi no Hana


Pollia japonica 煮浸shi


Xanthium leaves and black melon uchinā-style sauce


Hostas (giboushi) flowers with sweet and sour sauce


Silas leaves elderberry sauce


Althaea blossom


There are potato leaves and the krill story


Common purslane KUZU Onsen egg


Hosoaokeiteu Sesame and miso


Leek leaves wild Yam and gardenia flowers


Xanthium tuna sauce


Calystegia mozuku vinegar


America TAKS blow leaves with Sesame




Many of our delicious none the、Wild food personally hit "With the tobacco rocks Sesame vinegar"、"Smoking rock sushi"With Palm pictures by big leaf dish is more! 「There are potato leaves and the krill story"The、Mixed with rice, served with boiled rice and was the best! That a nude color, texture "Sharon flowers with sweet and sour sauce"。This is what wild food in only the first experiences very valuable experience! Talk about mushrooms and horse radish to grow wild in the neighborhood, including exciting、"Poisonous mushrooms became a poison seeing that anyone? 」And、The next time、At the fall of wild food、MaybeStrange mushroomsMay (laughs)


Which fell Yutani House immediately overlooking the river Yu Ren (uregawa)。In the clean water flow is too loose for、Has become a children's playground! What I also want to come swimming suit (lol)




Ajioka, adding to their、The Yutani continue renovating garden、It has become an art gallery but this。Now, though,、Is it becomes interesting premonition seems to have been planning expansion.


1Listen to the sound ran IIDA line train for a few days.、Murmuring of a stream and the cicada's voice amid the summer weekend afternoons。The next time、The Board of wild food "Autumn"The meeting is scheduled。Also look forward to meet with you!

Shintaro ajioka


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