At Toyokawa coastal Wildflower cooking Vol.5 in Yutani House by Mr. Shintaro ajioka eating wild plants!


Toyohashi station (Aichi)-Tatsuno station (Nagano)195.7kmIn between the94Things stations、Between the average station distance is slightly2.1kmOfJR East Japan IIDA line。Beyond Yuya-Onsen station (middle station) one in the middle of the IIDA line、Walk 5 minutes IIDA towards a peaceful alley、Little House on the red roof comes into view across the tracks past the island crossing of rice。This is the artist.Shintaro ajiokaMr. Villa "Yutani home"Next I。


Surrounded by green forests and mountains as far as、Peaceful land of cool toilet。Yutani House is located across the line without crossing over。Without crossing this line, manjimaru Yutani home。IIDA line、1At the time one of diamond, however、Carefully taste the thrill, let's Cross (lol)


In the House of Yutani、Last year2013March 5Than、The four seasons once、3Society to experience the wild dishes over the years, done and done、2014April 26, (Saturday)The5th "Haruno grass.The meeting will be。On this day、Ajioka, organizers for the invitation、Was allowed to participate in a couple。Start time arrived a little more than early ones、Have already started to Pack。


Yutani House opposite the UNO-River (uregawa) flows、At the four seasons, so pretty in the planked River stream、Now you can enjoy fresh young bud。This time the、Of Yamano grass researcher wild plants can be caught in this area should be masters of the wildGoethe TakahashiWho said food, drink and travel quest露久保 MizueIs it the ajioka, instrument in two different wild foodHospitalityBecause it says to me is fun!


Round eight real estate groupThe Plains and his wife arrived in、Wild food Association、Preparations are underway!


Ajioka himself has been to prepare、Scrapping the brick was used for baking pottery kiln、It is a surprise because they ended up building a pizza kiln and the main dish of the day! To fire everyone interested in inquiring! In this kiln、Nobiru of wildflower (Nobile) will bake the pizza with.


20More people gather.、In the House of Yutani、To wild food already prepared more than 20 prior to、And now someone "will!" of before you wait to greet you (lol) chopsticks、Greetings from the organizers ajioka's!


Around the hearth、Our numerous wild food on wooden tables。I was surprised the wild type、Simple is one and the same flavor as well.、Wildflowers of each suit in a well represented nature of palate。In its original form are clunky, ajioka, piled up to those wild food color of wild and naturally blend with MO who is also in Kumamoto city.

Spring Wildflower cooking and shinagaki
Bush licorice mixed with dried bonito、Geranium carolinianum l. Sesame and miso、Ukogi rice、Braised dandelion root、Boiled salt Beach radish seed、Kojōhama Shiba 漬ku wind、Hostas (URS) with Isobe、Dandelion leaves with Sesame、Salad of hostas (URS)、Green Onion grilled、Nobiru (Nobile) and squid nut、Two-wheeled grass and fried seaweed salad、Chieko pickles、Bush removed and squid with vinegar sauce、Beach radish fruit and shrimp spring rolls.、Oil and fry of polygonum cuspidatum、Mt. Udo (notake) mealy、Green onion and homemade miso、Chieko, topped with bonito dressing、Chive fish cake、Nobiru (Nobile) and hearth baked pizza mozzarella、Cherry tea、Dandelion coffee and a great assortment of 23 species in all。


Goethe Takahashi(Photo right) 1 characteristics of grasses and wild recipes are handled at a time could you please explain more about。Especially Goethe Takahashi dandelion coffee brewed aroma drifting throughout the room、Parkroyal on Kitchener road tasted roasted lightly beaten very impressive。Dandelion coffee using coffee beans do not use dandelion root、For non-caffeinated、Patients with insomnia and children、Drinking in women during pregnancy and lactation can be、The hangover or liver、Are also good for constipation。Dandelion、Even the petals served with Tempura、So did not take part of the roots、Enjoy the splendor of this exhaustive our ingredients。Such as boiled salt not eclipsed Beach radish seed、Enjoy a feeling of appetite、Even skilled culinary rare wildflowers、Also the guests salted cherry blossoms cherry blossoms tea、Had ornate graced the table gentle scent of spring!


Next in line、露久保 MizueIs it (pictured right) from、We will explain more about 1 characteristics of grasses and wild recipes are handled at a time。Ajioka, more、See recipe for Tempura or ordinary, not、I want to twist "and as was requested in advance、"Can this recipe in the wild! "That surprise found there、We have to eat。Women as a dish full of femininity was、Two-wheeled grass was neatly finished with fruit and fried seaweed salad。And、Or the crisp surface and green onion in the moist fish cakes、The Nobile and mozzarella pizza、And touched the grass is a good dish to be、More delicious flavor that is very happy!


Daughter of ajioka、Miyata AkariIs it (pictured left) is、Wild food ' this camera has 1 item at a time。In the end、3Ajioka's forthcoming seasons, made wild cooking their books.。Last time I sawFlower song bookThe pictures of the flowers were nice but、Collaboration collection with their native cuisine and ajioka, not fun!


During the various grasses、Something to eat、Or there are inedible and toxins。Needlessly to say, without knowledge is dangerous。Like this、If under the safety of wildflower studies home、A blessing of nature can be.。And it will work、It is welcome!


You've got to each plate with chopsticks、Moving to a corner table and try to enjoy the taste of all kinds continue food and conversation!


Ajioka Mrs. Organizer。It is come taste relishing derived 1 plate one bite at a time。The last time the、Enjoy horse-radish to grow wild in the garden as well as、Really you know four seasons every grace of two people.


Small participant、Children's perspective、Freed veranda more wild in the playground of crazy is a kind of (laughs)、Feel the breeze of spring、Has become a pleasant babbling of the BGM.


Children hooked on soap bubbles to inflate。Spittle flying and tremble、The light bubbles、Green glitter and projected appearance of the trees filled with the beautiful。Slowly, peacefully passing time、Spend the afternoon calm。


Ajioka, the blind followers of your son CHAN。Ajioka, adorable your son's prior to the、This RIP is like!


Ajioka, dogAmyChan,、In a peaceful quiet、Unfazed even children being touched the tail, is a good boy。However,、Very gourmet doggy、Rice is so loud mouth and honey (laughs)


Shintaro ajioka (AJI Morioka taro) 1949 / Born in Toyohashi, Aichi
ART and design career


1A few days、Spent a while listening to IIDA line trains ran.、A beautiful spring weekend afternoon。The next time、The Board of wild food2014On July 12.To"Summer"The meeting is scheduled。Also look forward to meet with you!

Shintaro ajioka

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