Tanaami teacher rate Professor ikenobo flower head is ' ippo-step meeting ' works exhibition


3MoonThe Viola has been placed more, 1 floor "Porte Bonheurv portebonur"In the Gallery、Today2014On March 7, (money) than 9's (days)Up in 3 days、Ikenobo ikenobo"One step / step meeting"The exhibition is open。In the Gallery、Epic saga of Dana nets three TOMOYO Professor ikenobo Hamamatsu far Yang branch advisor to started.、Classroom teacher is open "Ikebana Tanaami"The works of students 45 are listed。In the works、Gerbera Hamamatsu's production amount nationwide and weeping cherry trees、Your tulips.、It is just great work guys you can feel the season to enjoy the arrival of spring! To see a beautiful jar floral arrangement、Learning harmony and beauty.、One wants to cultivate rich minds。Event is held for 3 days from today、In the city that will benefit from、Along with the tour of the Viola was reborn,Love the flowers healing timeMake a try?!














Pond ikenobo ikebana Tanaami ikebana school "ippo-step ' of society exhibition
Date and time:2014On March 7, (Friday)、8Day (Saturday)、9Over three days, (Sunday):10:00To 18:00 * Admission free
Venue:Viola, Porte Gallery Porte Gallery
Sponsored by:Three TOMOYO Tanaami "ippo-step" of society
Sponsorship:Chunichi Shimbun (Tokai). / Flower head pond Bou Hamamatsu far Chaoyang branch
Sponsored by:Round eight real estate group / General society pond ikenobo ikebana
Address:Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, 223-21 Viola, 1st floor TEL:053-413-0880(Please, contact private numbers)

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