"Tada Seiji & Sugadairo DUO Live" was a great success!









-Seiji TADA (Alto Sax、Soprano sax&Flute )
1960Born in Kagawa Prefecture。After graduating from University、Employment also could throw away a passion for jazz、' 88, Tokyo。' Sethi, and future all at the CD in 1992, "The Blues Walk"。' In 1996, great Western, Junko Quartet、And played with other overseas jazzman, appeared at BLUENOTE, etc.。' 99-up studying Terumasa Hino group until 2009、Lots of experience overseas live。’00Band leader, self the MOST result achieved、Currently one of the main activities and。Senzoku College of music and in the IIDA Jazzschool take teaching as a lecturer。

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● Suga dairo (piano)
1974Born in Kanagawa Prefecture。Student seeks a biologist who also abandoned by the road, he turned to the piano。At senzoku Gakuen practical test amazed with Yosuke Yamashita、My former students。After that、Four years while studying at Berklee College of music (synchronization Hiromi Uehara in others)、After returning to the”Acerbity, shibusashirazu Orchestra”And”Suzuki Isao OMASOUND”But active。 Akira Sakata、Shota Koyama、Shutoku Mukai (from:ZAZEN BOYS)、Nanao tavito、Many co-star, Nikaido Kazumi。In October last year、Major debut。21Century Japan with only one crisp free-jazz pianist。

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■ Jazz held regularly at the salon, ■

At the salon, month-and holds live twice。
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Tamachi Salon
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, 326-28 TEL:053-455-8001

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