3D virtual shooting of Maserati Nagoya showroom and service center!

"Maserati JapanIt will be the 16th sales and after-sales base in Japan.Maserati NagoyaI'm taking 3D virtual photos of the showroom and service center!

Maserati Nagoya, operated by Mitsuoka Motors Co., Ltd., headquartered in Toyama,、Five vehicles can be exhibited at all times in a spacious store with a total floor area of about 413 square meters、Maserati's showroom will be the largest in Japan.、Is a large showroom for the largest worldwide。The location is close to the intersection of Sakura-thy and Fushimi-esa- does, which runs through the center of Nagoya City.、It's in an accessible location!

In the showroom、Equipped with a V8 Trofeo engine and a maximum speed of 326 km / h exceeding the maximum speed of 302 km / h、Maserati Ghibl Trofeo, maserati's fastest sedan in history, and Maserati Levante, a popular SUV, are available! ※ The exhibition car will be replaced regularly。

We have also discussed how to utilize VR content with marketing manager Yuna Nishibu and top salesman Toshiki Nuri, so please look forward to future development!

Enjoy a 3D virtual world where you can enjoy at the same time while playing around the showroom and service center at 360 degrees!

Maserati Nagoya
Address:Aichi Prefecture Nagoya City Central Kam 2-4-15
Hours of operation:10:00-19:00
Closed on Mondays:On Tuesday

Maserati Nagoya Sanno Service Center
Address:Aichi Prefecture Nagoya City in Sichuan District Wang Shan 4-5-36
Hours of operation:9:30To 18:30
Closed on Mondays:On Tuesday

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