"Maserati Hamamatsu in your new year! Our Maserati's ride on the good news!


As a sports car feel the wind of Italy、"Neptune Harpoon" logo is an impressive luxury cars "Maserati(Maserati) "treat"Maserati Act City Hamamatsu"To the spoke on the new year's greetings!

In the showroom、Shizuoka "Milk Flowers(Milk flowers) "decorated with flowers for the new year the arrangement、In the more glamorous space、"The MASERATI GranCabrio Sport special vehicles are exhibited!

神之門 Takuya chikada mitsuhiro's GM and sales Watanabe Azusa Chan-Kun and the Reception was welcoming! Happy new year and congratulations!

Maserati Hamamatsu is currently、The Owner of the riding on your visit the Maserati provides is nice and greeting cards!

The first one is、Parent company of Maserati Hamamatsu "GLION GROUP(Die Lion group) "and the sake of Franck Muller brand luxury watches of Switzerland in FORM on the FUTURE of the FRANCK MULLER is a Collaboration, not for sale!

The second one is、Founded 1630, long-established Japanese-style confection store "1000 bird shop sohonke (1000 bird shop Tokyo head office)"The rooster in honor of staggered buns would be famous、Keepsakes brand logo's MASERATI "Neptune Harpoon".

In the Kyushu-grown wheat sponge cake、Notebooks and jam was classy sweetness using the Hokkaido industrial hand kidney bean、Taking is made in the manufacturing process from inception.

Is your new year's card number is limited、The Maserati passengers、This weekend come to Maserati Hamamatsu legs carried it?!






  1. Lily of the Valley

    Is a sheet which encased covers。
    I was the Harpoon of mark meaning sea God。

    1. lade

      Lily of the Valley's、Thank you for your comment!
      We are surrounded by Italy's fine genuine leather seat。
      Maserati logo、Emblem of the historic town of Bologna
      And say "design"of the God of the sea Neptune's three-pronged spear、
      Equipped with power and beauty!


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