The NEW Quattroporte Maserati Hamamatsu home maintenance!


Tokyo trip a week between "MASERATI Hamamatsu Maserati Act City Hamamatsu"To please just delivered the car Quattroporte (Quattroporte) S inspection and tweaking left!

At Maserati Hamamatsu、Has been a transfer of the tenryu River station between JR and showroom、People from far away to train carried provided valuable service!

This time the、Extended factory warranties came to pick up!(Man-́ω '-)Thanks for inspiring ♪ arrives at Maserati Act City Hamamatsu、Silver in the illuminated exhibition booth were waiting for us back in the style of a stately Victor Massé-Kun!

Light Sheen TITANO forged wheels shine in Silver metallic body color、An attractive and shows off your legs! To carry a heavy large traveling costume stuffed in suitcase、Trunk of the Quattroporte is a great laid-back staff very helpful! That's great!
In the Tokyo car is unnecessary or even may、No cars in Hamamatsu and out in trouble for living area。In your seat、And was always Jazz、Is finally relieved by two people "come back!" moment comes!, cheers for the trip.





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