And the best friend of YAIZU Chin came into play in the honey issue!


In front of my house、In the heart of sunny the Sun、2You now have cars Maserati。Sparkling champagne left the spiders、YAIZU's best friend and also Chin's is your car honey。And、Right next to the 3200 GT car home white Victor Massé-Chan I。GW is、Tomei as were available、It is not 1 hour or road from Yaizu to Hamamatsu。Same Maserati in nearly the same face、3200GT Twin Turbo's、Spider NA (naturally aspirated) on the other hand is quite different from the ride。Say me unlike my partner, because it did not experience the ride of the spider、At least neat、Now honey to come please let me drive!?! And gaze at each other's car.、Up to the Massé if you want to fool us (lol) House、Would you like to enjoy tea time to enjoy!

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