Planning first increase the Maserati users! New Maserati Ghibli landed in Hamamatsu!


Last year's 11-Italy is touch that beautiful body with dealers in Rome "Maserati"、In late December, Nagoya "Maserati sakurayama"To carry the foot vehicle still not in time、Maserati new Ghibli was allowed to do is just look at! This time、Where I sent the hot air salesman Maserati dealer friend told me how carrying new Ghibli legs home! Has also in Hamamatsu to open long-awaited Maserati dealer 6/2014、Many feel closer to home and more! On this day、1At Maserati, Hamamatsu comfortable speed、Decided to take one step ahead interested friends unveiled。Young and younger days from last、Out her husband Victor Massé heat without wake is alive and well (lol) know and love in our House now and we are watching and the 3200 GT-2000、Time to go through each of you can think of the evolution of the Maserati。Filled the individuality of each design、There is love、Sales and friend fingering and her husband had hot talk。We have、As 1 Muse fan、I hope that in the Hamamatsu Maserati users growing at will。To enjoy your own fashion、Also in the car and foot、Italy design elegant and stylish、Due to its beauty and、Outstanding performance、Maserati new Ghibli flexible maneuverability to make your come! This day I、20In the years please contact us at lade are you interested in mood returned to the sales lady in the car (laughs)、It is possible to let the status quo more!

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