3D virtual shooting of a beauty salon reopened in Nagoya "BEAUTY LENNA"!

In the connection connected by the introduction from "Maserati Nagoya"、Specializing in car coating with special technology in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture,JaloucrIs operatedMotoharu ImaiMr. Beauty Salon "BEAUTY LENNAIt is reopened and opened、In commemoration, we asked for 3D virtual shooting and we have taken a picture!

The beauty salon is located on the first floor of an apartment building in Takasha, Meito-ku, Nagoya City, near the Nagoya Interchange.、Here is the original、It is a beauty salon where Imai's parents were run! With aging、Mr. Imai himself has been redesigned for store design、Since there is also the use of old customers, the store name is operated as it is without changing!

The inside of the store is a space full of cleanness unified based on white、Equipment and wagons with Mr. Imai's strong will、Sticking not to leave any tools on the table! Not because it's just opened.、Great from saying that you are always in this state! last time、Even when I was disturbed by Imai's "Gerouk"、I remembered that it was a beautiful work place covered with a white wall that I did not think was a factory to work in!

Set face、Both shampoo stand is prepared three sets at a time、Spacious and spacious in the store。It can be called coronal disaster.、Has been taken enough intervals! It is strange that there is no shampoo or treatment agent on the shampoo table!

We will take all 100 measures to prevent coronavirus infection.、We aim to improve the air environment with an ultraviolet irradiation device (aero shield)!

Also、By lowering the roll screen for each set surface, measures to prevent droplet infection are also taken, etc.、The safety and comfort of our customers is our first place。

Of course, a roll screen is also set on the shampoo stand! Because the loin screen is stored in the state where the reservation does not overlap、It can be used as an open space without obstructing the view!

The waiting booth in the back uses stone walls on the wall to accent it.、There is also a counter chair on the wall clock and coffee table, and it is finished simply and beautifully without putting any unnecessary things!

"Lebel IAU", a salon shampoo that is sold exclusively for beauty salons, is adopted!
"Io Cleansing Freshness" according to the type of scalp、"Io Cleansing Clearing"、Because three types of "Io Cleansing Relaxation" are prepared、It is available to people of various hair types.。It is a non-silicon amino acid shampoo that is gentle on hair even if it sees from the ingredients that are blended!

Filming VR、Of the ownerMotoharu ImaiWe talked to you!

Mr. Imai seems to have loved cars since childhood.、From when did you start thinking about how to keep your car beautiful?、And what I started to want to do what I wanted to do was to get into the business.、When he was a student, he started working part-time at a gas station where he could interact with cars every day.。During such、Car cleaning and car coating、By learning the depths such as body repair、To improve our technical capabilities、Step into the world of more specialized cardi teeing。

There seemed to be a series of new discoveries there.、Natural knowledge and skills were honed, and at the same time, the importance of the construction environment was realized.。In order to pursue the "real beauty" of cars as a cardi teeler, it is tried and tested that an ideal construction environment is necessary、It seems that there is now Jerouk.。Such a Gerouk、not to mention sticking to technology and coating agents, etc.、We have designed the space to make the most of them.、Placement of water and lights to be used、It will be a place filled with Imai's strong commitment to each floor and wall material! So does the hairdresser here.、In order to pursue the beauty of our customers, we have designed a design packed with commitment、We are committed to creating an environment that is comfortable for our customers!

While sitting on the set side、We will introduce some of our commitments!
The ceiling is flat and neatly installed with an embedded LED downlight to make the space look wider and create a sense of openness。Light is also adjusted using indirect lighting, etc. to emphasize depth and height。In addition、The mirror that reflects the whole body、Wide ceding is applied to the entire side、For a beautiful finish with a sense of luxury。The chair where the guest stays for a long time is replaced with leather、It is specified on the sheet of milky color and fine green stitching is applied、It gives a refreshing impression in a soft warmth!

A beauty salon filled with Imai's commitment"BEAUTY LENNAEnjoy the 3D virtual world where you can enjoy in 360 degrees!

Address:1-243 Takasha, Meito-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
Closed on Mondays:Monday

Address:5-11 Chiyoda Obata, Moriyama-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
Hours of operation:10:00-19:00
Closed on Mondays:Monday、2nd and 4th Sunday
Business description:Body coating construction work、Protection film construction for bodies、Interior repair business、Car wash business、Window film construction work、Room cleaning work, etc.

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