To the sacred sites and the Lumbini Garden Hotel "Hotel Ananda Inn.

"Bylaw Airport (Bhairahawa Airport), also known as Gautama Buddha Airport (Gautam Buddha Airport).Than "、Located 25 minutes by carLumbini (Lumbini)In the Buddha's birthplace and、And holy places of Buddhism "Lumbini Garden (Lumbini Garden)"We have been doing for!

"Lumbini Garden (Lumbini Garden)"The entrance、East Gate will be here!

The sleek Sari clad in a body、Visited this place for the pilgrimage to the Buddhists!

"Lumbini Garden (Lumbini Garden)"The entrance gate is just a few minutes walking distance from"Ananda hotel (Hotel Ananda Inn)"To arrive!

2011Opened in the year "Ananda hotel (Hotel Ananda Inn)"The、22 rooms and hotel rooms and very compact size、Friendly atmosphere fills the air! On the ground floor restaurant "Maitri"By providing、The breakfast will be。Arrive after check-in and、While in the lobby of the hotel with one breath、Get a room assignment information!

Hotel ManagerRajendra Shaka (Rajendra Shakya)Mr. a、In Ares's Guide's old friend、Now that we are here to stay!

In clean colours、Double bed and single bed Studio type rooms、Other amenities include air conditioning, plus ceiling fans! One night accommodation fee 3000 Yen will very cheap!

Bathroom is with shower and toilet、No bath tub。The water pressure is not bad、Of only lukewarm water near water。Warm area even、And if it's hot! Only towel bath towels on the bed。The small bar SOAP is one available、No other amenities, bath item、Shampoos and treatments、We recommend to bring such SOAP!

The view from the window、Enjoy a lush courtyard、Peaceful atmosphere.

After taking a brief rest in hotel、Towards the nearby restaurants for lunch!

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