The mikatahara ' AI real estate ' of greetings to President, Kamiya Aiko!


Lawson crossing the mikatahara Beltway corner 'Aiueo real estate"Mr.。Of the currentRound eight real estate groupHad become ago the expansion of the business still in round eight real estate workKamiya AikoWho will be the independent estate agent。I have been engaged in round 8 real estate、Recommended to the Chairman of the PlainsReal estate trading specialistThe retrieved credentials、So to the present day, is active mainly in trading。Just、Recently held "Porte Bonheur portebonur"Of you received will greetings to all who attended the opening party at the opportunity to、In the home neighborhood that've Office。At that time、And when I work round 8 real estate、Memories and the Chairman of the、You can ask to talk to learn、"Now I have is experience." and、Mr. Kamiya have come a very nice life。Young younger days for overseas employee travel experience to travel abroad become hobby in、Now,、Will your husband as you go along。Us couple and also have common hobbies of traveling abroad, from、Can you let the story fun! We not only in real estate、I hope to study various。Mr. Kamiya、Thank you very much!

Aiueo real estate
Hamamatsu-Shi Kita-ku, Mikata-Cho 753-2 TEL:053-420-1020
No regular holidays

Hamamatsu-Shi Kita-ku 3-way haramachi 753 -2

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