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"CRYPTOGOLD cryptogold" Germany shot! 2018 featured Claude mining companies

Crypto Gold-World Convention in Berlin

2018.6.16 Held

2018But Claude mining company to draw attention to the year's crypto gold
World Convention will be held at the headquarters in Germany!
For more information visit this site!


24CG coin gold collateral was finally launched!

Finally launched the secured crypto gold the most attention to their coins。
Crypto Gold members only presale has started!
Download private wallet purchase is possible crypto gold management screen。

Pre-sales price 50 CGC = $50

Official site of crypto gold coin

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Provides income from royalties in mining high-hash rate stable in our GOLD CRYPTO crypto gold!
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5000Investment of $ inEvery day approximately 0.0005 BTC (about 500 yen / reinvestment including)The mining rewardsFrom the next dayI can!

And crypto gold|Claude mining experience|How to register|Affiliate compensation plan

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Mining a safer trade virtual currency

Virtual currency industry last year to attract attention。2017That year is bitcoin mainly art coin market has risen greatly、I think people who participated in the trade, was making big profits。However this year to be due to hacking problems of the major Exchange bigger market collapse at peak times half below it in、Reduce the profits traders had unrealized gains、Traders took part in the end of the year has suffered big losses。The trade is making a big profit、There is also at risk。Also the volatility daily rate to care, leads to a great deal of stress。
We draw attention to is the mining。Mining is easy to explain to virtual currency transactions recorded on the computer work is。As the Commission earn virtual currency transactions in mining work。Mining is not to make big profits、Attracting attention by being able to earn virtual currency to ensure daily。
Could also do these home computers even ago profits、From today, companies making large mining facilities that have a large market share、Will not have situations can easily enter personal。However,、Established mining facilities built by leading companies to share Claude mining services、You can participate from a small mining personal。
And will introduce a crypto gold includes Claude mining services、With tens of thousands of Yen to invest in mining、From the mining machineEvery day, the virtual currency of around 0.1% mining, whereas investmentUs。This yields the current virtual currency rate、Return on investment is more higher virtual currency rate rises。
Mining ends, usually in Claude mining has share time and period of time is too long and。That can be collected during that time period, where principal cracking risk would also be。The point、Because crypto gold guarantees you reinvest 50% of mining have won permanent mining principal recovery is secure you can expect permanent income。
No short-term interest rates than bank deposits。Stock investment、To raise revenue, and virtual currency trading as well as FX risk and have the knowledge and experience needed。The point、Mining is an ideal investment can earn virtual currency to anyone to invest only in the day.。


And now attract bitcoin

And the bitcoin、World's first digitally distributed virtual currency。Virtual currency reversed notion of currency so far、Country and the central authorities"Issuer"Do not have。Issuance of the currency is"Mining (excavation).Is characterized by being done in a method known as。
Faster than regular bank transactions、Including cheap fees for overseas remittances, in an instant with trading partners around the world provide trading and settlement、Is bitcoin-such as virtual currency has many benefits compared to the currency so far。
In the current block chaining technology enables more virtual currency type。While bitcoinThe first virtual currencyAlso as a symbol of。
Jack Dorsey's square, Twitter and the payment services act as CEO、In the future the bitcoin (BTC)、All over the world、And on the Internet、Considered to be the single currency shows。Dorsey said、"Bitcoin is a valid currency.、Do not think that is and still have a ability to become an intermediary in transactions "with but believes" at slow and costly、As more and more people will hold the bitcoin、The problems will disappear。Is the new technology built on the block chain.、More familiar become one "and speaks。


Bitcoin price

2009Started production from the year bitcoins created in virtual currency。Chart below shows changes in prices of the bitcoin。

2009First year in virtual currency

Bitcoin is launched in 2009 as a virtual currency。Publish initial underpricing is 0.07 yen.、Distribution is almost did not have this status continued until the middle of 2011。

2011 year、2It's 10,000 times OVER!!

2011Bitcoin prices skyrocket from around the spring of the year。6In February, 1 BTC was 1,489 Yen。
When you publish a 0.07 Yen →[21000 times! "This impact is fiercely to many investors name bitcoin with virtual currency rapidly spread。These soaring a few years here、Will that happen。

2013 year、Cyprus shocks is OVER 60000 x!!

Cyprus crisis began with the economic collapse of Cyprus gave the big shock to financial markets around the world。In unable to withdrawal of funds from banks and other、Buying assets to protect the bitcoin spread price rise dramatically。3On 16 August and 4597 Yen、When you publish a 0.07 Yen →"65000 times! "Now。Of course after the surge、Seen slow gains, falling to about 3,000 yen price、Continued trend leveled off after that。

The entry of Chinese capital in 1800000 times OVER!

Tough capital controls of the individual in China、Bitcoin's popularity is exploding as one of how to raise capital abroad。The result gave 127800 Rhinoceros 12/2013。When you publish a 0.07 Yen →"1800000 times! "After this phenomenal surge、2014Mount GOX company scandal revealed in February that、Its price has dropped dramatically went。

Bitcoin is not subject to tax.!

2015Judgment of the Court of Justice of the United States in October"Bitcoin is not subject to tax.With sentenced, begin to rise again。In case of Mount GOX price significantly declines due to、This news is shown larger market。Spread world-wide recognition、Opened one after another and Exchange.、Went advanced distribution infrastructure。

2016 year、High stepping stone

Block chain technologyTo the 2016 became more interested in the convenience of virtual currency again、Attention。Fees、Widespread movement to re-evaluate the transfer speed、From the safety of credit card companies.、Mail order supplier、Went more and more the company initiating the bitcoin payments and services to banks and other financial institutions。Increase in distribution、Inevitably increasing number of mining、Virtual currency is soaring, bitcoin Foundation made。

To the high prices of explosive

2017 year、An explosive rise showed the virtual currency including the bitcoin。Is not at 2 million yen to zero, Japan Yen was particularly high-impact?。Like this、By the birth of the virtual currency、Has tried to change the financial world。More time still keep an eye from the movement。

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Provides income from royalties in mining high-hash rate stable in our GOLD CRYPTO crypto gold!
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5000Investment of $ inEvery day approximately 0.0005 BTC (500 yen)The mining rewardsFrom the next dayI can!

And crypto gold|Claude mining experience|How to register|Affiliate compensation plan

Mining and

In the bitcoin"Mining(Excavation)"And, as the name suggests、Refers to action to unearth the bitcoin new。The etymology"Better than mine to pan for gold.Comes from the image。
However、Bitcoin with real gold mining excavation is the same as the value、How is totally different and be aware there will be。
Is known as the minor mining people、It has been expanding a lot of major companies from certain rewards earned for mining is minor。
In addition、The gold reserves has、Bitcoin transactions"Mining(Excavation)"The deal will not go away won't be unlimited。Sync, NOERROR、It is absolutely essential in the bitcoin transactions works on the Mining Act。
Easy to understand and to transfer ever from A to B and transfer to、Tell the recipient's account number linkback deposit。Then through trading agencies"Payment confirmation""Withdrawal"Did you must。
Procedures I can't of course be hours of trading institutions。Also、On the deposit side、On the withdrawal side trading institutions, such as banks"Confirmation of trades、Approval.The are multiplied by higher fees for the work。In addition、In the country as it may be confirmation day、And someone overseas takes approximately 1 weeks time days、More fees are expensive and is。
However,、If the transfer of the bitcoin、24Time、365Day、You can do the transfer instantly to anyone around the world、Will enable near-zero Commission。
Speaking of why?、In the bitcoin transactionsReview and approvalTo state that in the general public can participate anyone。Note、This work must be made very complex and vast computing。In the works in this vast, complex calculations to solve he issued new bitcoin as a reward for making、Significantly lower transaction fees、Using the block chain、Succeeded in ensuring the safety of。User's can deal with fees、Review and approvalNow can can get paid to solve very complex and vast computing said person。
What you mean、Bitcoin transactionsReview and approvalFor in the bitcoin is a vast and complex calculations"Mining(Excavation)"It is not working。
New in mining the bitcoin (currently 12.5 BTC) published, is provided in a minor、21 million photos in the issuance limit reached at mining rewards pays the transfer fee as a reward。That would keep getting paid work mining continues on a permanent basis as a business。


Transaction history can be viewed anyone in real time

This mining is possible to check in real time on the Internet。Please refer to website offering Exchange bit flyer chain flyer has a better visual mining work。You can also determine the current state of transactions received by them on this site。Please check on this site when I can't send/receive。
ChainFlyer: Blockchain Explorer


Chinese capital enterprises by the overwhelming share of the mining

This mining mining efforts was general public who participate in the virtual currency was produced in 2009 when the personal desktop PC。However,、2015Around by market participants and increase transaction mining complex.、Speed increase、Now companies are widely solicited investment、General method for large mining pools connected to countless super computer equipped with。
Thus in individual pass a huge capital investment and running costs a huge mining also、Are things companies do business on a large scale across the efficient mining of the virtual currency (dig)。

This will be a chart showing company share is mined around the world in real time。

It's worth noting here is the mining share first place ""、2The place "Antpool" which also expands the Chinese capital company called "Bitmain" will be minor。"Bitmain" is a "ASIC with mining machines Antminer" manufacture company。Minor in the world uses this machine the most, and it is said that share more than a whopping 70%。World's King of the mining machine manufacture enterprises、For the company in the mining business、Big revenue-generating.。President of the company in early 30s that JEE and Woo young entrepreneurs in the industry attracted most attention.。
Bitmain Inc.
Slushpool is a minor company in the Czech Republic、Most of the other businesses became Chinese capital enterprises、You can see from this chart is that China has an overwhelming market share。


Japan companies succession entered the mining business.

Recently, Japan enterprises in GMO's、DMM、Major corporations, such as SBI entered the mining business and is gathering the attention。Also Kumamoto power utilizing solar power surplus power, and take advantage of low-cost mining operations to expand。


The company、By a Board of Directors resolution of today、We have decided to start the virtual currency as a new business utilizing next-generation 7 nm semiconductor chip mining (bitcoimmining)

Quote source:GMO Internet, Inc.


And take advantage of the domestic semiconductor manufacturers jointly developed with State-of-the-art 7 nm semiconductor chip、Next-generation mining center established favorable to mining in Northern Europe。
Development of moving on the low-power, mining leading-edge semiconductor chips
& Expand in Scandinavia available renewable energy

DMM, Ltd. provides a variety of content across the Web:Minato-ku, Tokyo、Representative Director and President KATAGIRI, t. following DMM) is、
9On April 8, and launched virtual currencies Division、October starts operation of the mining operations of the virtual currency "DMM mining firm.。

Quote source:DMM.comGroup


DMM as targets during the 2018 fiscal year top 10、And am planning to go in the top three of the world's mining firm in the future。Also see DMM Claude mining"service you can join the public as ready as。


But SBI is not an official press release.、Kitao said in the FIN/SUM WEEK 2017 a little mining has said (click on play from the said mining)
FINTECH Summit / Beyond the financial innovation” 2017 year 9 Moon 19 Day ( Fire ) ・ 20 Day ( Water ) ・ 21 Day ( Wood ) ・ 22 Day ( Gold ) Marunouchi | Sponsored by OTE: Japan economic newspaper、Financial services agency、FINTECH Association sponsor: Mitsubishi Estate Co.


And in August, launched "SBI crypto" (mining company)
-Start of the Bitcoin Cash mining
And where doing business confidential
Mining other than at Omise holdings co., Ltd.、invested funds on wirex, etc.

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Provides income from royalties in mining high-hash rate stable in our GOLD CRYPTO crypto gold!
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5000Investment of $ inEvery day approximately 0.0005 BTC (500 yen)The mining rewardsFrom the next dayI can!

And crypto gold|Claude mining experience|How to register|Affiliate compensation plan

And attention CRYPTO gold


Crypto gold are in companies founded in 2016, Dubai Office。Mother's edelmetalhouse company boasts a top performance in Germany's gold sales。Is the industry's third largest with proven high in Germany 60 branch offices to large companies。The crypto gold now、Mining projects of the virtual currency (bitcoin、Irsaliam、Write coin、Dash coins、Bitcoin cache) and、1Their coins of the g 24 k gold virtual currency "CRYPTOGOLD"Engaged in publishing business。
Issued by the companySee CRYPTOGOLD.The strongest physical assets as a virtual currency backed by gold on collateral、In the world of virtual currency known as featured currency deal of the century。


Mr. Mao Lal

Crypto gold Mao, Lal CEO

Edelmetalhouse Inc. and its parent company was established by the founder's Mao Lal in 2003。He has more stability and high-quality advice in the field of precious metals investment、Increase in assets of many investors to realize。Also、In addition to precious metals trading in nine businesses pay success。
For the mining of the virtual currency we ended 2010 Dawn's、Many mining rewards to create a repeated trial days。Also、Only virtual currency, not finding the infinite possibilities of the Foundation block chaining technology performs research and investment, and continued development as a business。
Mining of currency speculation and gambling, but not、It is for cognitive and available to more people around the world as a safe investment, you receive established international mining companies [cryptogold]。
Edelmetalhouse Inc.


JT Fox

National No.1 coating trainer JT Fox

Talking about the crypto gold is very important in this。It is a real estate investor、Charitable people、World No. 1 ranked wealth coach、Is a serial entrepreneur that JT Fox。But in the United States of Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak"Man has been seen up to now in jobs closest to.Is the person who occupies it said。
His success is virtual in the bluff。Succeeded many businesses and entrepreneurs achieve success。Also、Thick friendship with many wealthy through business and charitable activities、The name is cited as one of the world-wide success of。Famous world-wide success of Mr. Fox now、Shareholders of crypto gold。
But until a few years ago he, bitcoin for virtual currency first skepticism was taking。Opinion that the lack of stability and continuity and risk of big business is not is voiced by anyone prominent entrepreneur in the world, had to say。
However,、2016A result of higher prices from the year、Will be going to too late while must be entered as a business。
For virtual currency transactions high risk, gambling that everyone you know is。Even late-started, Fox will explore ways to build wealth efficiently and securely as a business。
These trial results、Identify future potential in the mining business and promote investment in、Met's Mao Lal have expected better results crypto gold、Fox said the investment will bear fruit.。


JT Fox & Mao, LAR said

Facts、Meet with the crypto gold、Crypt millionaire was 8 weeks。
Based on the successful experience he crypto gold mining started.、Put a strenuous effort to further investment decisions in individual events and Facebook publishes world。
-JT FOXX books
-JT FOXX blog
-JT FOXX video
JT FOXX-partnership with Cryptogold Founder Mao Lal (Cryptgold lifetime mining and goldcoin)


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Provides income from royalties in mining high-hash rate stable in our GOLD CRYPTO crypto gold!
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5000Investment of $ inEvery day approximately 0.0005 BTC (500 yen)The mining rewardsFrom the next dayI can!

And crypto gold|Claude mining experience|How to register|Affiliate compensation plan

Proprietary crypto gold mining system

About crypto gold


Technology is at the core of the virtual currency。Are safety and security backed by advanced protection。

And the block chain?


Technology is at the core of the virtual currency。Are safety and security backed by advanced protection。

Investment in mining


If you get the results in the current、Mining pools of investment can be very useful。


⇒ initiate Claude mining now ⇐

Provides income from royalties in mining high-hash rate stable in our GOLD CRYPTO crypto gold!
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5000Investment of $ inEvery day approximately 0.0005 BTC (500 yen)The mining rewardsFrom the next dayI can!

And crypto gold|Claude mining experience|How to register|Affiliate compensation plan

Crypto gold mining pool

A large crypt goldMining poolsThe United States capital of Washington, axis 3、Europe is Iceland.、Sweden、In Asia, China、And Australia has in total 6 points。Current、Growing company is one of the few mining companies can directly contract for individual investors。
The partnership with the leading companies in the bitcoin whole boasts a market share of 1 percent or more of the mining (ViaBTC)、Other coins 100% in-house mining pool at mining。
For now go balance ratio shifted their mining pool business about 60 billion yen of capital are going。
So imagine the larger benefits = expanded upon to make investment in the growth period of their pool before it is easier than、Said the chance to win big returns for investors。

Mining of the bitcoin partners (ViaBTC)


Reference source site:

Crypto gold mining facility


Crypto gold mining facility

4On crypto gold norwayminingfarm was introduced on Facebook JTFOXX!

Units of the Norwegian mining machine is a whopping 120,000 units!

Your own crypto gold mining plan

How to apply the recommended


How to apply the recommended

Crypto gold mining is subject in the bitcoin / irsaliam / dash / light coin/z cache can be selected! We will expand the currencies for、You can select the mining investment target strategically according to changes in the market for virtual currency。
* These five currencies、Mining may vary for each。
* Now is stop the mining of DASH。
* Are you ready to start mining the bitcoin cache from this。

At a high rate of hashing, enabling high mining

Hash rate would be mining-mining speed。And to cite the bitcoin、During the 10-minute minor (mining people) a complex formula to solve the mining。The number of per second at this time is called hash rate (gold-mining speed)。So that increases the number to challenge to calculate hash rate is high、Increased success rate of mining is。
Crypto gold mining machine hash rate is possible to realize mining more expensive。
Crypto gold hash rate list

BTC $ 5,000 hash rate26780 GH/s

It is possible to simulate the actual mining amount from this hash。You can simulate how mining can actually by hash rate, energy consumption, to enter in the site?。Claude mining for power consumption、Because power costs are evaluated as 0。
Mining simulation


Start immediate mining participation →


Start immediate mining participation →

Using the description on street、Crypto gold mining's participation afterImmediate startBenefits can be。Some leading mining system and compared to the other, the registration fee is cheaper、The management company"Edelmetalhouse, Inc."Mother said has firmly。
When normal-mouth mining plan、Often what takes about 1 month to start mining from participation。However,、Confirmation of participation in the crypto gold"Immediately and start mining.Because、You can start mining life of virtual currencies without the loss of a second。
"Low-cost provides great returns.Be able to。

1 lifelong mining will continue in a 1 time investment

1 life at 1 time investment

In one mouth mining often pool recruitment、Often mining dates have been established。What you mean、And once a few months to renew、May be out of date, required investment, such as。However,、Re-buy-purchasing additional required crypto gold mining plan be kept the result mining life at one time investment!
That is of course、After acquiring assets at pay up to further additional investment is no limit to。
Also、The new virtual currency in 2018 after gold coins as collateral to issue expected having regard、As investors very happy everyone is one of the events。
BTC Mining Association regarding the timing is now、There are companies that accepted limits。However,、The crypto gold now、Don't have restrictions, such as for、It is an immediate participation becomes possible。
As you can see from this comparison、Clip gold business is very clean and promising、That produce big returns at low risk are made up confirmed the participation of renowned investor。
* Own FB page posted by JTFOXX。


Mining experience

Some 5,000 dolbitcoimmining achievements is crypto gold。Can earn 50% as a reward in the crypto gold claudmining、The remaining 50% reinvestment。This investment ensures the permanent mining in that.。

2018In January-February of mining experience

1Day 0.001~0.0015BTC

Despite the 50% re invested, can earn reward for this mining is only crypto gold。

Achieve the three times major Claude mining company mining

If the simulated by the Claude mining companies as well as investment and re-investment rate、1000Days across the mining about three times as many in the crypt goal.。

Period of time:1000Day
Investment amount:5000$
Reinvestment rate:50%
BTC rates:1If the BTC/8283.7313 $

Registration fee $ 99 (at the entry)
Mining starting 30 days after
Mining days 1030 (reinvested child is being added from 1030 days)

Mining expected amount 0.4644BTC(3847.63 USD)

Quit mining in 1030, is the first investment of mining machines。Are going to continue mining after 1030, can be increased to reinvest in new mining machine terminals、1030Subsequent mining becomes less than half by reducing mining amount of mining machines for the initial investment at the time it is assumed。Because it eliminates the 1 share of first since 1030 1030 days when you reinvest 50% shares will increase to about 1.7 to 0.7 will be。
You can review current mining simulation at this website。
Major Claude mining company Simulator

Registration fee $ 79 (mining share purchase)
From the day after the start of mining
Permanent mining period

Mining expected amount 1.4516BTC(12026.74 USD)

Mining about 3 times! But the period is permanent!

Compensation plans are expanding

Regarding the investment to the mining pool mouth pieces、The company rewards % UP than other mining companies。Not only the individual participation (referral program rewards) also includes as one of the bonus plan。You will not be disappointed, is dominated by mining, affiliate fees, lack of interest in mind in reference level。
Also、The company has 0.01 g gold virtual currency publishing business, etc.、Upon submission and expectations of future growth and investment information advantage is going to quickly get the information will enable crypto Gold members who are。Thus the expectation of high mining、Referral program rewards, not the development of coin issuance also attractive as investment attractive to future crypto gold one could say。


24Issuing their coins were backed by gold!


Most concern in virtual currency"Coins are not redeemed.In such a situation the crypto gold compliant。Since switching to the coins are available at any time、Going on for any emergency is safe。In addition、The swap function、Cash to cash and crypto gold coin(1g 24 k gold to ensure their coins)To the swap is very reassuring that it planned to increase future。
The money deposited for crypto gold coins、Independent banks and traders Bank in Germany and Switzerland a solid vault, secure、By the independent auditor monitored and checked are.。
And operations officer of treasure gold run by Crypto gold CEO edelmetalhouse Inc.。This ensures absolute safety、The monetary value of the CGC fully guaranteed!
Also、One of the world's largest insurance company Allianz AG has been hedge 100% perfect safety。
Like this、The crypto gold"Establishment""Type of mining and reward."Risk management"In existence and the only one that differentiates and would be able to affirm。

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Provides income from royalties in mining high-hash rate stable in our GOLD CRYPTO crypto gold!
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5000Investment of $ inEvery day approximately 0.0005 BTC (500 yen)The mining rewardsFrom the next dayI can!

And crypto gold|Claude mining experience|How to register|Affiliate compensation plan

How to register for the crypto gold

In the bitcoin payments will be required on crypto gold
Have us prepare a bitcoin prior to registration.
Buying markets we recommend a secure domestic Exchange bit flyer。

Quentin!Registration is free!
First of all, please register for free to crypto gold
Click here for free registration
(Links to the sites of the crypto gold)
Then go to the site from the above button、Please refer to recommended steps below

Register now for crypto gold
Because it displays the screen getting started first of all type a sponsor、Please, tell me Next to the。

User name、Password settings
User name from the top、Password(Simple at this point.)、Password confirmation、The name、Last name、Enter your email address、Please press "Next"。

Press skip [Resister.

Confirmation screen
Registration is now available、A confirmation screen will appear。
Please move to the login screen, click "continue"。

Please login with the information you entered above。
After the login you will receive email device code
Enter the part numbers, proceed as。

Terms and conditions check
Check the terms and conditions(4Place)Confirm the、Put the check all and click the "Agree", please proceed to the next。

Password change screen
If you choose a simple password here can be changed to.。
Please enter a password containing capital letters。Please then enter when you are。

A simple question set
Please fill out the simple question。Fill it out even though、You should register the word remember。
5Two questions in、3One is OK if you fill out。Leave a deficit in the last。

When you log into the Admin to approve 2-step warning popup opens、Don't need BACK and press proceed。2-step approval to install Google's 2-step approved apps and settings please。
Google Authenticator (2-step approval application) = 8

Pool purchase
Click the Bay Pool in the left menu.。
Mining machine purchase for "hardware Mining.、Click the "CG GOLD" crypto gold coins。
To buy crypto gold coins will require private wallet download。
Private wallet address to get download a wallet from the site, please register in the profile section。
Official site of crypto gold coin
Private crypto gold coin wallet for Windows on 64-bit PC can be installed with。Click "ERSTELLEN" from launching the application with your username and password、Pops up to enter password to open。Connects to your account and enter。Receive your user name by clicking、送信ができる画面になりますこちらのアドレスをプロフィール欄に保存することでクリプトゴールドコインが購入できるようになります

Pool purchase 2
Bitcoin、Irsaliam in the pool is available in the list。
Choose your favorite pool bitcoin, please go to your cart。
Rewards earned in your group if you use bitcoin remittance of regular、3Can I'll buy the members until the generation of mining pool instead。


Pool purchase 3
Cart window is displayed、Please press the "checkout"。


Pool purchase 4
A confirmation screen will appear、On the tab "Coinygram Payment(BTC)"Click、to proceed, click "confirm"。"Coinygram Payment(BTC)"A settlement newly added with this please。

Pool purchase 4
From the QR code, settled in the bitcoin。Crypto gold mining to be available in this。Slow transfer from the Exchange please send from the BLOCKCHAIN app。
After a QR code to be surePress the Confirm button, your orderPlease。Please note that transfer does not complete it you do not press。

Please scroll through the pool purchase after management screen menu choose PROFILE from the MEMBER MANAGEMENT。

Edit CONTACT INFORMATION information and phone numbers、Address, enter in English。ZIP is the zip/postal code。Phone number is 090-such as you must enter as。

Enter your address to receive virtual currency wallet address information。Please note that you cannot withdraw it two weeks to change addresses once again。

How to check for mining

Please click the currency select the admin menu, Account Statement, with mining。Daily mining will be shown in the list。Also this Cash Account shows an Affiliate Commission。Investment amount is under $ 500 and pooling of Provision Tresor Commission、You can get some additional investment, over $ 500。マイニングパックが3500ドル以上になると全てのコミッションを出金可能となります

Mining the deposit and withdrawal methods

Acquired mining and Commission is available to withdraw at any time to the address of the registered virtual currency wallet。管理画面のメニューからAccount Fundingを選択してRequest Payout Releseからマイニングしている仮想通貨、Or select a Cash Account as the Commission earned、To Coin Walletで出金金額を変更してWithdrowボタンを押すことで出金が可能ですTo Coin Walletは送金スピード(手数料)を変更することが可能です。Will transfer to the account management screen in cash transfer To Cash。

You can transfer between crypto Gold members

In crypto Gold member you transfer free of charge at the moment money is possible。You can remit by type and then specify the user name within the scope of earning commissions from Fund Transfer, in the Amount you want to transfer money from the management menu select the Account Funding amount to Submmit。

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Provides income from royalties in mining high-hash rate stable in our GOLD CRYPTO crypto gold!
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5000Investment of $ inEvery day approximately 0.0005 BTC (500 yen)The mining rewardsFrom the next dayI can!

And crypto gold|Claude mining experience|How to register|Affiliate compensation plan

Special compensation for crypto gold

In the crypto gold、Renting the bitcoin mining pools to usually get dividends that can。Beginners and investment even while aiming for earn extra income、To get results, without wasting time and money professionals wanted to expand the business in earnest for special rewards(Bonus)The plan offers。We will explain the direct introduction of types, binary map bonus plan on this item。
* Bonuses will be calculated daily、On the same day or next day、Bitcoin rate convert dollars earned Cash Acount on the Administration screen, stored as a bitcoin。


You must purchase $ 500 or more mining Pack to receive crypto Gold Rewards。$ 50 at the Administration screen、100$ Mining packs are also available, so、500Cannot withdraw in the State Commission itself raised $ pooled "Provision Tresor",。Commissions are stored in "Tresor Provision" is available to purchase mining Pack。Note、Some cash account moves made in an additional investment of $ 500 or more, will get。3500And to withdraw everything costs at least $。

Direct referral

A... level-up bonus

You can win bonus right directly by referral type depending on the number of referrals a chart like。This bonus is by referral and pool purchase price、The change percentage gain。


Level-up bonus

From the first two、6% of the invested amount bonus。In addition、3From a fifth stake amount 7%、6Funded 8 th from 8% amount、9Earn 9% of the amount invested by the public since。
You can also earn 1% of the investment amount of team 1 team 2 members are introduced。
2% of the investment amount of introduced the members of the team 3 team 1、Earn 1% team 2。
3% of the investment amount of introduced team 4 member team 1、Team 2 is 2%.、Earn 1% team 3。
This means that each difference between the income will be paid as a level-up bonus。
For example you can earn unlimited 1% earnings will team 1 team 1 team 2 is presented about the。So it is possible to earn a big income affect wide difference between income for the Organization expanded from four teams since。
Also introduced team 4 member team 4 is not inherently unrealized income、Additional generation bonus of special bonus offers。


Level-up bonus to purchase again

Re-buy minutes level-up bonus、So that daily mining mining Pack you buy your group's 50% are reinvested、For the reinvestment at a rate above the monthly total, remuneration will be paid。
This means that you can earn monthly compensation of repeating from the members in the Group's level-up bonus。
If you buy a $ 5,000 mining Pack introduced his team 1 members、If its members had every month 300 drum inning、Is 10% and the $30 to remuneration, paid monthly。
From team 2 team 3.、More team 3 team 4 and from the later organization with a stable monthly income you can earn from the broader organization。



クリプトゴールドコインの売上はレベルアップボーナスのみ分配され、Other bonuses are not reflected in。Commission will be mining Pack rate of-2%。
From the first two、4% of the invested amount bonus。In addition、3From a fifth stake amount 5%、6Funded 8 th from 6% amount、9Earn 7% of the amount invested by the public since。
You can also earn 1% of the investment amount of team 1 team 2 members are introduced。
2% of the investment amount of introduced the members of the team 3 team 1、Earn 1% team 2。
3% of the investment amount of introduced team 4 member team 1、Team 2 is 2%.、Earn 1% team 3。


B... generation bonus
Generation bonus

For Team 4 and later spread from the referral number ninth after his team 4 Member volumes [generation bonus: receive up to 3 generations。You can earn rewards from the deep by organization by this。

Earn maximum Commission on registration of more than one position

Because it is possible to introduce yourself in your own、You can register for more than one position。It is possible to earn commissions from mining Pack had invested in to take advantage of this by yourself。

[Registration how recommended]

With the introduction of their ownIntroduce yourself in eight, each buying a $ 500 mining PackI will。In that case、Introduction: since team 4、Can earn from the deeper tissue level、No omission of reward。

Binary mapping

The introduction of direct member is placed position tree frame is called a binary map is fixed with 2 constant。2Members introduced to people who are placed in either their left or right。3Since the public is placed beneath them、This is called spillover。Is that your referrals are not yet falling introduction upline from the image。However、It is adapted only binary mapping fees、Does not apply to sales of rank, etc.。
In order to win rewards of Barrie map typeLeft and right to about $ 500 or moreAnd will be。

Level-up bonus

A... binary cycle bonuses

Earn points by putting the binary map type, under the umbrella of their referrals。
And this will be more than 25 Credit on either side、As a bonus will be paid $ 200。
* Earn points set by amount invested by referral。
[$ 500 5 c] [$ 1,000 10 c] [$ 2000 25 c] [$ 3,500 35 c]
In a binary map type、Is under the umbrella of their pool of $ 500.、The following diagram looks like。

Binary cycle bonuses

25 Credit more than one cycle called。1Day said that this bonus gives me up to what cycle increases the following titles。

Rank table

Rank per cycle limit

Binary map type, title rank by maximum number of cycles of the day you know。Full-cycle bonus in that if one day in the big registration to register while the system date can win。

B... binary matching bonus

Using the description on the left with one cycle more than 15 Credit and、Maximum matching level 8 up to 80 will be paid $。

Like this、In the crypto gold mining rewards as well as、Extra income for an affiliate or MLM(Multi level marketing)In the special reward(Bonus)Allowing anyone to win easily、Stable and high investment results have been forward to hand。Does not need titles rank first level matching bonus、Upon receiving a level 3 or higher will require title ranks。

To those wishing to invest more in their recommended how to invest.

The introduction is not yet required more return、In his introduction to 10 persons.、Please introduce the five left or right。Those registered in the mining Pack for $ 500 until the introduction of the 8 th、9Noticeable (left)、10Invest invest more equally noticeable (right)。To do so by 9 people、10In addition 9% invested in the public mining Pack enter as a level-up bonus、You can earn maximum cycle bonuses。

Compensation system explanation video

The crypto gold reward system easy-to-understand videos。

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At last...

* These five currencies、Mining may vary for each。

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