In the heart of the Catholic Church aimed at followers of independent nations 'Vatican City' all over the world

ヴァチカン市国は、Italy is located in the northwestern part of the city of Rome the world's smallest independent State、Known as the head of the Catholic。The area of the country、0.44km ² next will be、Easy to understand and compare to look at Japan、USJ(ユニバーサル・スタジオ・ジャパンの面積:0... 39 km ²) a little bigger than、TDL(東京ディズニーランドの面積:0... 51 km ²) slightly less than、東京ドームでいうとおよそ東京ドームの10個分に相当します。In the land、Live Pope Vatican City Palace、Saint Peter's Cathedral、Is the Vatican museums.、Approximately one-third of the country is、Italy-style garden and the rose garden, and there is。And throughout the、ユネスコの世界遺産として登録されています。 Local guide guide me in Rome and the Vatican City it is、This beautiful Gabriella's。Gabriella's very Japan language spoken fluently.、今回の現地ガイドさんは皆さん本当に日本語が上手で驚きです♪ ローマ市内から、Upon arriving in Vatican City、Required by the Schengen Agreement passport、No immigration。ヴァチカン市国とイタリアとの国境はこちらになります。Because they can freely go too、But the slightly anticlimactic、Foreign tourists take place、Piazza San Pietro、Saint Peter's Cathedral、With only around the Vatican Museum、It has become foreign civilians restricted area and other locations。 Straddle the border and enter the gate in front of the eyes、広々としたサン・ピエトロ広場と、Portico was built around the square and oval-shaped semi-circle filled with powerful feeling。17Century、By order of Pope Alexander VII、ジャン・ロレンツォ・ベルニーニが設計を担当したバロック様式の広場となります。Bernini、And with a huge oval square is too wide and 240 meters、284Columns symmetrically arranged and、Construction of semicircular colonnades。360The landscape looked up and rotated in ° C、It is a sight to see! A square building of the square on your right (back)、ローマ教皇の住むヴァチカン宮殿。In the Pope's study and the living room is on the right side of the top floor rooms。When the Pope in Vatican City、Every Sunday at noon on the day of the week、Giving blessings to believers who gather in the square, right-to-from the window of the second figure represents the Pope。In this square、Capacity is approximately 300000 people。 In the portico at the top、There are 140 people overlooking the square to Saint statues。17-Works by artists of the 18th century at the height of the statue is 3.2 m。 サン・ピエトロ大聖堂の左手前には天国の鍵を持つ聖ペテロの像の姿。Before this the opposite hand、聖パウロの像が立っています。Paul、Caught officials in Rome、Martyr, was beheaded by the sword。Build a picture that shows how the martyrs who were killed for、Have a great sword。Boasting the world's largest Christian Church Baroque building、The Basilica di San Pietro、Free admission for、If time permits, take a look at inside the church tour、ベルニーニ制作のブロンズ製のバルダッキーノ祭壇やブロンズ装飾の司教座そしてミケランジェロのピエタ像や右手で祝福のポーズをとる聖ペテロ像大聖堂入り口5つの扉の中央となるフィラレーテの扉などのポイントを拝観することをお勧めします。However、The cupola observation deck overlooking the rooftops of Rome is、As the admission、Elevator with € 7 (Japan at about 980 yen)、Staircase € 5 (Japan at around 700 yen) requires。 16Century、Devised by Pope Julius II、Pope's Guard Corps of dignified is not to be missed! Experienced military service 19-year-old and 30-year-old single man uses will be Switzerland's more than 174 cm tall。Red、Blue、Gold Dial with vertical streak look wacky uniforms、ミケランジェロがデザインしたといわれています。Very cute uniforms like this clown、スイス衛兵の美しい姿にも一目惚れしてしまいそうです(笑) ヴァチカン市国は国家といってもバチカンで生まれ育った民衆がいるわけではありません。People are gathered from all over the world Catholic clergy and officials 1000 undo。Become a national clergy to the Vatican, to my、Seems to be to return to the country nationals finished his term and return to the country of origin。 サン・ピエトロ広場中央(写真左)には巨大なオベリスクがそびえたち、This giant Obelisk is 0/38 to emperor Caligula I brought from Egypt、Height is 25.5 m.、Weighs a whopping 320 t and is a large and powerful。This central Obelisk near the、Known as the place by the Emperor Nero crucified upside-down St. Peter (San Pietro)。Pope is governing this country、After the death of the Pope、枢機卿(すうききょう)と呼ばれる位の高い聖職者たちがコンクラーヴェと呼ばれる教皇選挙で新教皇を選出します。Just、On the flight home from Italy、ヴァチカンを狙う秘密結社の陰謀に立ち向かう映画でトム・ハンクス主演の「天使と悪魔」を観ることで、More feel the weight of the foot into the place in。2000More than years of history, Christianity、There is still a lot、By visiting the Vatican City、Only a little、Might be able to glimpse at its history。Everyone take a look at in your own eyes and discover。The next time、巨大なローマ遺跡コロッセオの紹介です♪ ヴァチカン市国公式サイト

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