Eel restaurant "Live Eel Eel Heaven" Eel eel weight on doyo's day

Live eel on the spot、To "Live Eel Eel Heaven" boasting outstanding freshness! This is、It is a new store of the son who inherited "active eel eel heaven" on December 19, 2008 from the father of the future who has been operating an eel restaurant since 1985! The place is located at the intersection corner on the playground side of Shinohara Elementary School.。 旧店舗は店名を変え「昔のうなぎ屋」として「うな天」より200mほど東にありお母様が切り盛りされ現存しています! 今から13年程前に新築で建てられた店舗ではありますが、The tiled roof uses tiles collected from many old private houses.、It is reproduced the old private house in a conventional wooden building so that you can feel the remains of the good old days、The restaurant feels comfortable in a calm atmosphere with its store style and comfortableness。This is、It is born from the desire of the owner who wants you to taste the eel dish that has been passed down since ancient times in a tasteful appearance and taste。 Today is "Doyo's Day of the Ox"。 Midsummer ox to eat the "eel" is a habit from the Edo period、Is reported as the origin、Scholar of the Edo period, gennai hiraga、To jazz up the acquaintance was no sale of the summer eel eel "today、Midsummer ox "and wrote, the signs on the storefront、その宣伝効果のおかげで大繁盛をしたのがことの始まりとされています! ”丑の日(うのひ)”には「う」の付くものを食べると良いとされ、"Udon"、"Umeboshi"、And a "melon"、In the recent、From the stamina to stick "beef"、And join the "horse" as well as、"Eel" is one of them, and the above origin theory is famous! I usually go to my favorite "Kanerin Eel Shop" in the neighborhood.、I visited here this time to try to develop new ones once in a while! There are 5 private rooms、One table seat for 6 people for barrier-free support is also provided、In addition、There is a large room where about 20 people can sit in the back、間仕切りで人数に応じて対応してくださいます! 今回は、I was guided to this private room.。Because it's coronal disaster.、個室対応は嬉しいですね! 和製アンティークの大正浪漫を感じさせるガラシシェードの暖かな照明。 Looking forward to the time when you meet while inging green tea、何処からともなく漂う香ばしい香りに包まれ鰻が焼けるのをひたすら待つ時間もまた良いものです! 捌きたて焼きたての「うな重」の登場です! 「うな重(上)」3,600円 こちらの鰻は素材にこだわり、Mikawa and Kyushu, etc. without sticking only to the local Lake Hamana、At that time, the owner himself was examined for the best eel with the most fat.、After receiving the order, prepare the eel that remains alive、蒸さずに焼いています! 鰻の骨と頭で出汁を取り、Soy sauce、Liquor、味醂を調合し半年寝かして熟成させた秘伝のタレを使用!お米は新潟産地直送コシヒカリを使用! 蒸さずに焼くことから身の締まりを感じる弾力と脂をしっかりと感じるうな重。To prefer good starting、Personally, I thought it would be good if there was a little more grilling.。For those of us who are accustomed to the elegant sauce of "Kanerin", this sweet and sour sauce that has a slightly darker firm taste。ガッツリと濃い味がお好きな方には良いかもしれません! 古時計が時を刻むような雰囲気の良い鰻店を見つけることが出来ました! 活うなぎ うな天 住所静岡県浜松市西区篠原町20181-2 TEL:053-448-6927 Hours of operation:11:00-14:30(LO.14:00-、16:30-20:00(LO.19:30) Closed:木曜日(公式HPをご確認ください) 駐車場店舗前有(第2駐車場も完備)

Vini del Bottegon, a casual Italian restaurant in Nagoya

Taro Yamaguchi, who operates "MIPROVINI Co., Ltd.", which operates wine dining mainly at Italian restaurants in Nagoya, opened his first Italian restaurant in 2012 at vini del BOTTEGON! Mr. Taro, the owner、"Enoteka Pinchioli" and "Ritz-Carlton Hotel"、I have been active as a sommelier in various Italian、Using that experience to launch a company,、飲食店を多店舗展開されています! 地元の師崎や伊良湖より仕入れる鮮魚をはじめ、In addition to abundantly handling fresh pesticide-free vegetables from the 60th Peninsula、Because Taro is from Shiga Prefecture、メイン料理には滋賀の「肉のサカエヤ」より仕入れる極上の熟成肉や近江牛を使われるなど、Carefully selected ingredients are finished in a unique style。By the selection of Taro who is the sommelier owner、常時3,000本以上を保有するワインも楽しめるワイン&ダイニングです! 店内は木の温もりと落ち着きのあるクラシカルな雰囲気で居心地の良さがありコロナ禍でありながらも多くの常連客に愛され連日大盛況のレストラン! この日は名古屋での仕事を終え、After the peak of lunchtime、ラストオーダーにギリギリ間に合い滑り込みセーフでかろうじて空いていたカウンター席を用意していただきました! テーブル席よりカウンター席にて厨房の臨場感を味わうのが大好きな私たちカウンター席のあるレストランが大好きです! 前菜の盛り合わせの盛り付けに入る堀シェフの真剣な眼差し美味しそうな香りが立ち込め食欲をそそられます! 仕事の合間ということもあり、It's a good feeling that you can't enjoy wine with this dish.、I am glad that I can take lunch time after a long time! There are a lot of restaurants that I want to visit when I come to Nagoya for lunch.、When it comes to eating smoothly in a short time, it is not only a course dish、After all, shops with à la carte are available as an option.。You can enjoy both course meals and à la carte dishes here.、調整できるのが有難いです! 「前菜の盛り合わせ」 手前から、Irako Bonito Carpaccio、White peach and ullahta cheese、Braised Omi beef cheek and three kinds of platter。 First of all, from the strongest combination with peach, which is a seasonal fruit, and fresh and creamy ullahta cheese。And fresh bonito ed with sea grapes from Izenami Island, a remote island in Okinawa where the petit texture is unbearable、Taste and deeply enjoy the grilled eggplant grilled with charcoal with the flavor。最後にはランチにも関わらず近江牛がいただけるという贅沢なアンティパストミストです! 堀シェフと中川さんの御二人で満杯の店内を回しているようで、While you're going to be busy、丁寧に対応していただきました!(感謝) 「自家製フォカッチャ」 ふわっと柔らかな仕上がりながらに、Focaccia that you can enjoy a chewy texture that is easy to eat、Salted plums are also a good feeling! I will put it on the pasta sauce! "Spaghetti Fresh Fish Arlio Ario e Peperoncino Bottarga Flavor" To finish with plenty of Bottarga (karasumi)、目の前に出されると立ち込める香りにノックアウト! ふっくらと柔らかく仕上げた身厚の白魚との相性も抜群で人気の高いメニューです! 「オーストラリア冬トリュフたっぷりのマッシュルームペーストスパゲティ」 メニューにはイタリアの夏トリュフと書かれていましたが、On this day, they shaved off australian fragrant winter truffles! Winter truffles with a more mellow aroma than summer truffles。Plenty of pasta to hide。まさに贅沢の極み!ランチタイムでもこのクオリティで提供されているから素敵です! 「北海道 礼文島の生雲丹たっぷりのクリームソースのスパゲティ」 カラスミ、Following truffles、その圧倒的な存在感たるや!日本最北端の離島礼文島の生雲丹のお出ましです! 北海道産の生雲丹の中でも濃厚で旨み溢れる味わいと絶賛されている礼文島の生雲丹をふんだんに用いたクリームパスタ! 上に添えるだけでなく、Because tapuri and raw sea urchin are also used for cream sauce、香り豊かに濃厚な味わいが堪らない! 濃厚な生雲丹の甘みをソースに絡めながらフォカッチャにも添えて楽しみます! 「本日のドルチェ」 甘さ控え目のティラミスに、Ripe mango with a thick richness、そしてミルキーなジェラートとデザートまでしっかりと楽しんでしまいました! 「食後のコーヒー」 気付けば最後の客になってしまいましたが食後のコーヒーをいただきながら満ち足りたひとときに大満足! 太郎さん、Staff、有難う御座いました!またゆっくり伺いたいです! ヴィーニデルボッテゴン(VINI DEL BOTTEGON) 住所:Tsukasa Building 1F TEL, 2-21-3 Izumi, Higashi-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture:050-5593-7568 Hours of operation:Monday to Sunday lunch 11:30-15:00( L.O.14:00-、Dinner 17:30-24:00(L.O.23:00) Closed:Occasionally parking:無し...

A healing space café using natural materials and traditional techniques created by "Yamabosi Chabo" Hana Yingzui Kobo

To "Yamabosi Chabo", a café produced by Hamamatsu housing manufacturer "Hana Yaki Kobo", which incorporates natural materials and is working on creating more than 3,000 pairs of houses using traditional techniques! The café is located in a quiet place with Fujimidai in Iwata.、A detached house with a simple modern but impactful façade、You will be greeted gently with an atmosphere like a hide away house! Spacious parking lot in front of the store is also available, so you can build it with peace of mind。 There is a noren at the entrance.、You can see the inside of the store creating a warm space with light shining through the glass window.。 Sunday morning、Opening time 10:30There are already customers who are already on their way to make it to ♪ at first look、It's a façade with a closed impression.、I'm excited about what kind of wonderful space awaits me.。 引き戸を開けてワンクッション置かれる4.5帖のポーチの先に広がる明るく広々としたカフェスペース! 店内は、Diatomaceous earth with excellent functionality and gentle atmosphere, and earth floor with an atmosphere of washing finish、There is a Japanese-style room using Otani stone full of profound feeling、2Floor made of solid kavazakura tree on the 1st floor、We use plenty of natural materials that create the warmth necessary for housing.、巧みな職人たちの技が織り成す伝統技法が集結しています! ゆとりある客席は二人掛けテーブル3×2の6席と、4 counter seats by the window、3 kitchen counter seats、In a configuration between two Japanese-style rooms、A Japanese-style space with tatami mats is also available so that even small children can enjoy it.、開放感に溢れています! 外側から見受けられる雰囲気とは異なり、No matter where you cut it, it will be a structure that you can feel the sky and green、Inside the store where soft and pleasant sunlight is poured。 The worktop of the kitchen counter with depth and width that can be easily worked on、It is made of Moletex, a belgian left-handed material.、継ぎ目のないスタイリッシュなデザインがとても美しい仕上がりです! 天然木の温かみのある座り心地のスツールが置かれたカウンターでは御一人様も優しく出迎えてくれそうです♪ こちらは、At a café with a main hand drip coffee carefully brewed one cup at a time using coffee beans roasted by a manager with barista experience、共に楽しめるスイーツ等が味わえます! 庭が伺える特等席の窓際カウンターには、It has been adopted pendant light using glass of the early Showa era、やわらかな明かりを灯しています♪ この日はおそらく、It seems to have been a place of relaxation for people who will be regulars living in the neighborhood、The calm air was flowing slowly.。 Immediately、店長の松本真吾(Shingo Matsumoto)さんにオリジナルブレンドの「山ぼうしブレンド」を淹れていただきましょう! 「Kalita(カリタ)」の業務用ハイカットミルの奥には焙煎機が備わり、Inside the store where you can be healed by the smell of freshly ground coffee beans。 In the coffee stand of "KINTO" with a profound appearance that combines walnuts with deep colors and brass that can enjoy the change over time、Reduce miscellaneous taste by using "Matsuya type drip" composed of 6 wire、Freshly ground coffee brewed with a gently slow hand drip using steaming time at a temperature of 85 degrees。 This bean is particular about specialty coffee.、Roasting is finished with the shallow roast of the manager Matsumoto's preference、酸味が主流となる北欧コーヒーの世界観が楽しめます! 女子に人気と伺った「抹茶ラテ」はお抹茶を点てるところから始まります! イタリア製「LA MARZOCCO(ラ・マルゾッコ)」のミルクフォーマーで作るクリーミィ-な仕上がりのミルクを注げば「抹茶ラテ」の完成です! 「山ぼうしブレンド」450yen 店長のオリジナルブレンドでブラジル、Mocha、A blend of Tanzanian and 3 kinds of beans。 By roasting as shallow, you can enjoy the balance of sour taste and soft bitterness that can be said to be the real pleasure of Nordic coffee style、スッキリとしたコーヒーに仕上げられています! 「抹茶ラテ」500yen 丁寧に一杯ずつお抹茶を点ててから泡立てたミルクを注ぎ入れる抹茶ラテはクレマが感じられ香り高く豊かな味わい! こちらの浅型スープボウルの陶器があまりに可愛らしかったので思わずスタッフさんにお願いしカタログを見せていただきました! 「小倉トースト」350yen 磐田で大人気のブーランジェリー「R&Company」の食パンをバタートーストし小豆餡を乗せた小倉トースト! 小麦の香りと旨味が楽しめるバタートーストに優しい甘味の小豆餡がほっこり気分にさせてくれます♪ 「胚芽サブレ」 それぞれのドリンクのお供にサービスで付いてくる胚芽サブレ。 Enjoy the aroma and grainyness of germ、優しい甘さでサクッと軽めのサブレとなります! 上質な空間で生まれる豊かな時間がちょっとした自分へのご褒美に♪ こちらではきっと四季折々の景色も楽しめることでしょう♪ 庭には日本庭園にも用いられる「水琴窟(※)」の優しい音色まで楽しめる趣向も凝らされており風情があります。 *Suikin Cave is one of the decorations of a Japanese garden.、Drop water droplets into the cavity created in the ground near the water bowl.、In the device to echo the sound that is uttered at that time、Has the function of treating wastewater in hand water bowls。 In the space under the stairs、花みずき工房がセレクトする暮らしに彩りを添える北欧スタイルにフィットする素敵な雑貨や器が販売されています! [dottir]2007年にデンマークで誕生した陶磁器ブランド「ドティエ」。Elegant colors and delicate and original flowerware created by a female designer from Iceland add color to the room without taking advantage of the flowers。 STIIK Fork、spoon、"Stick" of domestic chopsticks brand designed as the fourth cutlery after knife。The design that has been described in the world is a finish that you will want to have with chopsticks even in Western food。 [KURA common] Nordic-style tableware "Kura" designed with the concept of "starting from home"。color、Texture、We are particular about quality and can also handle microwave ovens and dishwashers.。The dish shines in a gentle matte texture。 [ferm LIVING] Interior brand "Fame Living" born in Aarhus, Denmark。The feminine and soft design unique to Northern Europe gives a moderate accent to the space。 2The 1st floor is set up as a meeting space.、事前予約をすることで家づくりの相談にも応じてくださるようです! 「山ぼうしブレンド」「ガテマラ」の焙煎珈琲豆は量り売りやドリップパックで販売もされています! また、1Both floors 2、Space rentals are also available for holding events such as exhibitions and classrooms.、ご興味のある方はスタッフさんにお問合せされてみてください♪ 「自遊人」や「Casa BRUTUS」をはじめ、Because a lot of favorite books were prepared, I looked into it unintentionally、ゆったりとした時間を過ごさせていただきました! 磐田にもまた一つ居心地の良い素敵なカフェ発見です! 山ぼうし茶房 住所静岡県磐田市富士見台17-1...

A pet-accessible café where you can relax in the 50-year-old atelier and lush garden of "Garden House Kamakura"

A three-day excursion with my dog Chocolat to Zushi and Kamakura in late May when the greenery is getting darker。 Daisuke Matsumiya, the manager and representative of the operating company of the old private house hotel "Kamakura Kokoko" where he stayed (Daisuke Matsumiya)I was renovated from the atelier of 50 years of construction to introduce the café where ♪ can be accompanied by pets and go out to morning、Go to garden house KAMAKURA, which is popular for relaxing in a lush garden! The place is about a 3-minute walk from the west exit of Kamakura Station.、It exists in a good location between "Kinokuniya Kamakura store" and "Starbucks coffee Kamakura Onseicho store"。 Kamakura is dotted with pet-accessible restaurants and cafes。 This is a restaurant and café that was born in Kamakura in October 2012.、We have restaurants in Kamakura and Shinjuku.、Bakery shop in Sokanyama、In addition, it is a group that there are dealers in Yokohama! Windy garden terrace。 Because it is a popular café、The garden terrace full of openness is almost full! The natural and woody interior also calms down。 The concept will be "Season-inspired" and "Fine-works".、With the theme of season and handmade、The dishes were made with shonan's seasonal ingredients.、A variety of daily small plates, pizzas and pastas、Pancake、Prepare exciting main dishes such as roasting a whole pigeon、Collaborated with kamakura ham maker "Kamakura Ham Tomioka Shokai" with local Kamakura、Northern CALIFORNIA style dishes using handmade loin ham that can only be eaten here! Select products handled in Kamakura are also sold in the store、You can also get souvenirs after enjoying the meal! Also、It is also collaborated with Kamakura Beer, which is making craft beer in Kamakura.、Garden HOUSE original craft beer according to the season is packed in a barrel first thing in the morning and sent directly、ここでしか味わえない出来立てクラフトビールやソムリエ厳選のナチュールワインも楽しめます! ガーデンテラスで外の風に当たりながら楽しむクラフトビールやワインはきっと美味しくいただけることでしょう! 私たちは愛犬ショコラと共にガーデンテラスへ。 Morning 9:00-10:30The time zone until becomes a morning menu、朝食がいただけます! 「トーストセット」700yen+350yen 新鮮な彩りの良いグリーンサラダにドレッシングが添えられ、Boiled egg、Pando Campagne is served with the restaurant's original homemade buttermilk。 こちらに+350yenで「鎌倉ハム富岡商会」のグリルドベーコンを追加オーダー! 厳選した小麦と自家製酵母で焼き上げるパンドカンパーニュ(田舎パン)は、You can enjoy a strong sourness and rich umami with a firm texture、自家製バターとの組み合わせも絶妙です! 厚めにスライスされた鎌倉ハムのグリルドベーコンは、Pork belly salted for more than 5 days with aged bacon、香ばしさと旨味がほとばしります! 「スープ ‘ピストゥ’」980yen 南仏プロヴァンス風、Soup with plenty of beans and vegetable herbs。 Pistu is a sauce made with basil from the Provance region of France.、This is "Soup opistu" finished in a warm soup。 The smell of basil is refreshing、The dashi stock from the vegetables creates a gentle taste.。There is also a sense of volume of white green beans、食べるスープとして朝食にピッタリです! サイドメニュー「ガーデナーズサラダ」ハーフサイズ600yen 瑞々しいグリーンサラダはハーフサイズでもこのボリューム! やはり朝はフレッシュサラダに限りますね♪ 愛犬ショコラと一緒に楽しむことができるガーデンテラス! 他のお客様でもワンコ連れの方がいらっしゃったりとワンコ同士の交流も。 There is no food menu for dogs.、While giving water and snacks brought with you、楽しいひとときを過ごせます♪ セットドリンク「アイスコーヒー ホットコーヒー」 ホットコーヒーに関してはマグカップにたっぷりと注がれてくるのでゆったりとした時間を過ごしたい方にも最適です! とても可愛いお子さんを連れた外国人親子の姿がありガーデンテラスの雰囲気とマッチして海外にいる気分が味わえました! 鎌倉ではお洒落なレストランや雰囲気の良いカフェ散策が楽しめ訪れるたびに新しい発見があります! さらに、A city in Kamakura that is friendly to dog。お勧めです♪ ガーデンハウス鎌倉(GARDEN HOUSE KAMAKURA) 住所神奈川県鎌倉市御成町15-46 TEL:050-5872-3379 Hours of operation:9:00-20:00(L.O.19:00) Closed:不定休 ※ガーデンテラスのみペット同伴可

"Homemade plum wine and homemade plum pickles" Ume work with ome and ripe plum of Nanko plum

This year, I would like to work plum work such as homemade plum wine and umezuke using Nanko ume harvested by plum picking that I experienced for the first time at the home of artist Shintaro Amioka! Homemade plum wine is made by trying various base alcohols.、好みの梅酒を見つけることができます! 今回用意したベースアルコールはオーソドックスな「ホワイトリカー ゴードー」に、"Brandy Dilbell Napoleon" that seems to be able to enjoy a rich taste、Sweet potato shochu "DAIYAME~Daiyame~" with a sweet smell like lychee、"Jifar Ginger of the Indes" of herbal ginger liqueur、スパイシーで大人な「ドライジン マスターズロンドン」と全部で5種類のベースアルコールで作ります! 梅酒のベースを高級酒で漬け込んでみたら、Why don't you taste it? While thinking、When I think about when I failed,、そら恐ろしくて安価なお酒に走ってしまうのが現状です(笑) また、Be careful because the act of making plum wine using sake with an alcohol level of less than 20% is against the law (violation of the liquor tax law).。 Ome soaked in a storage bottle 4L bottle is weighed with 1Kg as a guide by selecting beautiful fruit without scratches。 Plenty of water in the barrel、Carefully wash Ome by hand while draining water.。 梅は傷付きやすいため丁寧に取り扱いましょう! 綺麗な水に張り替え、1Leave in the barrel for about an hour to be without actuing.。 Azal Ade、Draining on kitchen paper、Using bamboo skewers, we carefully remove ome's heta one by one.。 Some of them can be taken beautifully with Pollo.、Some children are a little easy to remain.、Because it becomes plum wine of a refreshing taste without a taste that is enough to take it beautifully、傷付けないように丁寧に取り扱いましょう! 最後にもう一度一粒一粒の水気を確認しながら取り除いていきます。 There are many one-to-one recipes for the ratio of Ome and ice sugar.、I don't like plum wine that is too sweet.、This time ice sugar is made at 600g for 1kg of Ome。 Because the preservation bottle of a large glass is difficult to boil and disinfect、After washing the detergent with hot water, dry it.、Cleanly disinfects edible alcohol with soaked kitchen paper。 Carefully spread Ome、Sprinkle ice sugar from above to fill the gap。 Ome → ice → Ome → ice sugar alternately。 丁寧な作業をしていると心も落ち着きますし「美味しくなぁ~れ」の気持ちも添えて入れていきましょう! 青梅の隙間に氷砂糖が入り綺麗なグラデーションが出来ました! 交互に全ての分量を入れ終えたら、Gently pour alcohol from the top。 600g of ice sugar for 1kg of Ome、そこへベースアルコールの「ホワイトリカー ゴードー」を1.8mlを注ぎ入れ完成です! 梅酒は冷暗所で保管します。 About several times a week until the ice sugar dissolves、Turn and move the container to make the sugars inside uniform.。When the ice sugar melts away、Let's just wait for delicious plum wine.。 Repeat the same process、Potato Shochu "DAIYAME~Daiyame~"。 「ドライジン マスターズロンドン」も「ブランデー ディルベルナポレオン」も「ジファール ジンジャー オブ ザ インデーズ」もそれぞれに作っていきます! 全て同じ大きさのガラス保存瓶があるわけではないため、The amount is adjusted according to the size of the storage bottle.。 【自家製梅シロップ】 青梅600g.氷砂糖600g.酢70ml アルコール無しの梅ジュースのために「梅シロップ」も作っておきます【自家製梅漬けいろいろ】 あなん谷醤油濃口(昆布)、Ananya Soy Sauce Light Mouth (Kombu)、400g each of each lyskyo vinegar (chili pepper)、白キムチ(唐辛子)傷もの種取り1/4カット200g 青梅のカリカリとした食感が好きなので、Soy sauce pickled and 700 vinegar、I will try to add various homemade plum pickles marinated in white kimchi。 Ome 1.4kg min is removed with baking soda and pickled with ziplock after taking。 Because you can start eating this in about 2-3 weeks of soaking、食事やお酒のお供につまみたいと思います! もう一つは青梅を数日段ボール内で平らにし寝かせ、Using ripe plum ripened, we prepared our favorite "y1/2" "y1/2" umeboshi。 6 days of ripening from the harvested day、Ome, which was green, has a sweet aroma and has been transformed into a pale and gentle yellow、Because the flesh is also soft and delicate、Care must be taken further than Ome。 【自家製はちみつ梅干し】 完熟梅(青梅22日~28日まで追熟)900g.ホワイトリカー適量.塩90g.蜂蜜220ml はちみつ梅干しは、a bowl of white ricker、Sprinkle with salt when you wear alcohol.。 Put it in a ziplock disinfected with edible alcohol and let it sleep until after the rainy season.、7月20日過ぎの梅雨明けの晴れ間に2日程天日干しさせて「梅の土用干し」をすれば完成です! 【自家製梅酒いろいろ】...

"Toriichi Butcher Shop" The brand duck "Aichi duck" that the butcher who has been founding for 80 years grows is exquisite!

Toriichi Meat Shop, a long-established meat shop that has been in business for more than 80 years in Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture! This includes the brand duck "Aichi duck" produced in-house、Cow、Pig、Chicken、Wild boars, etc.、Sticking to delicious and safe domestic meat、厳選された素材を取り扱っている精肉店です! 店頭では、Including "Aichi duck" produced in-house、Carefully selected meat "Genji Wagyu"、"Dandoyama Kogen Beef"、"Toyohashi Beef"、"Mikawayama Blowing Quail"、"San state pig"、"Wild boar" and "deer", etc.、80There is also a strong cooperation system that can be obtained only because there is a relationship of trust with producers and processors that has been built up over more than 10 years、We have a wealth of original products。 Brand duck "Aichi duck" that is particular about in-house production。 This is a contract with two farms in toyohashi city, which is a local、It is the only locally produced duck meat in the prefecture that has been branded。 ※「あいち鴨」商標登録第5850370号(特許庁) 私たちの本日の目的はまさしくこちら! 先日、Mr. and Mrs. Kunihisa Ueno and Mr. and Mrs. Tomoko put it in the fold that they had come to play at home、"Aichi duck" which knew the name for the first time。 At a later date、Appeared in the BBQ held with friends、I fell in love with the deliciousness when baked with binnagatan、浜松から車で約40分かけてまでも足を運んでみたいと思わせてくれた「あいち鴨」に会いにやって来ました! ショーケースには「あいち鴨」のもも肉や胸肉(ロース)、Smoked、Processed products such as soft salami and terrine、The beauty of the meat quality and the excitement of eating it are revived、暫し覗き込んで立ち止まってしまいました! 丁度、We're going to have a BBQ at home.、In order to prepare this exquisite "Aichi duck" at that time、早速配送予約致しましょう! 真空パックで販売されている「あいち鴨」は冷凍保存で販売されており、Because the expiration date is also long and can be saved、You can also prepare it in advance.、It is also possible to keep stock。However,、In order to taste delicious meat more deliciously、BBQ開催前日にチルドで配送していただくことにしました! どのお肉もとても美味しそう! 個人的には内臓系が大の好物なのですが、Because my husband is not very good at it、through them sideways。 It is also poured into "Aichi duck Saikyozuke" written as a special toriichi landlady、「焼かないステーキ」なんてネーミングもとても気になります!(笑) 先日上野さん御夫妻の御宅でいただいた極上肉「源氏和牛」も販売されています! こちらは地元愛知県を代表するブランド「鳳来牛」を育てる名人集団「源氏肥育組合」が手塩をかけて育てた黒毛和牛「源氏和牛」。 From about 10 months old, 5% of the feed is grown by mixing sake kas of Sekiya Brewery Co., Ltd.'s famous sake "Horaisen".、Valuable brand Wagyu beef with extremely low circulation because it takes a lot of time and effort to grow。 Its flavor is、You can enjoy good quality fat and meat quality full of umami that is delicious enough to chew、The elegant smell of meat is the best meat that whets your appetite、牛の脂自体をあまり得意としない私たちでも本当に美味しく感じられた数少ない牛の一つとなります! いつも上野さん御夫妻もお世話になっているという店頭スタッフの小林さんに色々ご説明いただき「あいち鴨」の手配も無事完了! 牛、Pig、With chickens、Categorized and easy-to-see showcase。 「今日は〇〇肉の気分だね」と次から次へとお買い物に来られるご家族の姿が多く見受けられました! こだわりの加工品コーナーに並ぶ商品は、Because there are many things that can be used for alcohol、こちらもかなり気になります! それこそ、I can't forget the elegant taste of "Aichi hime terrine ", which was one of the appetizer plates that appeared at the aperitif of Ueno House、こちらも購入! 私たちお気に入りの豊橋のフレンチレストラン「aru(アル)」の料理にも数多く登場する新城の「SFIDA(スフィーダ)」のお野菜も販売されています! 以前はレストランへの卸を幅広くされていた鳥市さんですが、After all, this is also affected by the corona disaster、New initiatives in in-store sales can now be put in place、店先を利用し炭火で焼き上げた絶品串焼きも販売されています! 焼き場を担当してくれた男性スタッフの樋口さんが東京で鴨肉専門の「鴨一ワイン酒場 sun(サン)」を経営されているそうで兄弟揃って「鴨」繋がりという素敵なお話を伺うことができました! 炭焼きの香ばしい香りが立ち昇り良い顔色になってきました! こちらの串焼きのお肉は大きめでお得感がありこの時は錦爽鶏のもも肉やネギ間の炭焼きを提供されていました! 丁度、Because it was a timing when I could order freshly baked、「鴨の炭火焼」を2本オーダー! 炭火で焼き上げた串焼きは店内のこちらのウォーマーケースに並びます! 豊橋のアーティスト「味岡伸太郎」さんの御宅に梅狩りに出向く前でしたので奥様と明里ちゃんに焼きたての串焼きも差し入れすることに致しましょう! 「あいち鴨 炭火焼」1本250円 串焼きは、It is simply seasoned with salt so that you can understand the original taste of meat.。 "Aichi duck" with a fat melting point of 26 degrees is healthy and has a umami taste、まろやかでコク深い味わいが絶品です! 「あいちひめの田舎風レバーのテリーヌ」100g 650円 この日の夜購入してきた加工品2種をワインの当てに頂戴しました! 「あいちひめの田舎風レバーのテリーヌ」は豚肉や豚レバー、Onion、Pistachio、It has spices and so on.、良質な脂で優しい味わいながらにしっとりとジューシィーで芳醇な旨味が楽しめる最高のワインの当てです! 「エガワコントラクター」さんの「喜多方アスパラガス」のバターソテーと共にいただきます! 「あいち鴨 ソフトサラミ」1本980円 「あいち鴨のソフトサラミ」は、I bought it for my husband who likes salami、これがまた衝撃の美味しさです! あいち鴨のもも肉とささみを使用しており、On top of the light and elegant、The taste of garlic and spices is also a good accent、More than anything、その柔らかさとジュワッと溢れる肉汁に驚きます! ソフトサラミならではの瑞々しい味わいでパクパクと箸が進んでしまいます! 「あいち鴨ソフトサラミとベーコンとズッキーニのフレッシュトマトピッツァ」 ソフトサラミに熱を加えたらどうだろう?と思い立ちお試しでピッツァにしてみました! タイムの香りを纏わせたフレッシュトマトとズッキーニの瑞々しさにソフトサラミの旨味が加わりサクサクの香ばしいクリスピー生地との相性も抜群のピッツァに仕上がりました! 熱を入れることで香ばしさは加わりますが、If you enjoy it as a mass of umami because delicious fat melts、ソフトサラミは火入れせずにそのまま食されることをお勧めします! 「ラビア 2016 ボデガス・セロン」スペイン スペインのオーガニックワイン「ラビア 2016...

"Ueno Residence Home Party" The best time to unfold in one room of the apartment on the upper floor

鎌倉の古民家ホテル「鎌倉古今」の運営会社代表で支配人でもある松宮大輔 (Daisuke Matsumiya)さんの御紹介で知り合えた上野国久さんと朋子さん御夫妻の御宅にお招きいただきホームパーティーを開催! 先日は我が家に足を運んでくださったのですがこうして互いの家を行き来させていただけるなんてとても素敵なご縁を頂戴しました! 高層階のマンションの一室でありながらも、There is an atmosphere like being invited to a resort hotel some place overseas.、Elegant time overlooking the panoramic cityscape from the large windows。 What greeted me in the living room was、3Dプリンターで作られたという御二人の3Dフィギア! こちらのクオリティが観れば観るほどに酷似していてリアリティさが素晴らしく、If you actually line up with your clothes and shoes,、より一層にクオリティの高さが伺えるとのこと! 上野さん御夫妻も旅行好きでグルメで車好きという共通の趣味が重なり会話に尽きることなく楽しいひとときが始まります! 予め冷やしておいてくださったイタリアのスプマンテやシャンパーニュで乾杯! 「アペリティフプレート」 アペリティフを楽しむために用意してくださったプレートは、Walnut Baguette、Italian olives、Pate de campagne、Prosciutto and cheese are "tomato and basil cheese"、"Truffle Cheese"、"Camembert Cheese"、"Tet de Moine", etc.。 "Tet de Mowanne" is a semi-hard cheese from Switzerland、With a light mouthfeen for thinly slicing、The taste is rich and rich and has umami、独特な複雑味が楽しめます! チーズ専用のジロールという削り器を用いてくるくる回すと花びらのように薄く綺麗なフリル状にスライス実は我が家も数年前に購入したのですがなかなかお披露目の場を見ることがなく倉庫に眠っています(笑) 「BANトマトといぶりがっことクリームチーズのサラダ」 豊橋の道の駅「食彩村」でも大人気という「ばん農園」の「高糖度Banトマト」が並び刻んだいぶりがっことクリームチーズに極上のエキストラバージンオリーブオイルをたっぷりとかけたカナッペ! 能登半島の陶芸家である藤井博文さんの器も素敵! 「高糖度トマトの食べ比べ」 Banトマトの弾けるような皮の張り濃厚な甘味と旨味があまりに美味しくて無類のトマト好きだとお伝えすると同じく「食彩村」の人気ブランドトマトを3種を食べ比べさせてくださいました! それぞれに特徴があり味わいの濃い旨味溢れるトマトたちは御馳走です! 「雲丹のフラン」 上野邸でファーストビジターに必ず提供されているスペシャリテの「雲丹のフラン」は雲丹の芳醇な香りと口中でとろける食感にフランの滑らかな舌触りと上品で深みのある極上の味わいが楽しめ贅沢の極み! こんな素晴らしい料理が最初に出てきてしまったら、The stomach is grabbed gutsy (laughs) "Handmade miso made with the handmade miso experience of Miso Studio Xita" Tomoko who is addicted to making miso of Kisitamiko of "Miso Studio Xita" in Hamamatsu。 こちらの味噌は一般的に市販されている味噌の5倍もの麹で作られており凝縮された旨味が楽しめ味噌が主役になる一品! まさか地元にこんなに美味しい味噌があったとは露知らずこのご縁を機にキシタさんとインスタで繋がらせていただいたので今度足を運んでみたいと思います! 「深川ワイナリー東京 山形デラウェア無ろ過」 山形のデラウェアですっきりとしており、You can enjoy the umami of unfiltered! "White mushroom and avocado salad" Flavorful aroma of thinly sliced white mushrooms、Richness of avocado、Seasonal vegetables with okra、The freshness of micro herbs goes well with homemade miso dressing! Of course, miso will be tomoko's home-made miso! "Syssyaki with cream cheese" Take the seeds of 6000、Kiriのクリームチーズを挟み冷蔵庫で寝かせてから香ばしく焼き上げ鰹節をたっぷりとかけて麺つゆ少々これがまた絶品! こういうおつまみ系がさらりと作れてしまいサッと出てくる奥様は本当に尊敬してしまいます! レシピも伺ったので我が家の晩酌レパートリーにも早速加えさせていただきますね♪ 「エガワコントラクター 喜多方アスパラガス」 福島県喜多方市で雄国山麓の木々に囲まれ阿賀野川支流がながれる環境で野菜を育てている農家「エガワコントラクター」さんの喜多方アスパラガスは大地の恵みを受けた本物の美味しさが味わえます! 「喜多方アスパラガスのバターソテー ホワイトトリュフ塩を添えて」 こちらは軽くバターソテーしたものをホワイトトリュフ塩を添えていただきます! シャキシャキの食感と大地の恵みを感じる瑞々しさに、Enjoy the original aroma and rich taste of asparagus、Add a little white truffle salt to it.、それはもう至高の香りが漂い天にも昇る勢いです! 「シノン レ・パンセ・ド・パリュ(ドメーヌ・ド・パリュ)/Chinon les Pensees de Pallus (Domaine de Pallus)」 お次はお好きなワインを開けてくださりエレガントで果実味豊かなシノン初夏という時期的にも少し冷やしてから飲むのが良いと準備してくださりカベルネ・フラン100%の品のある味わいを堪能! 赤ワインとホワイトリュフ塩をまとった喜多方アスパラとの相性も抜群です! 「鳥市精肉店 源氏和牛」 以前我が家にいらしてくださった際に差し入れいただいた豊橋の老舗の精肉店「鳥市精肉店」の「あいち鴨」も絶品でしたがこちらの精肉店でこだわる肉として忘れてはならない「源氏和牛」の登場です! 地元愛知県を代表するブランド「鳳来牛」を育てる名人集団「源氏肥育組合」が手塩をかけて育てた黒毛和牛「源氏和牛」。...

"Amioka Shintaro's Yutani house" under the sun of fresh green trees leaking、Tea ceremony held in mud dyeing tea room

Sandwiched between the Uren River and the JR Iida Line near Yutani Onsen in Shinjo City, Aichi Prefecture、板敷川を見下ろす林の中にアーティスト味岡伸太郎の作品となる「泥染茶室」を設営し開催された「茶会」へ! 豊橋駅(愛知県)~辰野駅(長野県)まで195.7kmの間に94もの駅があり、JR East Iida Line with an average distance between stations of only 2.1km。Beyond Yuya-Onsen station (middle station) one in the middle of the IIDA line、Walk 5 minutes IIDA towards a peaceful alley、Cross the tracks past the Tanoshima Railroad Crossing。How to go to Yutani's house、There is no way but to cross this track.。 a small house with a red roof that can be seen over the tracks。This is artist Shintaro Amioka's villa "Yutani no Ie"。 A mud dyeing tea room is set up on the site.、Mr. Amioka devotes himself to preparation。 Because the tea ceremony is held after dinner、先ずは腹ごしらえと参りましょう! この日の茶会での炊き出しは「野草の会」でもお馴染みのゲーテ高橋さんの野草料理と豊橋のワインカフェ「夏目」の夏目晴夫さんが担当されています。 Haruo Natsumi is the owner of Natsumi Wine Cafe in Toyohashi.、Cook is.、And he has the title of Senior Sommelier certified by the Japan Sommelier Association、1We operate a restaurant that is limited to one group per day and is a complete reservation system.。 Mr. Amioka and Mr. Natsube have been ing together for a long time.、Natsume's restaurant itself is also created from the ground up with Mr. Amioka.。 この日は3升炊きの大きな羽釜を用いて庭にあるレンガのコンロに薪をくべて御飯を炊き上げてくれます! 羽釜の蓋がなかったため、Mr. Amioka said that he made the lid him owned to match the size of the hagama.。 本当に何でも手づくりされる器用な方です! およそ10年ほど前から味岡さん自らが手を加えリノベーションし続けている湯谷の家は、Not only the interior with the atmosphere like an art gallery、建物全てがアート作品です! 設置される自身のアート作品は定期的に入れ替えられており、Choose a flowerware and decorate the flowers of the wild mountains for each season to create the four seasons。 There's no such luxury。 A sense of balance in the cutting and pasting of Washi paper and fine work by hand even if it is one wallpaper。 It is a work of 2008 which wrote haiku poet Masahiko Hoshino's phrase "Kagome Kagomeko etc. and immediately empty"。 This is a Buddha who was got by Mr. Amioka's eyes at the antique market of Oyama Shrine in Tochigi Prefecture。 of an old age with a little gold leaf、The back of the light is painted with gold powder on an old hoe and shines.。 The pedestal is blacked out from the firewood and placed in a place according to the Buddha。 「花頌抄(はなしょうしょう)― 野の花を生ける ― 」 14ヶ月もの間、Mr. Amioka picks flowers blooming in the field、Vase、My daughter, Akisato Miyata, kept taking pictures.、It is a catalog that summarizes what the haiku poet wrote the phrase.。 "Admire" the praise of any、Extract from "part" of。That is a record of the year loved flowers。 It contains many familiar wild grasses and is also a picture book of wild flowers of the four seasons、折々花の変化も楽しめる超大作です! 見渡す限り緑の森と山々に囲まれ、Peaceful land of cool toilet。 Cover the hearth、The Japanese-style room with a single-board seat table is comfortable on your bare feet.。 The glare of fresh green from the open veranda and the 囀 birds make you feel extraordinary moments。 The seseragi of the Uren River becomes the background music of healing、Yutani's house where rich time flows。 Goethe Takahashi, a master of wild grass, picks wild grasses from wild mountains and makes wild grass dishes! This is one of the wild grasses planted by the Yonezawa domain, which had famine, to outsoever hunger.、The Yonezawa domain perused the book "The One" which put 140 kinds of rough plants as a popularization book of the plant which can be eaten.、It is said to have surpassed the predicament of famine.。There is a culture of food that eats wild plants, the blessings of mountain nature、That culture is still passed down.、We can also touch and eat wild grass.。 "Tempura of wild grass" Freshly picked tea leaves、Light bamboo、Kogomi、Seita Kawadachisou、Seri、snapdragon、Roses, etc.。 The tempura of freshly picked tea leaves has a good fragrance.、A tasteful taste where you can feel the blessings of the mountains and mountains。 Taking the time to participate in the "Wild Grass Association" held here several times before、I'm really a fan of wild grass dishes.。 「田口塩鶏」 奥三河で親しまれている味付け鶏もも肉で焼くだけの手間要らずの一品。 The meat is softened by salt koji.、だしは貝柱だしを使い旨みを濃縮した旨塩味となっています! 「羽釜炊きおにぎり」 羽釜で炊き上げ、Onigiri, which is gripped with the aroma of charred and flavorful white rice, is wrapped in nori seaweed with umeboshi on the ingredients.、It is held cutely and roundly in a small size that is easy to eat。 「手摘み茶」 茶葉を手で摘み煎ってから豪快に鍋で煮出す手摘み茶。 Aldning that it was not sunny on this day、20in a climate that is easy to spend around the、The swaying leafy sound of the trees and the wind are comfortable on the veranda。 We enjoyed our time with our guests.。 Visit once or twice a week、Mr. Amioka comes to care for plants and plants and manage the house, mainly mowing the grass。 It seems that a few pine trees have withered.、Instead, the new pine buds seem to be growing as they begin to appear, and I feel the power of the earth.。 Families with small children go down to the river、Wading。 The boy's shoes got wet.、Isn't this also a scenery with a taste unique to early summer?。 It can also be said that coronal disaster、This tea ceremony where each gathers at 3-5。 Guests waiting in front of the mud dyeing tea room for the order of the tea room。 この泥染茶室は2017年に開催された「愛知県陶磁美術館」でのワークショップ「土の色発見・楽焼作りと茶会体験 土・色・茶の湯」の際に子供たちと一緒に作成された茶室です。 Let elementary school children experience tea leaves by hand picking、I had the tea leaves finished in matcha in Nishio.、Make a teacup out of clay.、Draw a picture, make a matcha teacup, and bake a teacup in a rakuyaki kiln.、Mud dyeing experience that becomes part of the tea room、Matcha tea bowls picked by their own hands and handmade、And、At the grand event of ing a tea ceremony in this mud dyeing tea room、It took about four months to produce.。 A wonderful event where children can enjoy the joy of manual labor and the joy of manufacturing、味岡さんが当時の様子を大変ではあったがとても楽しかったと語ってくださいました!...

Yamamatsu Suzuki Farm grows herbs and Western vegetables using farming methods passed down from generation to generation

It has been improved based on the farming method that has been passed down from generation to generation、I went to visit the farm of Yamamatsu Suzuki Farm, which is mainly cultivated mainly for herbs and Western vegetables! We have been delivering lifestyle-related information, mainly for luxury resort hotels and Michelin-class restaurants in Japan and overseas.、Currently, there is a corona disaster, so I do not go abroad as I think, let of traveling abroad.。In there、To start what we can do even though it's coronal、Based in Shizuoka Prefecture, where we live, we have started activities to connect producers and chefs from all over Japan.。 野菜を作り続けて約30年の農園オーナーである鈴木成典(Shigenori Suzuki)さんに農園を案内していただきましょう! こちらではハウス栽培を主体にされながら路地栽培もされており、Including seasonal vegetables grown every season of spring, summer, autumn and winter、周年栽培できるハーブや野菜も御目にかかれます! 先ずは、5月上旬~7月にかけて栽培できる夏野菜「花つきズッキーニ」のハウスで収穫体験! 本来、The harvest of zucchini with flowers is special this time because it is said that it is the most delicious state to be harvested before the morning sun rises.。 "Zucchini" is a companion called Pepo pumpkin of the Uri family and is also known as "no-belled pumpkin"。 As the name says, there is no tinge.、It does not grow vertically, but you can see that large leaves spread widely on the side、一株ひとかぶ毎に十分なスペースが必要なようです! 花つきズッキーニは花弁の食感と幼果のほんのりとした甘さが特徴で、French and Italian restaurants often use it for dishes such as "stuffed flower zucchini" and "frites of flower zucchini".、Because it is not so common in general supermarkets、花つき状態の栽培過程を見れるのはとても新鮮です! 手作業にて行う受粉作業により、a fruit that is enlarged by pollination with stass pollen on a pistplist。 Because the frit made with a small zucchini baby before it was enlarged was the most delicious and made me have cute children of different sizes、おうちでやってみたいと思います! 花つきズッキーニを収穫する際、Because if the petals are damaged, the value will be ruined.、It is shipped as an important product with great care in handling。 花をもぎ取ることで私たちが普段見ているズッキーニの姿になりました! お次は「縞インゲン」のハウスへ! 野菜へ注がれる鈴木さんの情熱を知るシェフたちから「こんな野菜やあんな野菜を作ってほしい」との要望が入ることもあり最初は種を仕入れては手探りで育て、Select only delicious food while having chefs who go to go to you taste it.、そこから自家採種して育てていくことで長い年月をかけて現在の品質を確立しています。Repeat the interaction with such chefs、Mr. Suzuki is said to have made this vegetable.。 ちなみにシェフたちのことを鈴木さんは「コックさん」と仰っていましたそのどこか懐かしい響きが私の記憶に優しく刻まれ鈴木さんの穏やかなお人柄に触れた気がしました。 Vegetable making in cooperation with farmers on the side of actually growing vegetables and chefs on the side that cooks them deliciously。まさに理想の形がこの農園にはあります! さやに黒い縞模様が入っている縞インゲンは、It is said that it is treated as the finest green beans in France.。 To harvest in slender、a striped green beans who can take their delicacy into their hands。 This stripe disappears when heated、Become a bright green、その食感はシャキシャキと柔らかで細身で収穫するため筋張ったところはなく豆本来の甘味が楽しめます! 生育過程に日々細やかなチェックを入れ、While keeping the field in good condition、agricultural work that is mostly manual in the process。 The burden on the body is also felt by repeatedly bending down and stretching。 No matter how much time and effort you spend carefully raising it、It doesn't start without a place for harvested vegetables.。 This farm also received the aori of coronal evil、In March last year, we were hit hard by the severe conditions.、This place is a stepping place and it is carefully cultivated by facing forward.。 In the vacant space, it is called "experiment" and a new seed is sprinkled and raised、We are also focusing on discovering new vegetables with the desire to make and eat delicious vegetables not only in Japan but also around the world.。 こちらは小振りな玉が愛らしい「オニオンブランシュ」 水分量が多く生でかじらせてもらうとジューシィーな瑞々しさがあり甘味を楽しめます! 後味に多少の辛みがあるものの生でも美味しく食べれます火を入れることでより甘味がとろとろの食感も楽しめ小振りなその容姿からガルニチュール(garniture)に採用されることの多い野菜となります。 In fact, there is "Onion Nouveau" which is registered as a trademark as one of the vegetables representing this farm.、こちらは時期的に12月~3月ということでお目にかかるのはまた来年までの楽しみにとっておきたいと思います! 「錦爽鶏もも肉のロースト 筍オニオンブランシュカラフルキャロットのグリル 新玉葱のソース」 収穫したばかりのオニオンブランシュやカラフルキャロットは早速おうちのメインディッシュのガルニチュールとして登場!錦爽鶏もも肉は筍と一緒にカリッと香ばしく焼き上げ身はふっくらとローストオニオンブランシュとカラフルキャロットは石窯ロースターにセットし400度の釜でじっくりグリルするとオニオンブランシュのその味わいは甘味がありとろとろ食感で主役級の美味しさとなり皮ごとグリルしたカラフルキャロットは芋のようにほっくほくの食感で甘味も香りも抜群の美味しさです!もし野菜嫌いな子がいたとしてもこの野菜なら絶対食べれるんだろうな…と思わせてくれる味わいを前にこうした野菜を食卓に並べることが食育に繋がるのはないかと心底感じる晩餐となりました! 風に当てられないようにネットをかけられていたのは周年ハーブの「ルッコラ(ロケットサラダ)」です。 With arugula that you can enjoy a sesame-like taste with a delicious herb with a tangy spicy accent of salad、This place is finished softly for salad、Improved to reduce bitterness and hotness。 Arugula growing up in the net (right)、If you compare the arugula (left) that has grown up outside the net、葉の硬さや味わいが見事に違います! 風に吹かれ勝手に育ってしまったルッコラは葉が硬く渋味や苦味もあるのに比べ、Arugula raised in the net is soft and delicate leaves and fragrant、フレッシュ感溢れる中にほろ苦のアクセントも利いており美味しく味わえます! 土づくりの基本となる堆肥は堆肥舎に山のように盛られ、I'm sleeping quietly waiting for that time of activity.。 The compost of "Kawai Ranch" of three days is adopted here.、The ranch provides the high-quality food necessary for the health of the cows.、The feces are mixed with ogakzu and carefully cut back again and again (stirring) It becomes compost made so that there is no fermentation shortage.。As a result、こちらの堆肥の匂いは全く臭くありません!これには驚きました!近隣の方に御迷惑がかからないように匂いや音に関しては特に気を配られているそうです。 The farm uses high-quality ripe compost that can be slept in this compost house for several months.。 If compost is sown in the field during fermentation, it will ferment in the soil, and the ground temperature will go up and the roots of the vegetables will be damaged.、Because feces and urine are raw materials, strong ammonia is not good for vegetables.。 In order to grow by taking advantage of the nature of the land called dune immature soil in this area、Thorough soil improvement by spraying plenty of finished high-quality ripe compost。Supplement nitrogen and minerals by adding compost、We will raise the sand dunes peculiar to this area to a good state.。そうすることで野菜の根張りも良くなり美味しい野菜が出来るのだそうです! 土壌改良された土地をぐっと踏んでみるとスポンジのように戻ってきます!砂地に堆肥を混ぜることでスポンジのような状態を作り出し適度な水分を保つことができるそうです。Also、In the surrounding area, safe and secure tenryu water well water, which is also used as drinking water, is used for cultivation.、Can properly nourish the field。 路地栽培の畑も見させていただきましょう! ふっさふさの葉が風に揺られるフェンネル畑! 英語でフェンネル(Fennel)、Fenouil in French、In Italian, it's called Finocchio.、The Japanese name in Japan is a plant of the genus Seri family Ukyo called 茴ka, a herb that has been widely used for food and medicinal purposes since ancient Greek and Roman times.。 Fennel is often used as a spice or herb.、Marinated salads and fish、a part of a leaf used in meat dishes、Delicious stems and rhephil parts can be used for soups, etc. even if eaten raw or pickled、The part of the flower can be eaten not only in appreciation.、Because aroma oil can also be extracted from seeds、花・葉・茎・根球・種と上から下まで全て無駄にすることなく使うことができる万能ハーブです! 繊細な羽根状の葉が広がる中、Yellow buds are in bloom.。The parasol-like gleas become adorable even if they accompany the dishes、It is characterized by a sweet and refreshing scent similar to anise, and you will be intoxicated by this goodness.。 こちらの赤いのは「ビーツキオッジャ(うずまきビーツ)」 イタリアはキオッジャ地方発祥のビーツで中は白とピンクのうずまき状になっており断面美が映えるためサラダなどにお勧めです! 「旬野菜のシーザーサラダ ビーツキオッジャ(うずまきビーツ)フリルレタス、Kale、赤と黄のパプリカ縞インゲンラブリーさくら(赤と黄のミニトマト)」 こちらもおうちでサラダにしてみましたがこの「ビーツキオッジャ(うずまきビーツ)」が入るだけでインパクト大!| 風味豊かな味わいを存分に楽しめました!...

Angel sound melon appears in "Reminisense" Nagoya Michelin 2-star desale!

名古屋の緑溢れる白川公園から程近い白川公園東本町通り沿いのフレンチレストラン「Reminiscence – レミニセンス」のコース内一皿目のデセールに「影山メロン農園」が手掛ける静岡が誇るマスクメロンの新ブランド「天使音マスクメロン」が期間限定で登場しています!(※2021年4月~2021年6月末までを予定) こちらレストランは、Chef Shuzo Kishida of Quintessence Kantesans、Hajime Yoneda of Hajime Hajime (Hajime Yoneda)Young chef Masaki Kuzuhara, who trained at a top-notch restaurant in east and west under a chef, opened on July 23, 2015, his 30th birthday.、It quickly gained popularity and two stars in the Michelin Guide、A famous restaurant in Nagoya that has won 5 toks at Ngo et Miyo。   Enjoy the cut with frozen melon shaved like powder snow on a rounded melon ball.、Scented with edible flowers & mints、A refreshing taste with a cool tonic gire、The world of richness and sweetness with the texture of brown sugar cookies、A stylish combination that will make the sweetness of angel sound musk melon more enjoyable with a touch with lime cream with the sourness you like moderately。The smooth chocolate cream melon with the scent of matcha with a slightly tickle of the nose was lightly aligned and immersed me in the feeling of good mouth.。 There is an interesting device where different flavors overlap and infinite deliciousness spreads every time you eat a bite、A dish where you can fully enjoy the "remembrance" characteristics of the restaurant name of Remin sense。 I would like everyone to enjoy this dish that you can enjoy various faces while taking advantage of the original taste of angel sound muskmelon.。 レストラン レミニセンス Restaurant Reminiscence 住所愛知県名古屋市中区栄2-15-16コンフォート栄2F 御予約TEL:052-228-8337 Contact TEL:052-228-8275 Hours of operation:Lunch 12:30- (Lunch resumes from April 20, 2021 to the end of May)、Dinner 17:00~ L.O. 20:00 ※営業時間短縮要請に伴い営業時間にも変動があるため必ずレストランへお問い合わせください 完全予約制 定休日公式サイトのカレンダーをご覧ください Kageyama Melon Farm (Representative):Masaya Kageyama) Hinon Agricultural Co., Ltd. Address:118 Oshimacho, Higashi-ku, Hamamatsu-ku, Shizuoka TEL:053-545-3473

Marc BIBEAU Okonomiyaki heaven clothing in new food crunchiness! During the sting moist spring cabbage sweet!

Along the street of Seirei Hamamatsu Hospital in Sumiyoshi, there is a shop with a noren called "Kokoro" in three hiragana letters.。2007Opened in April 2015, this year celebrates its 8th anniversary in 2015。Since coming to Hamamatsu, "Kokoro-san speaking of esnomiyaki" has become a staple of us, and now it is famous at the national ward level。And、Currently Western in log eating Okonomiyaki.、It is a very delicious esnomiyaki shop that boasts the first place in both shizuoka area! What is kokoro's esnomiyaki?、Suddenly to be tempted to eat very much、"Kokoro Syndrome" is activated (laughs) On this day, after visiting Kageyama Melon Farm, Mr. Yasuurant Bio-s's Yoshihiro Matsuki asked me that he liked powder.、I have been visiting "Kokoro" for the first time in a long time! There are 6 counter seats and 14 iron plate table seats in the store.。The first、It seemed to get burn themselves at the plate-style、In order to save time loss and to let you know the taste that can be made by professionals, the owner Ryuya Oishi is said to have changed it to a style of baking in the back kitchen and taking it out on a warm iron plate in front of customers.。 There was also a fun pancakes certainly bake yourself a decade ago、Now that I had hurt feelings。They do not at all suitable for baking professional taste.。 It is a very difficult situation for restaurants due to corona.、"Kokoro" is firmly protected against infection as a safe and secure restaurant certified store、Each table has a clear sheet to keep splashes from flying。Takeout such as Uber Eats is also supported、It is gaining popularity because you can enjoy delicious esnomiyaki at home! 25-year-old Kokoro's most popular "seafood mix" 880 yen Using homemade formula、Is characterized by meticulous bake、Surface heaven dying already Calipari finish so flaky texture is soft and as is moist and delicious with a nice fire。Even the flavor of sesame seeds and chopped ginger soy sauce is.。This way of baking seems to be the master original baking way, so if you eat it for the first time,、Seems to be quite a shock。I still remember the shock of the day when we actually had it for the first time♪ 2nd popular "Meachzuyaki" 880 yen As a standard menu at our couple's kokoro、I can't take this momozu yaki off.。Also, chiizu、Fluffy cakes cut into cubes with embedded fabric、Natural grounds and a nice cheese square、As for the texture of okonomiyaki, I finish it on the surface of an interesting texture that i have not tasted before.。In difference with crunchy surface、Enjoy a soft moist texture、With plenty of cabbage and umami ingredients of pork、Toro-(s) filter 1 Chili to cheese and mochi! Most of the female customers、The moment you see this naming, it seems that it is here ♪ "I want to do this ~ this", and cheese is still for women、It is a popular menu! What are the decorations of iesnomiyaki?、Can be done to your liking yourself on the plate brought from。We have、Always your favorite source.、Mayonnaise sauce、Topped with bonito、Is the order of the seaweed。When the sauce is applied on a hot iron plate, a good sound that whets your appetite will sound! The compatibility with mayonnaise is also delicious! Ryuya-san's esnomiyaki、By using a tenkas on the surface, it has a crisp and crispy texture, but the inside is fluffy and moist、You can experience the new texture without having ever tasted pancakes。For an exquisite stay、Is by all means with the food to you in the shop we invite you。That since I came to Hamamatsu、Your friends everyday gourmet、I recommended esnomiyaki that you have here, and it is very highly evaluated by everyone.、You repeat visitors and fans coming in、It is "kokoro" worth recommending。 Mr. Tatsuya、Thank you for always delicious esnomiyaki! 1-16-14 Sumiyoshi, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu-ku TEL:053-476-5086 Hours of operation:11:30-14:00 17:30To 22:00 Closed on Mondays:Sunday

Discussion on promotion of Angelon Melon while having "Kanerin Eel Shop" Hamamatsu's famous eel

In the flow of the collaboration event held at "French restaurant aru" which won three tocks of Goemiyo 2021 in Toyohashi held until yesterday and attracted attention、Mr. Yasuhiro Matsuki of Bios stopped by Hamamatsu! I stopped by to discuss future promotions with Masaya Kageyama, who produces angelon melons.、First of all, where did you go for the stomach?、"Kanerin Eel Shop", an eel specialty store founded in 1952, is located along the O tread road in Iino-cho, Nishi-ku, Hamamatsu City! Speaking of the "food of Hamamatsu" where we live、But first and foremost "eel" to raise、Eel shop very much、Taste sauce and bake、How to Cook rice into a particular、It is thought that there is a favorite shop for each person! In our husband and wife's dogma and prejudice、Storefront、Customer service、Material、Taste、As a cost-performance score、The shop which acquires the No.1 with a very good balance is here "Kanerin-an shop"! This one was originally、That had been operating in the town、 1977In October, and moved here INO-Cho, 39 years、In relation to earthquake-proof outlets、In the form of the new and reformed、2016To set up a Japanese garden on 23 June, the quaint atmosphere has changed、The Japanese space full of restless、While not facing the street was described as too cozy、It will become a famous restaurant that will roar its name more and more! Even before going through the noren、The fragrant aroma that bakes eel that can be stored in the parking lot will whet your appetite! Usually lunch is almost full even on weekdays、The waiting time is a very popular shop that becomes on the basis of awareness、It was dinner time, so I was able to enter the store without waiting! Inside the store、Counter seating around a central courtyard、Table seats、Private room、A sitting room and all 61 seats are available.、This time you will be guided to a table seat where you can see the courtyard! The window is opened and ventilation is improved.、Alcohol disinfection is installed next to the cash register.、Because it is also infection prevention measures here、As soon as we finished our meal without staying long, we left.、I want to make it careful not to become the source of the infection myself.。 Let's join Kageyama, the producer of Angelon Melon, and first enjoy Hamamatsu's famous eel! While eating、While asking about Mr. Matsuki's current focus on photography and video photography work、We had a discussion on how to promote Angelon Melon.。 I hope that matsuki-san, who has been engaged in agriculture and the restaurant industry for a long time, will be able to create works that convey the wonders of angel root melons from an angle unique to him! In addition, please match mr. Matsuki's fellow chefs and pastry chefs、I am looking forward to future development because it seems that we can also develop products such as new desserts using this angel sound melon! "Uena heavy (medium)" 3,780 yen Here、Deprecating quick quality eels to its seasonal's supply chain、We will bake it with Kishu Binkotan! The outside is fragrant and the inside is baked plumply.、It founded 67 years.、A secret kept from his grandfather's long shirttail while sauce three times under、Taste、Luster with the best to finish、It is served on hot rice cooked plumply to the core of cooked rice in a large kettle! Sprinkle with powdered japanese pepper between eel and rice、Enjoy the scent of sansho spreading in your mouth! The eel is soft enough to cut with chopsticks.、Sauce is not too sweet and spicy, which is common in the countryside、Elegant and just right salt plum。The grain stands firmly while the white rice is small.、In a state of gloss to entangle the sauce、The heavy box becomes the heat which can be able to be in the state of heat while raising the steam to the last minute.、The deliciousness that chopsticks advance unintentionally is exceptional! For sucking eel liver with liver、Bamboo shoots of the season become served.、Pickles、Cucumber、Shiba pickles、It will be three kinds of Takuan! Boost immunity by eating vitamin-rich nutritious eels to help strengthen immune cells、Body building that does not lose to viruses! Eat well.、Sleep well.、Laugh a lot! The weight of "Kanerin" with very high satisfaction。If you eat eel in Hamamatsu、"Kanerin" is definitely recommended! Today, we will visit the farm of Angelon Melon from the morning! I would like to see the environment where melons grow together under a pleasant blue sky blessed with good weather! Kanerin Eel Shop Address:731 Iinocho, Nishi-ku, Hamamatsu-ku, Shizuoka TEL:053-448-9335 Hours of operation:11:00?13:45[O.S]、17:00?20:00[O.S] Closed:Every week Wednesday、3rd Tuesday

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