Evening drink Dinner Food shop while enjoying the "Central Japan International Airport Centrair" Illumination

On an artificial island off Aichi Prefecture, Tokoname city, ISE Bay Marine lodge、2015Chubu International Airport Centrair celebrates the 10th anniversary of its opening on February 17, 2010。Is the Tower of the first round.、Passenger facility is four-storey steel frame.。North Wing across Center Pier (Domestic Flights)、The South Wing (International Flights) is located.、Are T-shaped image of cranes。Second floor's arrival、Departure lies part 3 F、This is the check-in counter for international and domestic flights on♪ the 3rd floor.、The Centrair Museum is lined up and there is a souvenir shop.。Take the escalator in the center to Skytown on the 4th floor♪ at the Event Plaza in Skytown on the 4th floor.、Events are held on a regular basis。The events of this day、1It is a limited-time opening of "Tokyu Hands Nagoya store" held from Saturday, February 24 to Sunday, February 1♪ including the life goods unique to Tokyu Hands、Nice local gourmet products, including many sold to souvenir。During the period、Morning 10.:00To 18:00To open、It's♪ also good for killing time before the flight.、Disney XD Presents "Star Wars Rebels" Special Event Was Held。Event、2015January 24th, (Saturday)、25It seems to have been two days of the day (Sunday)。C1-10P common name of the character:Large balloon of chopper (difficult droid) is very popular with children! When you step into the airport、First of all、What I want to see is the view from the Sky Deck! What is the opening time of the Sky Deck?、From 7:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.、And the aircraft will take off the runway!、In the morning sun lit the sky with a refreshing、Sunk in ISE Bay sunset、At dusk as soon as possible into moment and sky blue、Aeronautical lights blue and green glow.、It is possible to enjoy the beautiful night like Bejeweled。"Fu's Viewpoint" installed in eight places on the Sky Deck、Handrails and some improvement、And the wheelchair is designed so small children can enjoy the view。View from the deck、Let's enjoy the state of the working airport by all means♪、"Wind (Fu) Hot Water"。Is a viewing bath was introduced for the first time at the domestic airport。To explore the airplane to fly while bathing。Business hours are 8 in the morning.:00To 22:00(last reception at 21:00)、Bathing fee is 1,030 yen for adults (junior high school students and older) and 620 yen for children (elementary school students and older)、Infants (under 6 years old) will be 210 yen。Free amenities (shampoos and towels) are available for easy enjoyment♪ on both sides of the central Event Plaza、Nagoya's leading rice and、Is Japanese, Western and variations in restaurants.、You can enjoy takeout fast food shop also available。Prior to、The crowded enjoying the meal in the restaurant in full awareness was、This time the、With a variety of shops to buy、I♪'m going to enjoy it in the style you have on the food terrace.。In addition to the phantom wings、Miso skewers and、Previews and more sauce、Previews and more, including rice、♪ You can enjoy the taste of Nagoya in take-out.、10Book、15Book、205 and can be purchased in increments of this。"Mountain-chan of the World" is a chicken wings fried、Unlike other stores, there is a paper board of "Please note that small children please be careful" because the hotness of the co-show seems to sell strong and spicy feeling.。1981Since the establishment of the first store in 2004, "Kakikatsu Yakitori Yama-chan"、Steadily increasing the branch, holding more than 70 stores 號舖 now that、2014in Hong Kong and Thailand in、Boasts a popular overseas。In the future, it will be suitable for the name of Yama-chan in the world.、There may be a lot of phantom chicken wings all over the world♪ chicken specialty store "Chicken Sanwa" which has been walked with a single chicken line。1933The company was founded in 2004 and its history has been long.、Countries from chickens and the Nagoya Cochin chicken pure in heart、It will be a long-established store that provides a real taste of chicken♪ but the freshly made hot parent and child bowl finished with special dashi and Toro toro eggs is for sale、A variety of special chicken side dishes and bento are also available♪.。In Burger shop、Safety and security report、We have a menu that is friendly to nature and the environment as well as the body,♪ and boasts a history of 180 years since it was founded in the 10th year of Bunsei.、"Yamasa Chikuwa" which manufactures and sells pastes such as Chikuwa mainly in the land of Toyohashi。Use fresh fish、I make a handmade high-class Chikuwa♪ Yamasa Chikuwa、Chikuwa, kamaboko is famous、There very popular cake & various。Cake & use such as oden.、Eat as well, delicious、It is ideal for snacks with moderate salt, ♪ "Kinshachi Beer Red Label" 437 yen (Omiyagekan) Nagoya-born local beer maker "Narita Kinshachi Beer" founded in 1996。German beer and role models、Malt、Hop、Yeast、And empathize with the beer purity law that only water to BREW beer stuff、Not only just to mimic the process、It seems to be woven there with the local beer "Kinshachi beer likeness" of Nagoya.。Using the underground water of the Kiso River system、BREW beer under the strict quality control。And heal the thirst in my throat rather than、Fragrance、Taste、Is a bone and taste of beer。Ruby-colored exterior and a good malt flavor is characterized by、Tired of drinking a good balance between having no flavor、It♪ is a very delicious beer , "5 bottles of phantom chicken wings" 464 yen Pepper is good and dry chicken Sanwa "karaage taste comparison" 594 yen Freshness Burger "Berry Nut Salad" 220 yen (tax excluded)、"Coleslaw (S)" 130 yen (tax excluded) Freshness Burger "Classic Cheeseburger" 580 yen (tax excluded)、"Fries (R)" 190 yen (excluding tax) Yamasa Chikuwa "Chizupoteto" 310 yen、"TakoMaru" 220 yen "Yarumba The Wai Series Shiraz Viognier 2012" Australia (Wine Boutique Pannier) as a prepare for dinner at the airport、Purchased Australian Shiraz at "WINE BOUTIQUE PANIER Wine Boutique Pannier" Sanarudai Head Office in advance。Instead of to our delicious Cup、So broken is the cheap glasses、We bring wine glasses。True red with berry fruit flavours、And it's a mellow tannin and an easy-to-drink Shiraz♪.、People come and go, lively、It is very fresh drink while people watch。See once in a while is a beer、Though the wine is、Not only we (lol) However、Take-out food shops of various snacks、It's a lot of fun to have a little bit ♪ the sunset has completely fallen、Be lit under the wintry sky aircraft。Now、Please see the illumination of the 10th anniversary of the opening of the port, which is the main event at the airport♪ The theme of illumination which becomes the milestone of the 10th anniversary of the opening of the airport as "Celebration")、In the sky deck、"Disney Princess / Dream Illumination" is being held! The lighting time is、17:00To 22:30Until the next.。(18 from 2/1/2015:00From the start) 7 Disney Princess who appeared in Walt Disney's work world is represented by sound and light。At the entrance、For Memorial shooting illuminated dress provided、Let's become the heroine of the world of dreams and emotions♪、Rapunzel from Rapunzel on the Tower、Ariel from "Little Mermaid"、Jasmine from Aladdin、Snow White from "Snow White"、Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty、Cinderella's Seven Prinsenses from Cinderella。And、Deck tip、The PR special area of "Ana and the Snow Queen" MovieNEX which recorded a national blockbuster also appeared! For each booth、Theme song flows、Color image of glowing color Prinsen is、The motif is expressed in illumination . . . . . . . . .♪♪ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .。In cold weather, there is、防寒対策をしっかりとして夢の世界をお楽しみください♪ 今回タイ・バンコクへの渡航は「JAPAN AIRLINES 日本航空」を利用します。In approximately two hours prior to flight departure airport is desirable、8 am scheduled for half-filled。Measures for the night before。Drink in the airport and illumination are enjoy convenient and、ホテルに戻り早めに就寝と致しましょう♪ 中部国際空港セントレア http://www.centrair.jp/ タイ・バンコク旅行特設ページ バンコク旅行の全ての記事はこちらからご覧いただけます!...

"Toyoko INN " There are Central Japan International Airport Centrair within a 5-minute walk , and good location the day before the accommodation.

「中部国際空港セントレア」より徒歩5分圏内に位置し全国各地に248ホテルを構えられているチェーンホテル「東横INN 中部国際空港本館オレンジサイド」。Hotel → Airport、空港→ホテルと無料シャトルバスを15分~20分間隔で運行されており空港へのアクセスが大変便利でリーズナブルなため前泊するホテルには適したホテルと言えるでしょう♪ ホテル横には、1045One multi-storey car park that can accommodate the car has been equipped with、東横INN公式ホームページからご予約されるお客様に限り駐車場を240時間(10日間)無料というキャンペーンをされているため、This time、2泊4日で行くタイ・バンコクへの旅行期間中の駐車場代が一切掛からないというメリットがあるため前泊先をこちらに決定しました♪ フロント フロントでチェックイン(16時~)を済ませてしまえば、Place the suitcase in the room、It is possible to explore the Central Japan International Airport (Centrair)。There was a gown in the rocker behind the front、The Shaver, comb and other amenity goods in wagons in、必要な方は忘れずに持ちましょう♪ ラウンジ フロント横のこちらのラウンジが朝6:00To 9:30In between became the breakfast Hall、宿泊者には無料でモーニングブッフェが提供されます。Western food (bread soup salad, sausage, etc.) on the front right hand、Front left would be for Japanese food (rice, miso soup, pickled vegetables, side dishes, etc.)。Early hours、Many groups of tourists from Asia, and because it gets extremely crowded、We recommend that turn out late flights if you have。still、In the hotel next to the parking on the first floor、朝7時~24時まで開いているコンビニエンスストア「SHIDAX シダックス」があるので便利です♪ ミニダブル 前泊するお部屋はミニダブル(12.00㎡・1,600㎜幅のベッド1台)6,300円で(ネット予約300円引き)で6,000円と大変リーズナブル♪ 無料シャトルバス ホテルから空港へ送迎してくれる無料シャトルバスがこちらです。Morning 6:00-10:15For while to hotel to airport one way only sent。午後は15時50分~夜21時台までは、15Minutes from Hotel → Airport, at 20-minute intervals、The Airport offers scheduled and hotel、22Time-will be indeterminate operation until the last 23 runs。バスが無くなっても徒歩5分圏内とかなり近いので心配には及びません♪ シャトルバスで空港へ向かう途中、Dusk began to sink the sky background、Saw cargo loading on the aircraft。機体後部がパッカリと開いている姿を拝むことはあまりないので貴重な瞬間です♪ 中部国際空港セントレア 空港行きのシャトルバスは、Will drop you off at the entrance of passenger terminal。The shuttle bus to the hotel、アクセスプラザから空港バス乗場の8番へ。Now、中部国際空港セントレア内で夕食を楽しむことに致しましょう♪ 東横INN 愛知県常滑市セントレア4-2-5 TEL:0569-38-0045 http://www.toyoko-inn.com/ タイ・バンコク旅行特設ページ バンコク旅行の全ての記事はこちらからご覧いただけます! http://lade.jp/Thailand/..

Souvenir gift our Maserati Festival 2013

手土産ギフト①「フィレッテ Filette」のミネラルウォーター(フリザンテ:Sparkling、Near:炭酸なし) 先日参加したマセラティフェスティバル2013では必ずゲストに手土産のギフトを持たせてくれます。This time、Paper given at the reception desk was very heavy。Would you like to be immediately opened in! the filegate first gift、Celebrity pets Royal warrant was loved by Roman emperors in history and legend.。In hard water hardness 225.6 in good taste, it is very smooth.。冷やしてホームパーティーの時にでも開けたいと思います♪ 手土産ギフト②「マセラティのトライデントマーク入りクーラーバック」 小脇に抱えるに丁度良いサイズのクーラーバックは、Testament to the Maserati is three included dust Trident mark and settled in Navy color shades。ちょっとした夏場のBBQに大活躍しそうな感じですね♪ 手土産ギフト③「パパブブレ papabubble」 パパブブレの発祥はバルセロナ。American tradition of using work skills as well as、Incorporating performance to entertain the guests、In the unprecedented art candy shop、Are now deployed worldwide。In the salon owners of Maserati Festival、American then showed me the performance of the work、Guests to this Maserati's Trident with candy last year as well as gave it to。Watch in the eye and fun、Fragrant with the smell and taste is a nice candy! me present the Scorpio mark test in addition to the Abarth 695 tributo Maserati and Abarth emblem keychain、ファンには堪らないグッズが多かったですね♪...

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