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, Market town in Woods point Mt. Tateyama Temple healed while getting some visits to the temple



On the small hill on Ichikawa of the Temple of the Soto sect in the year 1370 was founded by the Rev. t. large, Decree 褝 "Point mountain standing Temple(Gannmoku Zan Ryu sennji) "aka" sound of the Temple "to!

Located on Ichikawa alluvial fan at the Summit of plains and terraces on the point village、"Sakka and mouse flower" was written。However,、0/1605(1605 year)The third Lord and Maeda toshitsune patrol when、Listen to the historical "point Mountain National Temple.、Bernardi flower-shaped with a "point" and then、"Sound" and is said to read。As a result, local people、Point Mt. Tateyama temple that "sound of the Temple" and calls!

The temple here、For a market town with the husband's parents、After you visit the graves of our ancestors came to visit! Surrounded by the mountains surrounding、Occasionally the sound of lumberjack hands、Rang out on Ichikawa's murmuring and birds sing、Will healing power.

The road to the temple、Prefecturally designated natural monument "and(Toga)"The tree-lined streets and、I used 4 kilometres of length was、War and destruction、In the now long life、But now we are reduced to only 300 metres away、Is still the 400 year old history.、Height 20 m、Tree-lined streets of thickness 3 m before and after look at masterpiece、In the air of the Woods and soothing nature took a deep breath and、I walk as a sacred shrine and the heart is washed it is!

Jizo is placed here and there covered with "tasuki"、The hanging stones votive?。The current main hall、0/1974 (1974) to set up a recovery in steel-concrete、2005While in substituted copper plate roofing tiles、Buddha Sakyamuni Buddha on the front、Achi hard shilreuk、迦 leaves shilreuk、In the middle left and right 16 arhats、Zodiac hokkedo 8 on your right、On the left enshrines tablets of the believer、Seek Dominion repair bodhisattva front to rear to protect the temple and Zen Buddhism、The daruma Daishi is enshrined。

Without going into the temple、Seems people perceive in the entrance door、Healing music and announcements to start flow、Temple history and local culture, please introduce about 10 minutes! Naito candle stand、We accept our best wishes for family health and prosperity!

Referred to "the philosopher's walk" Tateyama temple that start with "comb-like mountain walks" also and、Walking trails perfect for the spring season, it is recommended.






















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