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It's focusing on gourmet, Hamamatsu-Shi, Shizuoka、Overseas travel、To deliver the lifestyle information such as design WEB Magazine alleys

Passing down the beauty of joy born Udo ya Mai dream Museum Japan and Japan kimono



And with Toyama established dry goods wholesaler ushijima ya's、Takanori Takeuchi founded the company named "Hummingbird" to activities we activated the city of Toyama, has been working with Udo ya Mai dreams Pavilion at the Meeting Time!

Here is the 0/1848 (1848) founded、9 generations the 168-year history have、Dry goods wholesaler of Toyama Japan kimono culture they hold. Mr. Takeuchi's and teens eyes successor!

Poised Udo store flagship store on main street、Established in 1999, Mai dream Museum。The other was Takaoka shop、Extend the uozu shop and business。At dance dreams、1Greeting customers on the floor meeting space provided、2Floor-5th floor is visiting tomesode、Quinceanera furisode, such as permanent and、To coincide with、Exhibits elaborate on the floor every made!

In addition、The sixth floor and the top floor or used as training venue in the internal、Has arranged a banquet hall as the event celebrates customer。Here you will、Features a surprisingly excellent kitchen facilities、It has been held, the diet of Japan chefs invited to each event! The view is also great!

Classic colors、Please let me see the colorful kimono、Once again、It was influenced by the beauty of the kimono in Japan!

From her husband long to Koto、I also had several times to wear kimonos the way it is、Here was the reason very lost busy recently! Next year Japanese、As soon as I want to have more chance to wear kimono!

Establishment of Takeuchi's hummingbird、Current、Wine business in South Africa has been involved in Takeuchi's sister Kaori Takeuchi Miller and his wife are well underway、When I talk about that、I felt nostalgic we've visited three years ago, a-Cape Town South ♪ I think next time I hope Kaori's!
















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For adults "garaku" Toyama's best resort hotel! At the local sushi shop enjoy the fish in Toyama Bay silver 8 sushi winter 漁reru!
For adults "garaku" Toyama's best resort hotel!
At the local sushi shop enjoy the fish in Toyama Bay silver 8 sushi winter 漁reru!



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