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"Sherwood Taipei" Hong Kong S.A.R. Michelin "The Butchers Club Burgers" Event is a great success!



Pride's exploding popularity in the Hong Kong S.A.R.、"2016Hong Kong S.A.R.& Macau Michelin"For in the category of street food、
"Best burgers in the Hong Kong S.A.R."As introduced
"The Butchers Club Burgers"
Top hotels in Taipei "The Sherwood Taipei"of
Underground first floor restaurant "B-one"In the、7/8(Fri) 8 / mid-held event!
On the first day of event、And Taiwan media events、
WeLadeAlso whats invite you join!
The Taiwan media and fun chat while、
Out a new forward and surprise encounters there、I realized the smallness of the world!


Taiwan bloggersChina mirror, a."Cat's"Mr.!


Public Relations Assistant ManagerDorry FiascoAnd
The Public Relations OfficerYvonne Wu in
"The Butchers Club Burgers"ofSteve KePhoto around!


In the event、Buffet restaurant "B-one"The chefs are busy!


"WOSKAN"The Project ManagerHyukie Chen (aka:Rio)The、
I had friends in common with Taiwan fellow hairdresser was in Japan as it happens、Was a surprise encounter.


Movie filmed the event photographer!


"The Butchers ClubBurgers"of
JONATHAN GLOVERThe coverage has been provided to individual。


Director, salesSteve KeAlso interviewed by communication。


"The Sherwood Taipei"The ownerMark LiuAnd
"Famous GM"
Be referred to asAchim V. Hake
"The Butchers ClubBurgers"of
JONATHAN GLOVERAndSteve KeIn the event a success celebration cheers!


Beautiful orange dress "American Institute in Taiwan"ofKatherine LeeAnd
"Engineering business newsletter"The Reporter shouldJerry Wu


Many media executives are participating!


To juicier burgers fresh thinking was to cut open the beans and kaburi付kimasu!
Very very meaty correctly、With delicious, delicious burgers and savouring!


The famous GMAchim V. HakeRingside with a smile of mischief packed!


"Engineering business newsletter"The Reporter shouldJerry WuAnd, and our Facebook link、
You could exchange a variety of Taiwan information! (Thanks! )


Big Burger and fries、Surround a buffet-style cuisine、
Boost lively conversation beer events!


"Sense Media"The Director inMichella WengAnd
Master photographer filmmaking to be worked by the husband and wife!
The movie was edited here、Neither has appeared just a little.


The famous GMAchim V. HakeTo put the coverage
"American Institute in Taiwan"ofKatherine Lee


"Engineering business newsletter"The Reporter shouldJerry WuAnd
Public Relations Assistant ManagerDorry FiascoThat is a good friend.


Reporters who have taken the movie at a later date.、Is being edited and will be broadcast in Taiwan!


Right next to、As Taiwan bloggersGary Hsu"肥到深處無怨油"Sat。
Speak a little JapanGaryAnd I at least had to exchange information.


Sherwood TaipeiThe PR Department is three big success in entertaining my daughter!


"The Butchers Club Burgers"Now、
And butchers flow is to drink Jack Daniel's Burger after、
You whiskey in one hand happy!


JONATHAN GLOVERAround to greet the media table、
Rough style readily taken to communicate is wonderful!


The event in a peaceful mood!


It looked like he and interviewed people in the media but also enjoyed delicious meals!


"Apple daily"The reporterGrandson Hsuan hsuanAround the two butchers so happy!


Toast with ketchup and mustard for some reason MerryJONATHAN GLOVERAnd
Sherwood TaipeiThe Chief chefDavid Ma


Responsible for Public RelationsDoris Chenis
"Castro Candy House"The surface colors of the Rainbow
"Häagen-Dazs"The ice cream with ice cream puffs with a guest acts!


"Newsletter publishing"ofOver poached BellAnd Taiwan bloggersChina mirror, a."Cat's"Mr.!


And participated in public events、We heard during the period with great success!
Sherwood TaipeiNow、More friendly to guests to enjoy、
Elaborate regular events are held。
The event information, etc.、Please see the hotel's official website and Facebook page.


Of the Sherwood Taipei、All Taiwan media、Thank you ♪ (Xie Xie ♪)

The Butchers Club Burgers

Hotel B1
Reservation TEL:(02)2718-1188
Hours of operation:Breakfast 06:30-10:00、Lunch 11:30-14:30、Dinner 18:00-21:30、
Afternoon tea (closed on public holidays only) 15:00-17:00

The Sherwood Taipei
Location:No. 111, Section 3, Minsheng E Rd, Songshan District, Taipei City

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"Sherwood Taipei" Hong Kong S.A.R. Michelin "The Butchers Club Burgers" demonstration! "Sherwood Taipei" Presentations of traditional crafts for famous GM Achim!
"Sherwood Taipei" Hong Kong S.A.R. Michelin "The Butchers Club Burgers" demonstration!
"Sherwood Taipei" Presentations of traditional crafts for famous GM Achim!



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