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Breakfast in Taiwan of a friend's house visit! It greets warm thanks to the rich heart of the Taiwanese !



"Chunyu"The ownerTomThe next morning、
"Introduce the son come to breakfast."And
Kindly Guide to freshwater dwells the son's family residence.


In the serene living dining room filled with the warmth of wood、Relax furniture、
As you'd expect、TomThe son too good looking and more grown up?、
Sense of Sparkle and glow.


Simple and modern design to the warm dining table。
But visits his family in Taiwan is for the first time、
I don't think I met the next morning to enjoy breakfast at your home, I didn't! (Surprise)
If in the friend of a friend... and I'm afraid really to the richness of the hearts of Taiwan warmly welcomed!


Butt naked "until you're ready for breakfast and relax."、
TomAndVanessa KaoAnd communication!


Miss CHAN of the dogMou MouChan, was introduced.
Put Belo blessed quiet with lovely hair hair-CHAN!


Of your son'sDonaldWho brewed awakening coffee in、
Is the landscape to help his eldest son cum together.、Is a nice friends and family wrote on the picture!


TomOf his wifeEmilyAnd the、On the eve in the restaurant greeting could not be for、
Greetings from Nice to meet you ♪
On this day breakfast is、Of your son'sDonaldOf
To my brideMs Cheung (Josephine Chang)Handmade by me ♪ (Xie Xie!)


Speaking of Taiwan's breakfast、Many are thinking about with food stalls and porridge。
And that discussion while in your home a nice delicious breakfast、
Anyhow, so forget that occurred in Taiwan。
Still, did not exist.、Vanessa KaoAnd that tastes close to、
A lifestyle of abundant mindsVanessa KaoAnd
Gourmet critic active in Central Asia "Eagle"Along with the、
Designing lifestyles in Taiwan
"New Taiwan Style"The spirit spread! It now!


Nuclear peach noodles wrapped, White ED fresh food
(Toasted Walnut bread sauce with vegetables)

Before dinner、Will Taiwan tea with black sesame seeds mixed into milk healthy beverage。
Breakfast and one play、Put the vegetables sautéed in Walnut bread with white sauce、
Oven baked savory ingredients which the toast、
With fruit salad and scrambled eggs, served with、
Balanced high nutritious and colorful breakfast.


To my brideMs Cheung (Josephine Chang)is、In addition to suites and doing handmade、
Homemade lemon roll cakeDonaldGave me some coffee!
The aroma of freshly brewed coffee and refreshing head、
We are afraid of too much sweet suites pus、
The cake was moist and a refreshing light taste and texture is fine!
For the brideMs Cheung (Josephine Chang)The、
Facebook "Josephine home cooking"" On page、
Provides your daily cooking、Professional-grade skills!
It is necessary to apprentice! Is up to you and ask!


Despite the holiday、Warmly welcomedTom Family
Thank you ♪ (much appreciated!)

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"Chunyu" Spend time spiritually rich in the world view of the sum that hobbyists create "Wisteria Coffee Plantation" Photo session in the beautiful wisteria tunnel in full glory in fresh water area of Taiwan
"Chunyu" Spend time spiritually rich in the world view of the sum that hobbyists create
"Wisteria Coffee Plantation" Photo session in the beautiful wisteria tunnel in full glory in fresh water area of Taiwan


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