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"Palais de Chine Hotel" "La Rotisserie" Buffet style breakfast rich in multinational



Connected to the Taipei main station、Large shopping mall "Q square"In the bar
This designer hotel "Palais de Chine Hotel"Of the room、
16th FL. 1636 room of Executive floor
"Executive Deluxe"In facing taxis。
The view from this room overlooks Taipei City、
The view of the other side、And suggests that the adjacent high rise tower courtyard。
Slowly and soak in the morning bath、Ready, go to the breakfast room of the hotel.


Palais de Chine HotelThe sixth floor is located next to the front
"La Rotisserie"Morning 6:30-10:00To the breakfast room will be。
Breakfast is buffet style and、
Lunch and dinner are all dining semi buffet style.


In the reception area、Waiting room seating and、
Convenient to meet up with friends。
Royal Blue walls decorated with elegant tapestries、
What 300 years ago with different presence in the precious stuff.


And present the room number at the reception、Please guide。
In the bright smile of the staff will be healed from this morning!


Hall is divided into 2 floors、Left hand became a sofa seat and 腰掛kereru、
Giving out chandelier、Exudes an atmosphere such as restlessness and a café.


In the right table becomes complete.、2Selections and provides table seats for 4 people、
Only the wall sofa seats and will be。
On the ceiling、"LDC Hotels & Resorts Group"Of takes on the group name 'Cloud"While the image、
Name of the hotel "Your products" Of "Pin"Decorated design mirror image、
Because mirrors on every wall or ceiling、Deep feeling.、A lively atmosphere。
The lowboard partition alternative、Antiques are displayed in、
And there are newspaper companies、Welcome services for businessmen.


Center counter、There was a cold dishes such as salad and appetizer、
In the open kitchen counter、Hot dish line.


There was a multicolored salad、
Grissini or cheese、Dried fruit, rich
Logs and hemp、Has been pretty CHOY, bucket、Has become a display was also nice!


An extensive organic vegetables!


Cheese and dried fruits!


Also, such as salami and ham abundantly!


The hot dish、Introduction to Western-style beef stew、
Taiwan fried noodles、Fried vegetables、Variety of small dishes and seasoning for rice.


Beef torotoro hot beef stew!


Accompany the rice dressing and pickle!


Shumai and steamed bread, too!


Becoming a Japanese corner back counter、
Soba or chirashi sushi and poached egg、Grilled fish、Relief in Japan dishes such as miso soup-surprisingly rich assortment.。
Japanese corner introduces breakfast the next day.

Click here for the pattern of the breakfast!
"Palais de Chine Hotel" "La Rotisserie" Buffet -style breakfast that incorporates also Japanese food


French bread started.、Loaf of bread、Side dishes, bread、Danish、With suites
Is about, or which have also lost assortment!
1Each has been carefully handcrafted one bread、And supervised by France's Boulanger、
Here offered fresh-baked daily!


Muffins and Danishes!


Vegetable bread and Focaccia!


Cut to the size you like baguette!


Serial systems are also available!


Taiwan fruit oodles!


Such as fruit juice or milk!


Scrambled eggs or an omelet topped with flexible、
Fried eggs、In your favorite recipes provides fresh to order!


There was a seasonal Easter Festival、
There are colorful eggs in a variety of colorful、Up to the huge ostrich eggs!


Sandwich and waffle!


Daikon radish cakes and tuna roll!


Bacon or sausage!


Souvenir also provides fresh。
And the laksa、With galangal and turmeric and other spices spicy rice flour noodle dishes、
Overlapping the sweetness of coconut milk and spices spicy full-bodied soup features
Delicious local food in South-East Asia.


Laksa noodle dishes popular in Singapore and Southeast Asia!
Nifty unique spice soup, shrimp soup with a rich, spicy soup、
Join the mellowness of coconut milk、
Rice flour noodles with texture and its sweet and later becomes a pull the taste!


Hotels in popular ERGO room lively。
In the flurry of multilingual、Cosy to each happy meal scenery、
From solid foods nutrition、I want to act aggressively.


The omelets were as white as a soft, melting to finish the job、
Topped with the onion、Cheese、Bacon、We have put the mushrooms。
Salad dressing、And the sauce is!


Soup beef stew!


Taiwan fruit in yogurt!


Croissants in chocodome!


Antiques were placed here and there is a restaurant serving
"La Rotisserie"In for a leisurely breakfast!
Now、I want to explore the nearby next!

La Rotisserie
Afternoon tea:15:00-17:00

Palais de Chine Hotel
Location: No. 3, Section 1, Chengde Rd, Datong District, Taipei City

No. 3, Section 1, Chengde Rd, Datong District, Taipei City

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