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Restaurant building maker of proxy deployment of overseas eateries brand "Hasmore Ltd. Group" operated !



"Hasmore Ltd. Group」の本部を4階に構え
As the luxury and famous restaurants covering food and beverage Bill
"Hasmore Building-"。
Will be introduced all at once from the ground floor to the fifth floor restaurant.


1Vote for events that the British magazine the floor the "Restaurant Magazine" organized
"Best 50 restaurants in AsiaSingapore Buddha restaurant that was ranked fifth in the 2015 fiscal year. "
"Restaurant André"of
André ChiangRestaurant to supervision of the chef "RAW」!


Go into a store and、そこは贅沢なカフェのようなウェイティングスペースがゆったりと設けられており
南方松をふんだんに使用し、A natural material, but also
The back of the bar counter with a stylish and innovative design
Approximately 60 seats (in chef's table, including) the main dining space。
This is the status quo.、Always half buried subscription、12 O'clock (noon)To start 15 days after reservation、
Are accepted only on the Internet。
Shortly after the start in just 15 seconds.、It becomes a full 60 minutes for lunch and dinner、
Taipei book challenging the strongest restaurant!

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"RAW" The advance in Taipei! Young chef who are active under the Andre Chiang of the world's top chefs!


Just、The Director was seeing off the last guestVivian HoAnd played a reunion in the 4-month interval、
Is exchanged greetings with the、Therein is what! In about a month once often come from the Singapore units will be
Andre ChiangIt is able to miraculously met chef! (The Amazing!!-

RAWNow、Based on the concept of the menu for the Taiwan calendar "Solar term"And by、
Solar termAnd the、1In the concept of the season divided in 24 years、Taiwan customs and lifestyle、And the freshness of the ingredients、
Solar termIt is deeply involved in the "Seasonal food"Because you want to provide、
Even to this dayAndreThe chef、Supervision is was visiting timings for new menu!
On this day、And it's really miraculous swooped、Thanked my luck!

The other dayRAWTo visit、AndrePresenting the book to the chef.、
Artist friendsShintaro ajiokaLet's book pottery kept shooting 365 days a year and flowers "Flower song book"The、
Ceramics likeAndreI would be willing to be the chef、Is handed over to pottery works。
Like me was like, thanks for remember! (Thick good end! )
Too excited and talked about what, but I don't remember much、
Neat "Whenever I go to Singapore!"And was able to tell one.


Was received pleasantly ask for photoAndreChef! (So thanks! )
Cook、Is often said with the Cook with a mirror。
Approximately 30 peopleRAWOf being revered as a teacher of the young staffAndreThe chef、
Imagined in the warm and lovely gentleman、
I dream of days where you will find such bosom deep his food, let's continue!


Also in the elevator Hall on the first floor "Pâtisserie Sadaharu AOKI Paris (Taiwan)"The antenna shop
Opening "Pop-Up Store」!

Pop-Up Store
Address:Taipei City Music Group 3 channel 301 No. 1F
Hours of operation
January-Friday 18th:00-21:30、
Saturday and Sunday 12:00-15:00&18:00-21:30


In the famous pastry chef born in Nagoya City, Aichi PrefectureSadaharu AOKIBased in Paris
"Pâtisserie Sadaharu AOKI paris"The Taiwan branch。
Popular macarons started.、In vivid color Bonbon de Chocolat hits!


1965Founder in the yearRuth Fertelis、
Small Steak House was opened in New Orleans in the United States
In the Steakhouse、Bred in the Midwest of the United States、Fed corn to feed cattle
And using only the rare prime beef accounts for 2% of total beef production in the United States、
21-28 days wettageing out the flavor of your own、
Buzz's Steakhouse is to give up sizzle!

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"RUTH’S CHRIS STEAK HOUSE" Enjoy the aged meat in the American steak house that was born in New Orleans!


Shop、France interior design team "NACO"Has been engaged in design、
"New Orleans Skyline-"For while capturing the image of the city overview、
This employs a modern design of the seventies and、Sense of freedom、Provides the atmosphere。
Remove ceiling space in a movable partition free space that will enable、
Flexible as each room is 2 persons from the private room seats up to 150 people for banquet hall is available.


The building on the second floor American casual restaurant "Chili's Grill & Bar"The、
Introduction to national、Deployed in 33 countries.、1500In the shop more than a franchise restaurant、
Enjoy Texas birthplace of hearty Tex-Mex (Mexico-style American cuisine) in American sizes.

Chili's Grill & Bar
Address:Taipei City Music Group 3 channel 301 No. 2 House
TEL:(02) 8501-5200
Hours of operation
Thursday、Sunday 11 pm:30To 22:00When (L.O.21:00-
Gold、Saturday 11 pm:30-23:00( L.O.22:00-


A taste for casual American pop shop。
Fajitas (generic name of grilled meats) and Taco steak、Hamburger would be the main
American casual dining offers a selection of alcoholic beverages and soft drinks!
In Taiwan、Large direct store、Xinyi branch、Branch、Consumer shop、Ximen branch、TaichungThere!


20To provide proprietary blend dry than the super rich soup sardines ramen
Shinjuku Golden City birthplace of Japan "Wow sardines ramen Nagi"。
In foreign countries、5 stores in Taiwan started.、Philippines、Hong Kong S.A.R. and Asian business center.

Wow sardines ramen Nagi
Address:Taipei municipal Zhongshan, Lok Group 3 channel 301 No. 2 House
Hours of operation:11:30To 22:30(7)


Shop uniform with a bright red wall color、
On the table held up on the goodwill on the brightly colored red and yellow blue、Lively atmosphere。
Wow Japan ramen soup、
Has been vetted ramen from Japan national fishing、
More than 20 luxurious dry without regret using 60 grams or more per cup!
there、Nagi original hand buff with a bunch、Boiled wheat fresh chewy texture and distinctive flavor.


Michelin Guide 3 star acquisition of Japanese restaurants that set up shop in Tokyo's Roppongi "Ryugin"The、
The company also operates in Hong Kong S.A.R., 2nd、2014/11/1In the Taipei city branch "Shoun Ryugin"Open。
Taiwan in Michelin class Japan restaurant opening this first time。
The menu is、12dish 6500TWD (about 24,050 Japanese Yen)For only one course。
(Service charge 10%, private use 15%)
Taiwan stores materials and specialty products of Taiwan's own multi-course offering.、
Seiji YamamotoIt is the one arm of chefRyohei HiedaThe chef cooks supper for you as a head chef of the SHO Ryu Gin!

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Japanese cuisine "Ryugin" Taipei advance! "Shoun Ryugin" of excellence philosophy food and tea pairing


Through the cobbled approach、Become a waiting room and entrance into、
Before being guided to seats here provides a welcome drink、Imposes a speed bump between。
The store provided by interior design、Japanese architects have done.、All dishes and silverware are works by the master craftsmen of Japan has been adopted。
The number of dark a prepared in the base seats and 36 seats
For the ratio of stores became an elegant arrangement、
Only one room seating room、6-Reservations are accepted in eight.


The airport's last guestRyohei HiedaMessage from the chef。
HiedaAnd the chef、Whenever you see rise in Taipei restaurant.、
New one famous chef Japan food retail outlet opened、
I have been talking in synergy with good rises demand Japan dishes in Taiwan for further!
Future will tell the wonders of Japan's food cultureHiedaI want to sincerely support the chef!
"Hasmore Ltd. Group"This Bill to operate、
Is housing the new Taiwan attracted world-wide restaurant。
Right or wrong、Please visit visiting Taipei.

[Map Taipei Park Group of three road No. 301[/map]

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"RUTH’S CHRIS STEAK HOUSE" Enjoy the aged meat in the American steak house that was born in New Orleans! "The Sherwood Taipei" Underground Buffet Restaurant "B-one" Variety breakfast !
"RUTH’S CHRIS STEAK HOUSE" Enjoy the aged meat in the American steak house that was born in New Orleans!
"The Sherwood Taipei" Underground Buffet Restaurant "B-one" Variety breakfast !



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