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"The Sherwood Taipei" Comfortable hotel stay at the facility of rich culture and rich in variety restaurants!



In Taipei international level of high-quality service with pride、Everyone "Come back here again!"And becomes the prisoner five stars hotel
"The Sherwood Taipei"。
In the variety of restaurants、Gourmet chefs are offering.、
Outdoor pool and fitness center equipped with the finest spa treatments、
Stay in the hotel like feel much richer、We offer fully equipped。
This time the、Will the introduction of facilities。
Here is、Feel the atmosphere of the United Kingdom-a classic hotel on the second floor "Henry’s Bar"。
300More than wines and spirits、Enjoy afternoon tea drink menu、
As a snack、Royal clubhouse and American hamburgers、Beauty parlour and tapas cuisine.


Counter seat depicting a gentle curve is spread.、
Private club offers a luxurious space, such as how、
It's almost as if、Comfortable elegance reminiscent of British men socializing, such as filled feel good!


1993In the years、In the United StatesPresident BushAndLadiesCome together、
1992And,1996In the years、In the United KingdomMargaret ThatcherVisit、Numerous celebrities have lined up names!
Here "Henry’s Bar"The、
For use in tea、After、We will introduce in detail.

Henry’s Bar (2nd floor)
Hours of operation:11:30-25:00
Reservation TEL:(02)2718-1188


"Henry’s Bar"The outside in the corridor、"Evening light in Suzhou Canal."Movies that portray the decorated。
This work is、Chinese Realism paintings of famous painter "Yi-Fei Chen"The masterpiece that is。
Spread Oriental tendency of Western culture in the 20th century、Chinese realism painting school、Start prospering in China。
While demonstrating the unique personality of his late style and techniques、Led 60 years of Chinese art。
"Chen Yi Fei"The Canal、landscape、Excels at historical figures and musicians。
A portrait of him、To express the beauty and hero as the main character is seen to always、
Time of the cultural revolution、Heroes、Promotion work with titled an ode to benevolence and achievements、
1983 year、When the personal exhibition in New York、Excellent performances and attention to the Western world、Furore。
After that、His name is spread、Suddenly become famous.。


Private dining Tang

With a graceful tone of a dignified European-style "Tang"Room、
There was a beautiful round table、9In the seat。
A small private party、Here you can enjoy meals with your family。
In the room、Sofa area there、Beautiful space gives you flexibility、You can take advantage of guest stay along.


Corridor represents a figure 4 pictures、
"Spring、Summer、Autumn、Winter"And became the four kinds of flowers and birds painting、Alms on the pale face, over and over again、
As eternally in Pale ink drawing、It is a delicate, graceful style。
In addition、By a colored border inside、Feel the charm of the Orient line stands out on the screen。
Of images "Shihou Chen"The、Gold Diamond "and creative industrial canvas、
Wisteria in spring、Summer load、Autumn Chrysanthemum、Representation and crisp winter Camellia、Are reproduced by the change of seasons and the touch。


At the end of the corridor、"Henry’s Bar"The entrance to、
"The Little Pastry Chef"And entitled、
19The 金鍍金 century "Aime Deschamps"The are decorated with oil paintings。
Here is、Among the works of art are housed at the Sherwood Taipei、It is a masterpiece is the most high-profile!
Once、18781st year and exhibited at the world exhibition、
The realist painter、Nostalgia, catch a faint of by herself、19The apprentice of the century、Depict the ideal life of craftsmen。
During the painting、Signs of East-West fusion and watch eh、
In the bottom right hand side、Chinese ceramic pot、Placed in the European-style kitchen with iron and brass instruments、
Overall impressions、A talk about harmonious atmosphere。
Also、More facial appearance full of colours and joy and movement as well as the artisans 'Takumi'、It is seen in the exquisite。
The fusion of Chinese and Western culture is represented here.。


On the second floor overlooking the hotel's entrance hall, view from the corridor。
4Overlooking the graceful chandelier shade-、Enjoy paintings in the corridor area.


In the elevator Hall of the corridor side、
Being equipped with a grand piano、On time and enjoy live pianist、Visit the elegance and comfort.


Chinese restaurant "Yi Yuan"The、Basics of Cantonese cuisine in original、
Offers eclectic cuisine combines the splendor of Chinese and western dishes in new。
In the United StatesPresident BushAnd in the United KingdomMargaret ThatcherAlso visit、Its flavor has raved!
Original menu was offered two became Hall of Fame、Even now has become a very popular menu here!


"Yi Yuan"The、There was a spacious main dining hall and four private rooms、
It is possible to use even small groups or organizations。
Head ChefKo Kang FeiThe、Have experience in the Hong Kong S.A.R. restaurants and hotels.、
Has also been published of Dim Sum dishes。
As a result、You can savor authentic Cantonese dishes here、
Authentic Peking duck、The finest Cantonese-style seafood、Authentic Cantonese-style dim sum、Equipped with various types of soup, etc.。
Court and contemporary styles mix、It hadn't been so able to Western-style Chinese cuisine、
A guest to be a very popular restaurant from overseas ♪


Private rooms、Four rooms have a variety and、
Dinner with your family and relatives and、Formal dining、Or can be used in business negotiations。
Chinese restaurant "Yi Yuan"With the appearance of the dinner、
After、We will introduce in detail.

Yi Yuan (2nd floor)
Hours of operation:Lunch 11:30-14:30、Dinner 18:00To 22:00、Hong Kong S.A.R.-Dim sum (closed on public holidays only) 10:30-14:30
Reservation TEL:(02)2718-1188


Down stairs.、1Let's to the floor。
Steps along the way、Includes tapestry entitled "streetwalker"。
Here is、And your wool and Silk weaving、19Is the work of the century Spain-Madrid region。
19Century、For Chinese culture was favored in the European、
It and the、Painting、Building、Art genres such as gardening's extensive features。
In this tapestry、Approach to that paint the landscape in miniature、And right in line with characteristics of Chinese classical paintings、
The piece evokes the feelings of longing for the old。


Italian restaurant "TOSCANA"Now、
Chefs have done technology exchange in the capital of gastronomy, such as Italy or Hong Kong S.A.R.、
Italy culinary creativity and offers!


In the classic, elegant Hall.、And paved with Tuscan marble、
In the expansive indoor patio with natural light、Is the taste of southern Europe、Produce a good time。
Guests staying in the superior rooms、Here breakfast is served。
The pattern is、Here in detail later!

TOSCANA (1st floor)
Hours of operation:
Breakfast 07:00-10:00、Lunch 11:30-14:30、Afternoon tea 15:00-17:00、Dinner 18:00To 22:30
Weekend brunch 10 am:30-14:30
Reservation TEL:(02)2718-1188


Buffet restaurant in the basement 1 floor "B-one"The、
At the internationally renowned interior designer、There her husband Mao Daichi in Takarazuka
Yasumichi MoritaLed by "GLAMOROUS co., Ltd."The design、
It has in modernHas been renewed for the she space。
Unlike a typical buffet restaurant、
You can order your favorite your favorite gourmet、
Has introduced semi order style received an order from。
In the airy open kitchen、While appreciating the art rendition of the ingredients the chefs、
Experience dynamic, live action。
Also、And also General guests breakfast、The pattern is、Here in detail later!


Japan dishes prepared in the basement 1st floor as well "KOUMA"。
Using seasonal seasonal fresh seafood and local food artisans、Creating a memorable taste。
While at the counter top craftsmanship skills、You will enjoy a dinner conversation with nifty。
Also、Private rooms available for、In the high-quality private space、Beauty ‧ HK ‧ cuisine combines the flavors!


In an elevator on the 20th floor、
"Fitness Center"And
"The Sherwood Spa"But you!


The left hand entrance "Fitness Center"The front will。
Finish registration、Let's entry!

Fitness Center
Utilization time:6:00To 22:00


The entrance on your right "The Sherwood Spa"The front will。
Make a reservation in advance、Let's accept!

The Sherwood Spa
Hours of operation:10:00To 22:00
Reservation TEL:(02)2718-1188


In the gym、Is equipped with various training machines made in Italy、
Helps you to stay fit on the road。
20Workouts with exhilarating views from the floor、You can refresh both mind and body.


The indoor heated swimming pool、Sherwood TaipeiHe recommended is one of most beautiful in places! (Nice! )
Equipped with large Windows until airy skylights and ceiling、
Swimming in the great outdoors in、Makes you forget the hustle and bustle of the city。
All year round、Is open for、Don't forget your bathing suit please!
Charming atmosphere for day and night、Both have a fascination for、As long as time permits、Visit?!


Separate male and female sauna also provides、
Available hours、Guests at any time free of charge becomes available。
Often the men in business、Men sauna is equipped with a dry and wet sauna、
The Womens、The only dry sauna。


And equipped with shower room men and women and、Filled with clean。
By Jim sweat with sink、Dip in the pool、Warms the body in the sauna、Refresh your skin in the shower!
If you prefer a fitness course.


In the hallway on the way back to your room、There are daily seasonal Taiwan fruit、It is possible that you。
After running the body、Fatigue and recovery effects of high vitamin c is recommended!
Now、Next in line、Sherwood TaipeiThe are also referred to as specialty
What a wonderful General ManagerAchim V. HakeThe introduction!

The Sherwood Taipei
Location:No. 111, Section 3, Minsheng E Rd, Songshan District, Taipei City

No. 111, Section 3, Minsheng E Rd, Songshan District, Taipei City

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"The Sherwood Taipei" Junior suites feel warm full of relaxation in the soft tones "The Sherwood Taipei" specialties GM! Achim V Hake is engaged long from open initially
"The Sherwood Taipei" Junior suites feel warm full of relaxation in the soft tones
"The Sherwood Taipei" specialties GM! Achim V Hake is engaged long from open initially


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