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"Chiou Hwa" Special Peking duck representative of the Beijing cuisine and restaurants of authentic for feeding the country feast chef!



"Gloria Prince Hotel Taipei"The
In Japan, Prince Hotel and the Hotel Amadeus、
1970Is a long-established hotel。
You can stay at a relatively reasonable price、
And it staff can converse in Japan、Guests can enjoy a friendly peace of mind。
Among the guests for years、Japanese stay rate is 70-80% and accounted for the vast majority、
Is very popular in Japan hospitality。
Location is in the heart of Taipei、Cultural centres all over the multimedia & creative, living air is filled with
Very popular areas located in Zhongshan area。
MRT "Shuang Lian station"From the walk 5-8 minutes、Will be along the forest in North Road in the downtown area.


The other day、日本語通訳で大変お世話になったFront Office ManagerのNini HsiaAnd
Located next to the Gloria Prince Hotel Taipei "Gloria Residence"of
Front Office Assitant ManagerBetty WengAt least he played a happy reunion!


Chef's treasuresPeter WuLed by Chinese restaurant "Chiou Hwa"The、
"Authentic Cantonese cuisine、Authentic Dim sum"The founding spirit of、
Abalone、Sea cucumber、Shark's fin、魚の腹身などの高級食材を使った料理を提供し
Taste、Smell、Many of the dishes from the Visual、小規模の会食や宴会で多くのゲストを魅了しています♪


Chairman of the Gloria Prince HotelT.K. Chen (T. k. Chen)The、
そこで出会ったのが、At the time "Green Crystal hotel"The Hong Kong S.A.R. Chef wasPeter WuIt is。
Peter WuAnd leads to Taiwan as a team with eight chefs and other。
After that、"Chiou Hwa"The、
Suddenly famous in Taiwan、Just two years to politicians and celebrities came to visit and it is。
Peter WuThe、2002Consecutive years、Two of France's gastronomic Association
"Cordons Bleus" And "Chainedes Ro-tisseurs"From has been honored。
Also in 1997 and 2000,、それぞれ当時の総統である
Lee Teng former PresidentAndFormer President, Chen Shui-bianから中南米西アフリカを16日間訪問する際の帯同シェフに選出されています
Current、Chinese Cuisine Executive ChefのPeter WuThe、
It is delicious with Cantonese cuisine with simple cooking methods and materials in their teaching。
And、Gloria Hotel GroupThe refined level of eating and drinking、
To study the new menu incorporating art, such as continued efforts day and night。
Such a thingPeter WuWith you to photograph、
This time the、Marketing Maneger&Communication Dept. ofEve LoAlong with the
"Chiou Hwa"I want to enjoy the dishes! (Xie Xie!)


"Chiou Hwa"The Interior is、
White table cloth clean and shining a bright crimson contrast、
Under the chandelier shines brightly、Provides floor to shoot, classic!


This time the、In this round table table half-private room and enjoy the meal!


This time we are、Chinese Cuisine Executive ChefのPeter WuEven
"To travel with the series"The efforts to introduce、
Brought from Japan "Gaku Syakunaga"The 6 dishes including new show、
"Chiou Hwa"The decided to collaborate with food! (So thanks! )
And、I was present on this day as an interpreter of the、In the friends of Taiwan、Graphic designerAnd working with、
"ZouZou Design Studio"He operated、
Coffee lover's interest、Casual pop-up coffee stand
"EAVES COFFEE"LaunchedLee Pei-SyunIt's cum! (Xie Xie! )


The speak a little Japan Captain waitressNanais、Burning of the teapot、They serve hot tea。
According to the Beijing duck、I wish the Pu'er tea.


"Chrysanthemum tea"

Pu'er tea that will take the fat and
Blended with chrysanthemums give off heatChrysanthemum teaThe、Hong Kong S.A.R. is a very popular classic tea!


"Chef’s daily appetizer"

As a chef's day appetizers、Better color, line 10 different small dishes.


"Chef’s daily appetizer"

"Gaku Syakunagaáge (Aju) 32 cm.

From the black fungus in the foreground when the measure、
Spicy hot white jellyfish、Cucumber pickles、Pickled Green Papaya passion fruit、Smoked roll bean sprouts、
Egg salt pickle、トマトの甘酢漬けの7種類を
Gaku SyakunagaThe "áge"To have them balanced! (Xie Xie! )
EveChan is "お婆ちゃんが良く作ってくれた懐かしい味でトマトの甘酢漬けが大好きです♪」と教えてくれました
Eveちゃんが6歳の頃にお婆ちゃんがToyohisa ArakiSongwriting "The four seasons song」を唄ってくれていたようで今でも憶えており
"People person mind clean love the spring. My friends, such as the violet flowers."And
Sing together (lol)
Toyohisa ArakiSongwriting "The four seasons song"The、わたしもとても久しぶりで心がほっこり暖かく感じました
Is full of poems really touched on the straight pop songs of the past.


"Roasted Peking Duck"
2600TWD (Japan Yen:約9,360円)

"CHIOU HWA Restaurant」が本場の広東料理を届ける中最も有名なの料理がこちらの北京ダックです!
Together creating Cantonese and Peking-style "CHIOU HWA Restaurant」の北京ダックの食べ方は3種類あります
First of all the、特製の甘ダレに葱や胡瓜と一緒に薄餅に包んで食べた後
3種類の異なる調理法を同時に満喫できる北京ダックは、"CHIOU HWA Restaurant」を代表する人気メニューとなり
"CHIOU HWA Restaurant」の北京ダックは台北で3本の指に入る腕前と讃えられています!


Are you using the big duck species multiplied by 2 Ilan orchid species of ducks up 4 kg。
The complexion with cooked in the best Peking duck、
Cremation site by cum chef of Beijing duck Hong Kong S.A.R.Gibson Fongis
In which a stunning beautiful balances skin will。
1From the Peking Duck feather、20About to take、Can dish out at approximately 8 degrees.


Part of the thick fleshy belly、Juicier offers the sweetness and flavor of the fat, soft、
Part of the back、Enjoy the crispy texture to、
Both ventral and dorsal cut because、It is possible to order with your choice!


Gibson Fong chefAfter you gave me great、
The captain waitressNanais、
Potato crepe fabric texture of wheat wrap it up carefully.、Eat immediately provide。
A major feature of the Peking duck here、To relish other Ilan Orchid grown spring onion and cucumber Ginger (ginger) is entering!
Fatty Peking duck Gari's makes a good spicy!


Enjoy the distinction between parts of the back and belly!


Special sweet sauce drizzle!


Spring onion and cucumber、Gullies with scoot!


"Roasted Peking Duck"

"Gaku SyakunagaBlack-glaze plates (28 cm) "

This is part of a fleshy belly。
Under the crisp texture of、Classy fee flavor foaming and flooding out the strong result is hidden、
And chewy with a juicier texture、Feel the sweet taste and sweet sauce fit better、This is a very tasty morsel!
Its flavors of green onion and cucumber、And what to say gully as good an accent、
Thin crepe fabric、Voucher is the best so far! (好吃! )
That was also part of the back、To enjoy the crisp crust here is also superb!
It is neither become addictive deliciousness!
The Peking duck、レストランによって味わいが大幅に異なります
"CHIOU HWA Restaurant」の北京ダックは是非食べてみていただきたい一品です♪


"Silver Pomfret Fried with Chili and Garlic"
1380TWD (Japan Yen:約4,970円)

Gaku Shakunaga / black glaze reversible (28 cm)

This recipe uses a cancer better、It has been adapted in pomfret。
More crab than you could easily、I think that a better arrangement。
In mouth-watering taste、Texture was flaky and so delicious fluffy light meat.


"Goose Liver Flavored Soup with Flower-Shaped Tofu"
250TWD per person (Japan Yen:About 900 yen / person)

"Gaku Shakunaga / áge thin bowls"

Here is、Peter WuThe chef
Lee Teng former PresidentTo the platter dish gave one "Hwagae wealth"Even if known。
One as beautiful as the flowers of the same color "Gaku Shakunaga / áge thin pots"Fit to me! (So thanks! )
And the overlap of tree rings of beauty、Creating a stunning figure that overlap like petals, delicate harmony! (Nice! )
there、Matsutake mushroom、Jinhua ham、老母鶏を用いて
スープをかけると、Beautiful appearance as if the flowers have bloomed like that "Hwagae wealth"And you called!
Egg tofu with sweet、Smell of foie gras was in the middle of、
And an elegant soup filled with subtle balance、All the ingredients to suit increased!
The mushroom tofu soup、
Peking duck as well as the most loved by the Japanese "9 hot springs"The menu and asked the、Pleasant taste!


"Braised Spicy Beef and Mashrooms Casserole"
420TWD (Japan Yen:Approximately 1510 yen)

American beef cooked in a clay pot in hemp mala sauce dish。
There is quite a bit more spicy、Spicy in a good person!


"Stewed Matsutake wtth Abalone"
880TWD per person (Japan Yen:About 3170 Yen / person)

This is Hong Kong S.A.R. style.、China produced mushrooms and abalone and COD premium fish belly meat "Floral glue"The soup、
Fragrance、And pull out the flavor of ingredients、Guests can enjoy exquisite taste!
Wearing thick with contains mushrooms、Enjoy the texture、
Floral glue belly body parts of fish, such as rice is chewy texture。
There are volumes of、Good enough to place soup over.


Head ChefWilliam LOn the way、
Before the Cook in the soup "Flower glue」を持って料理説明に出向いてくれました♪(謝謝♪)


Here is、鱈鰵魚の腹身で「Floral glue"Said.。
"Flower products"The、"Sea ginseng」と称されており強壮剤や薬としての価値もあるとされています
中華料理は、Body is packed with nice reward!


"Stir Fried Minced Duck with Lettuce"

Just duck duck coarsely chopped、Bamboo shoots、White Kwai、Sauteed with carrots and onions。
This lettuce、None are cut to the same size、Around and let JAG、
Easy to package、Care is being handed out in meticulous detail。
Ingredients wrapped in lettuce and eat、And only in the moist texture of the lettuce、
Delicious crisp texture、It is full of flavor as you fancy duck meat is delicious! (好吃! )


会議の途中で忙しい中EveChan's boss
Senior Director, Marketing&Communication Dept. ofCallis Chenis
Gloria groupのスタッフは皆さんとても暖かく優しい方ばかりです♪


"Steamed Small Buns with Matsutake"

"CHIOU HWA Restaurant」の小籠包はオリジナルとして一味が足されており贅沢にも松茸を用いた小籠包です!
While properly leaving the tasty dumpling gravy or sweet bean paste、
Put the mushrooms, steamed together、Aroma has been withdrawn、
Sauce or the source need to never has produced a rich aroma.


Dumpling soup with plenty of different still smells!
Flooding from the steaming hot soup、Aroma of Matsutake accidently broke so、Good scents。
Skin no longer getting dust、At Jussieu in bean、Is a balance of good baos.


In the middle of a meal、EveChan's colleagues at
Specialist,Marketing&Communication Dept. ofJenny Yangis
Our staff gifts! (Xie Xie! )
Inside "L’idiot"The lovely"Donkey"The character、
Overbite goofy faces with lots of charm and is very cute!


"Pan Fried squid Pancake "
150TWD/3 pieces (Japan Yen:540Yen)

Fried squid。
Flavorful、Enjoy fluffy texture、Bite and sweetness of the squid is delicious!


"Pan Fried Cantonese Turnip cake"
120TWD/3 pieces (Japan Yen:About 430 yen)

And different taste of Hong Kong S.A.R. and Taiwan style radish cake。
And the、Group of seasoned and dried meats、And Andouille、Can include dried pork;。
The fragrantPreserved tasteChop into small pieces, and put the radish cake、
XO sauce and bake for、Feel the sweet flavorful white radish cake is!


"Deep Fried Savoury Prawn Pastry"
120TWD/3 pieces (Japan Yen:About 430 yen / 3)

Finely chopped meat and shiitake mushrooms finished with sweet bean paste、It is deep fried minced shrimp dumpling。
So eat as a snack is a potato dish of food.


最後にHead ChefのWilliam LAnd
Cremation site by cum chef of Beijing duck Hong Kong S.A.R.Gibson FongAnd、
The captain waitressNanaWith photo! (So thanks! )
Come see"Gloria Prince Hotel Taipei" Of "Chiou Hwa"To!

Chiou Hwa
Hours of operation:Lunch 11:30-14:30、Dinner 17:30-21:30
Private room:4Two staterooms (fuyo procuratorial、Aronia procuratorial、Rina Matsuri procuratorial、Yuri procuratorial) equipped with
Book by phone:+886-2-2581-8111(Ext 1521、1522-

Gloria Prince Hotel Taipei
Location:Taipei municipal Zhongshan district forest in North Road 369,

Taipei municipal Zhongshan district forest in North Road 369,

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