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"The Landis Taipei" Breakfast buffet style in the "La Brasserie" Reminiscent of Paris!



France 1920's art deco design that incorporates a concept、
A stately, classic、European atmosphere
"The Landis Taipei"Of the 1st floor restaurant"La Brasserie"And、
Enjoy the country cooking of France and a European-style afternoon tea, all-day dining all the sales and will be。
This is the breakfast venues become guests.、Morning 6:00-10:30(Lgiogi10:00) Of the hours、
Your favorite time to freely enjoy the buffet-style breakfast.


Was built in the art deco interiors "La Brasserie"The、
Guests can enjoy the atmosphere of the bars were located in Europe。
I hope you want which can also accommodate any age to elegant interiors
Hotel ownerStanley YenThe Interior was designed from、
Classic and stately charm、Is elegance.、Surrounded by the wonderful atmosphere。
And in the typical store、Define a warm antique flower chandelier on the ceiling of the leather upholstery、
Black and white geometric design tiles to vivid、Design elegant classic houndstooth Chair、
Just sit there、Like the European film scene.


A private room in the back is open、Private parties are available。
Wall hugging on sofa leather style looked like he was、
A traditional, United KingdomChester fields sofasOf so、Button closure sofa an elegance daily life.、
Provides space to shoot.


Breakfast is、And Western-based buffet style、Guests can enjoy freshly baked homemade bread as well as the、
And Japanese and Taiwan cuisine、Equipped with a wide variety of.


10Sequence is over Western hotdish、
Dim sum steamer becoming Taiwan's breakfast line.


From the hot dish was prepared to counter、Let them little better balance.


Tomatoes & French toast


Vegetables & French fries


Bacon & sausage




Steamed meat bun


Glutinous rice


Good assortment of freshly baked homemade bread、
From the staple bread, bread、And provides many kinds are sweet pastries.


The maid staff very cute、Better matches perfectly with the atmosphere of the restaurant.


An omelet、Provide fresh per order。
Still too 外senai popular items is an omelet、I always order.


Indispensable to Taiwan's breakfast menu with Japanese a little there.、
During the rice cooker next to the soy milk soup and porridge prepared white rice、
Sprinkle the toppings and pickles、Seasoned seaweed, such as are provided.


And there are green salad bar、
4Types of lettuce to celery、Cucumber、Vegetables such as carrot sticks、Tomato、Pickle suit.、
The source is、Japanese-style dressing、French dressing、There are three southern dressing.


Taiwan fruit






The juice bar、Apple、Grape、Amenities include milk and orange juice.


In the agile movement of staff to serve every table、Staff each morning feeling good!


The breakfast in a relaxed atmosphere、Very nice、
Feel the air seem like Paris there while、As long as time permits、I would like to enjoy a meal slowly.


"Plate platter.

Green Salad、Grilled tomatoes、Sausage、Ham、Sauteed mushrooms、Paprika、French fries, etc.


Omelette and salad


Porridge & point mind


Danish & muffins & single Bay fruit


"Would you like another Cup of coffee?"And、
To pay attention to the table、Smart service will help the voice is nice!




In an elegant atmosphere、After enjoying a delicious breakfast、
Return to your room、Will be ready for packing.


At the front counter、We'll check it out。
The normal check-out is 12 pm (noon)、During peak hours to avoid as much as possible、It is best to have action!
The Japan staff、Will be staffed in shifts day and night for、Not worry about what language。
Guest Relations Manager fluent Japan languageJhuang ChocoStaff。
Thanks to the staff to Japan are here with me、Without any trouble、
But in a short time、Great and helpful!


Commemorative photo with you was indebted to the last!
Marketing&Communication ManagerYu Wen Jonathan Chen、
Marketing&The communication CoordinatorAmanda Tsai、
Account Manager was responsible for the Japan language interpreterSmall, 賴 (Lai Jill)、
Guest Relations ManagerJhuang Choco、(So thanks! )
Though it was indebted to you and leave、Go to your next destination!
Hearts and hospitality、A classic atmosphere filled with a profound sense ofLandis TaipeiThe、
Cozy is.、Guests can enjoy a very pleasant stay.

The Landis Taipei
Location:Zhongshan district, Taipei City civil rights road Er Duan, 41st
TEL:+886 -2 2597-1234
Reservation center: +886-2-2598-3455

Zhongshan district, Taipei City civil rights road Er Duan, 41st

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