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"PANDORA" Taipei store jewelry brand that was founded in the Danish capital Copenhagen !



2001Founded in, large shopping mall "Breeze Center"At the mall to expand
2014Opened in the year "Breeze SONG GAO"。
From the 5th floor of the building complex of the 24-floor "Humble House TaipeiIt will be "♪


Founded in Denmark's capital Copenhagen "PANDORA"The、
It is a global jewelry brand that combines the stylish design and high-quality at an affordable price。
And promise high quality hand finished、Offers modern jewelry。
Taiwanese "PANDORA"That became the 18 stores throughout Taiwan、
In Taipei、Here "Breeze SONG GAO"With eight stores, including on the 1st floor.


Last night、Dinner togetherLawrence ChenAnd his wifeDaniella Huangis
2010Jewellery brand launched in this "PANDORA"It is。
The ownerLawrenceThe、Everlasting mark jeweler has operated for 25 years by your parents、
5As a brand new years "PANDORA"Has evolved.


Our sales staff、Everyone35Women under the age ofAnd you have said that employment conditions、
Alive with sparkle、Young, beautiful women who have worked、
Click hereDoffy YangManager started.、150Working staff of women's names.


That pride with stylish design and high-quality at an affordable price、
In the world's most popularPANDORAThe most popular、
Sterling Silver、14K solid gold、Leather、Choose from textilesBraceletIt is。
Your favoritePANDORAIn conjunction with charm、
Is your own original bracelet.


Gold Bracelet


Silver bracelet


Design ring


Head Office staffAbigailJapan speaks for、Our interpreter! Xie Xie!
She's very fluent Japan language is amazing!
Very many awardees to Japan to study in Japan-language school in Taiwan、
Many young people who speak well to Japan, I'm happy as long as it is!


Blue silver bracelet


White Gold Bracelet


Charm made uniform with white


For about 8 times collection of themes will be announced throughout the year、
Also exhibits change on a regular basis、Always wait for the new designs to our customers than it seems。
Now、Valenti collection line in stores、
Feel the sense of the seasons-w, white and blue、Or a lovely pink color is very popular.


At various events and coverage of the sought afterDaniellaThe、During a hectic、Taking the time and going out with me! (Xie Xie! )
She says,、That soon all 150 employees to take Japan in a trip!
This time the、It is around Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe had a free。
"I'll take the advice if there is something amiss."And tell、
Be the friendly relations between Taiwan and Japan are more smooth and、Hope to serve you a little。
LawrenceDaniella、Thank you ♪ (much appreciated!)


Taipei Xinyi, pine channel 18 No.

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