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Taipei open "Toh-A' " French restaurant that mixes the Taiwanese food in the shop name of table



2015 OctoberIn France restaurant newly opened "Toh-A’"。
Hong Kong S.A.R. who is owner/chefFabric fall Rong (William Bu) a.k.a.:AKAN cloths (Abu)The、
20Over years of time spent、DearTaiwanThe open itself France restaurant。
The location "National Taiwan University"Be near、
Is the nearest station of the MRT's muzha line "Department of Arts temple site"Next will be、
Will need taxi away from there、It is recommended that go by taxi from the beginning。
Each placemark、Is the gate, such as round Windows often used in temples in Japan and Japanese-style rooms.


"Toh-A’' = 'Table"Means。


Lay out tile、On the cobblestone is the driving、Nodate umbrella is available in the back、Approach somehow makes you feel Japanese atmosphere。
Entrance is behind the rusty iron door.


Fell in love with Japan Zen styleAbuOwner、
Design designWong Kei wZ、Flower artistsZhu yongan、Art artistWang Kashiwa Chengdu
Gong masterWuxing, TSOAnd welcoming experts in their respective fields、
Houses are converted into much Zen-style restaurant.


Shop、Become a kitchen entrance my left hand、His right hand is table seating。
In the cool, modern design with a chic shades、
Kurenai no contrast hung ornaments and accents will、Atmosphere radiates the relaxed atmosphere!


On this day、In the Taiwan people's friend and his wife、Founded in the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen
Jewellery brand "PANDORA"OwnersLawrence ChenAnd
For my wifeDaniella Huang
And、Introduced me to Mr. and Mrs. friend Japan language、
"Sun Pao Tsun Construction Co.,Ltd."The Vice PresidentMark T.H.WangAnd
For my wifeYumi Wei Wei ChoCannot say enough about、
3Is the beginning of the six couples fun party night!


Lawrence ChenAnd his wifeDaniella HuangAnd the、
Through a Facebook friend's、In restaurants when traveling bring their parents in Kyoto Japan、
That gave advice to became friends。
Two House favorite is Japan's culinary culture、Sushi & Tempura、It is fond of eels。
The Japan food restaurants in Taipei has been growing、
Restaurant in Kyoto, including the parents seemed very pleased and relieved。
2And children、My mother is.、My wife's a、And also protect the company Manager、
Very beautifulDaniellaTo seeWhere Lawrence is like?"And he told us"Parents think not of so far!"And pretty helpful!
LawrenceThe "Cherish the lovely sweet honey!"And I have conveyed.


The menu is、And painted on both sides of the inner ring、It is a funny rendition chic!
Dinner here is、3300TWD (Japan Yen:11880 JPY)The incose and。
(* Prices above 10% service fee will apply)
In addition、SoloOne tabletop、
"Food looks delicious"LED spotlights are equipped、Is a great Director.


Guava tea

Guava tea is said to reduce dietary sugar absorption、
Polyphenol contains plenty of、
Vitamin C and a.、Will eating healthy tea that contains nutrients, such as mineral rich.


The sommelierChen Wei (Webb)Will charge a carry-on wine serve。
In Taiwan、Basically bring alcoholic beverages to restaurants、Sometimes we take for granted, such as that。
Of course、The restaurant above a certain class of carry-on charges will、
I'm carry-on fee itself is very cheap and easy-to-use。
This time the、Friendly and helpful gentleman wine and whisky lovers two great bottles! (Xie Xie!)


"Domaine Antonin Guyon 2007 Corton Charlemagne"
France, Bourgogne Chardonnay 100%

France, Burgundy Domaine "Antonin Guyon"The、
It is one of the most prestigious wineries in Burgundy。
Born in clay and limestone soil、35-year-old、With 100% Chardonnay、
White wine aged for 18 months in oak barrels (50% new casks) and bottled.


Green bright gold shines brilliantly、Acacia and lime、Honey-scented、
Got a very pure mineral、Full of complex flavors、This is a supremely elegant finish ♪ (praise!)


Mark T.H.WangThe、For had been enrolled at a University in Japan、Is fluent Japan language。
Engaged in construction companiesMarkMe、
At present Taiwan's construction boom、I think you have had a busy day。
Such a thingMarkAre also interested in、Beyond wine and whisky lovers、
Have a nice hobby, such as cars, watches、Cars like the husband and couldn't have been!


MarkOf his wifeYUMIAnd it is been married 11 years、Already, three children and your mother's! (Surprise)
In fact beauty witch、To be married、
Taiwanese "Dentsu Inc."That was a career employer Gung!


Homemade bread

Owner/chefAbuThe homemade bread、
Spiffy crispy Sesame, garlic and fish sauce seat bagel and mashed potatoes on white bread、
3 species including Hong Kong S.A.R.-style dragon eye sausage Pan。
Served with butter from France, with the image of bamboo leaves。


"Australia shark truffle scent.

Fleshy abalone with sliced mushrooms、Finish and moisturize and soften、
A luxury truffle vinegar sauce!


LawrenceAlsoMarkAlso don't expect smart appearance is seen、Is very much a gentleman.


"Domaine Gros Frere et Soeur Clos Voguent Musigny"
France Bourgogne Pinot Noir 100%

In an innovative and ingenious winemaking、Established a firm position in Vosne-Romanée
His musical talent was handed down to the sons of Jean Gros、
His eldest son Michael、My younger son Bernard、Each Domaine has's eldest daughter Anne-Françoise、Are making wine charms。
My younger son Bernard、In the Domaine of my aunt and uncle to the children
"And Domaine Gros F&S"Since 1980, takes over。
The wines of Bernard and brother Michel elegance-oriented as opposed to、
So vividly and powerfully、And finished the wine feel the power、
In the exotic aromas and rich, full of condensed flavor taste、 Complex and deep aftertaste lasts longer。
Has annual production capacity of 7000-8000 bottles of rare wine is ♪ (praise!)


Salad with foie gras and radish cake

Interesting article on foie gras and potato radish rice cake。
The radish cake、We were talking about a rich foie gras sauce and、Rich is also the sweetness of sweet noodle sauce。
"Toh-A’"The food is、And combines the techniques of Taiwan and France cuisine fusion cuisine.


On the thick soup poured using a tea strainer、
Over the truffles to finish a complete soup "Black truffled tofu selected meat and fritillariae"。
Choose from two types of soup making、I have chosen here.


"Served with chicken and tofu soup with truffle"

A thick soup with the broth from the chicken truffle aromas。
Under the Royal tofu is slipped into the screen that has、A mild taste.


"noodles veal lobster Bisque seafood"

The larvae noodles (tanzermen)、Originally in the southern Taiwan City-South is the、
Xiaochi is loved throughout Taiwan now that Taiwan is。
Choose soup here on the other side of her husband。
Broth from shrimp over spicy, and produced feature-pups noodles。
Also luxury take a thick broth from the lobster、Bisque soup finished with rich flavor.


Then decant the wine、Get ready for red wineWebb


"Domaine du Pegau Chateauneuf du Pape Cuvee Laurence"
France-Rhône 80% Grenache、6% Syrah、4% mourvedre、The other 10%.

Is Châteauneuf-du-Pape、Historic village between Avignon and orange in southern France、Located in the Rhône Valley breeze blows。
Past to 5 degrees released wine、All named Robert Parker has a 100-point scale and the rare wine!
Reserve the same brewing method.、Reserve for the 2-year maturity at four years long maturation cuvée Lawrence、
For the production are very small and do not produce more than 6000 books、Illusion wineThe scarcity of damp said.
Cartoon "Drops of God"Also appeared as the third Messenger!
In shades like Garnet and red brick、Unique aromas from flooding and、Rich, full-bodied,、
Is the forcefulness of its fruitiness.、Rich, it is a wine of wonderful workmanship! (Praise! )


"Bato fish, rostral larval fish seafood hot(John DoryThe sauce of sauteed Silas)"

Bato sea bream (dory) saute the espuma。
In the broth from seafood sources and will。
Silas got plenty of seafood sauce condensed flavor of the seafood.


Winning top 50 Bali restaurants in Bangkok as you put "Gaggan"For dessert、
In a beautiful rendition using dry ice、All together shooting time rips up!


"Plum sorbet.

You put in the production of dry ice to bring more excitement to the、Bamboo into a fresh plum sorbet。
Like "KAGUYA Princess"The Nativity scene with a beautiful sight!


"Chicken shrimp and spinach rolls.

Choose from four main dish、I choose the chicken。
Is a tender texture, very tender chicken wrapped shrimp and spinach。
The sauce was on the mashed potatoes、Clemmie in soy sauce and soy sauce, mellow finish.


United States chilled rib eye steak

Select the rib-eye is the husband。
American rib eye steak、Due to fat, juicy、
We were served with mashed potatoes and sauce.


(High Priest Kavaren soloist vinho wine cask singlecascustrengs)

The other dayIntroductionThe Taiwan miracle single malt whisky "KAVALAN"In one of the soloist series、
With a background of selected event by world's finest wine storage
White oak barrels plus laminated technology naturally dried for two years after gold car distillery factory、
Used for storing whiskey and maturing、
It is a masterpiece created by harmony art with science and technology represents a unique and subtle flavor match for vinho! (Terrible)


Taiwan-style cheers!

In Taiwan-style "Cheers!"And I said basically"All at once"It seems! (Surprise)
The people of Taiwan、1So drink more pleasant at all、Dine in while you "Cheers!"The!
Or just how much strong drink "All at once?"And people seemed to be、With confidence!
"All at once"Did (laughs)
Because most is a joke "Let's make a toast for the Taiwan style!"And is sure to rise if it says!
However,、This 'KAVALAN"For a taste and is recommended。
Brilliant golden color reminiscent of autumn、
So the sweet aroma of fruits such as melon, mango and vanilla caramel fudge、
Blends rich aromas of wine and an exquisite balance between、
Shows the unique balance of oak and fruit。
Almonds and dark chocolate、Toffee、Entertained with honey and mango flavored tongue、
Is a great whisky where you can enjoy rich aroma of malt whisky with a crisp lingering ♪ (praise!)


"Strawberry sweet potato tuber.

Served with Strawberry tuiles with white jellyfish phthisis sweet potato dessert。
Sweet snuggle gentle strawberry acidity and flavor to sweet potato ♪


Finish the US dumps finished in fluffy souffle for dessert.


"Soufflé with vanilla ice.

Soft in the mouth must be accompanied by rich vanilla soufflé texture smooth, melt!


On the last photo!
Eat well、Good laugh.、Well I was toast! (Lol)

Lawrence Chen、Daniella Huang、
Mark T.H.Wang、Yumi Wei Wei Cho
Very thanks!

Address:Taipei City daian, peace East Road two-lane 76 23-9 No.
TEL:+886 2 2377 0952
Hours of operation:Lunch 12:00-14:30、Dinner 17:30-21:30

Taipei City daian, peace East Road two-lane 76 23-9 No.

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"Humble House Taipei" Beautiful night view of the shopping mall around Xinyi area "Humble House Taipei" Lush overlooking the courtyard of the elegant buffet style breakfast
"Humble House Taipei" Beautiful night view of the shopping mall around Xinyi area
"Humble House Taipei" Lush overlooking the courtyard of the elegant buffet style breakfast



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