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"NOX Taipei" Compared drink the Taiwan miracle single malt whiskey in the " KAVALAN " !



Made in Taiwan own even over award
The owner-BartenderMordie TsengBest cocktail begins! And the popular "NOX Taipei"。
MRT "Xinyi Anhe Station"Located near the、Female places one alley off the main street of Awa path two-stage、
The brick building is marked with dark brown awning。
On this day、Alexanders Steak HouseThe way back、Sushi "Senjyu," And "Tokyo Curry"ofOwnerAnd
Ryohei HiedaMr. waits, celebrates the reunion of three months Buri night!


Sign lit lights are also drawn to short cocktail glass、It is easy to judge and bar!


Shop、Casually dressed in warm warm image is spreading、Space for people to gather。
Not to mention the cocktails、Also a distinctive hard Erika、
You can enjoy delicious and more casual food menu is priced by the reputable dining & bar!


At the end of workRyohei Hieda,"Gaku Shakunaga"For while you watch the new、
In Japan and Taipei restaurant information topic!


To see the food menu、Certainly affordable price range (200-300 TWD) in unusual bar is!
Yet before a two people immediately ordered.



I、Sidecar bar to order this when I order here。
Since ancient times this cocktailCocktail bartender's ability to knowIt is said to、
And the cocktails I would ask go to any shop。
Instead of going to test your bartending skills that、The sidecar that suits want to know that the real intention is。
In the balance of acidity and moderate sweetness balanced taste、
As after you've enjoyed a meal 1 cup、It is easy to drink so I felt somewhat mild in sidecar.


"Lime Gin (Tanqueray).

The spread is rich and unique flavor、
Tanqueray offers elegant and delicate flavor Gin lime。
Her husband you like Gin!


"Mixed nuts"

Nifty lightly spiced mixed nuts。
Almond、Cashew nuts、Walnut、With nuts、Mung beans、Pistachio、
Giant corn、Flower bean。
Especially skin Paris Paris and like salty texture、
And flower bean beans indescribable flavor becomes a habit will be addictive (laughs)


"Tak-jowl foot casters (Pork knuckle)" 300 TWD (Japan Yen:About 1080 yen)

At the famous pork knuckle in the historic town of Dresdene in Germany (Dresden)、
Skin is holded in parisparis
In Jusici and、Fit, very good beer is a knob。
Is not really fat in general very good at、So stunning and crisp?
Eateries and sweet、It is the best!


In the Taiwan bar、
Taiwan miracle single malt whisky "KAVALAN"Don't pass go!
Two shop "KAVALAN"Please let me eat in tasting、
Those who like to choose! And、Very affordable style! (Xie Xie! )

"KAVALAN"、Located in the snowy mountains of Northeastern Taiwan down to the East
And Ilan (sansing)Is the name of the indigenous people of the Lanyang plain。
Kavaren whiskeyThe、At Taiwan Yilan2008 yearThe release launched Taiwan's first single malt whisky!
Shallow historyKavaren whiskeyThat is the、Taiwan's subtropical climate is useful for early maturation of whisky、
From raw materials to manufacturing all within Taiwan that sticking to show、Buzz。
After the birth in just two years and won numerous awards all over the world、It is a single malt whisky of miracles to garner attention from all over the world!

[Award-winning KAVALAN most widely in the world (2014.2015)
"KAVALAN SINGLE MALT WHISKY/High Priest Kavaren soloist vinho strength"
World best single malt whisky(WWA)2015 Award-winning
"High Priest Kavaren malt classic"
International review of spirits competition(IRSC) 2015 Gold Award-winning best-in-class
International spirits challenge(ISC) 2014 Gold Medal Award
"High Priest Kavaren malt concert master"
San Francisco world spirits competition(SWSC) 2014 Double Gold winner
"High Priest Kavaren malt loaded"
International spirits challenge(ISC) 2015 Gold Medal Award
"High Priest Kavaren soloist cask strength"
San Francisco world spirits competition(SWSC) 2015 Double Gold winner


"KAVALAN Single malt whisky.
Alcohol content:40°C

Northeastern Taiwan、And pure spring water from the snowy mountains
Single malt whisky aged effect promoted by Taiwan's distinctive subtropical climate has produced。
Was created has a full-bodied taste deserves the appreciation of works of art, exquisite sake-making technology to reach。
Color has a bright amber color.、Honey and mango、PEAR、Vanilla、Coconut、Scent of chocolate、
Sweet like mango has a slight citrus aftertaste、Enjoy the mellow taste.

Alcohol content:40°C

Port cask aged single malt whisky
A unique and balanced single malt whiskey。
Taiwan's leading authentic luxury whisky、
Its color was aged in barrels of vintage port wine、Aroma and mild-flavored。
Color is a reddish-amber color、Honey and vanilla、Coconut、Marshmallow、Tropical fruit aromas、
Remained fully enjoy the fine taste sweet and mellow.


"KAVALAN Single malt whisky.

Speaking of the home of whisky、No one would be the image of Scotland。
Made in Scotland in the home of such whisky
2010 yearThe "Burn & # 8217s; s Night (Burns Night)"The tasting competition、The swept local stocks
Taiwanese "KAVALAN Single malt whisky (High Priest Kavaren classic single malt whisky)」!
In the distillery, located in Yilan of Taiwan、Manufacturing process can be visited free of charge、
You can also fine whisky tasting、At the end of March the next ~ in Taiwan trip in early April、
"KAVALAN"The President BrenderIan ChangI tried to cover the visit.


French fries 200 TWD

The spicy fries、Hot crispy texture on junk food at the best snacks!
Taste get into the habit of Cajun spice will be addicting!


"香腸 on compost (Spicy broth) hormone Sichuan Fu hot sauce" 200 TWD (Japan Yen:About 720 yen)


Incense mala sjara Osso-GOL area (Spicy noodles) spicy ramen 200 TWD (Japan Yen:About 790 yen)

Also was apparently Taiwan hwayoung noodles with dust, salty and spicy soup is better intertwined a unique ramen!
Will Taiwan noodle、Is the texture of the noodle texture was chewy and rather in Japan like。
Not too spicy、All too easy after a pull the taste is。
By sake、Whisky also lead、And the fun continues until midnight once again!
For 2 person、Me with thank you ♪ (thanks)

NOX Taipei
Address:Taipei awa rd 2-71 Street 7 No. 1 House
TEL: 02-2732-5826
Hours of operation:21:00-27:00(Saturday 28:00-

Taipei awa rd 2-71 Street 7 No. 1 House

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