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Taste of beyond popular teahouse "Jioufen Teahouse" age 100 years full of cans tea and horticultural Museum and Art Gallery



In the local gentryWong Shan-YingMr residential site、
The owner is an artist byZhi-Sheng HongWhen carried to sketch feet、Fascinated by the views、
1989 year、He was 28 years old when "Jioufen"In the resolution to live、
Click here to be on the over 100 years old and was renovated、Art space and reconstructed as the Museum of tea shop "Jioufen teahouse"。
"Jishan st"Facing along the、Hand-painted "Tea, porcelain and paintings"And the curtain was drawn is a mark。
Hou Hsiao-hsienDirector of 'The PuppetMaster"The location and、
Cozy little hideaway shop like there's、And views of tea Arts & crafts Gallery is the best!


Shop、An antique appearance picturesque quaint.、
Landscape was established、
Teakettle and arrange 1 row、Be healed spread, roasted aromatic tea scented!


I get off the stairs、Continues to the cafe on the basement floor.


Retreat-like basement 1F。
Café space、Has also sold space on tea and tea set、
both、Buy art works that involved the owner and his wife and tea are available。
In addition to tea sets the display showcase、
Concrete walls built in addition to increase the durability of the building is used as a display shelf.


The pond is in under the stairs、CARP are swimming freely。
And also quite respectable size of carp、Would be nice to spend a relaxing time while watching the Koi.


Underground floor space、Although people can see views of outdoor space、
Mellow and relaxed atmosphere、It can quietly enjoy the tea。
Each table and set up new nested table antique、
Teakettle to warm the heating uses charcoal that may also taste!


"Grand Victoria Hotel"of
Sales Assistant ManagerKenji TakahashiAnd it's former colleague、
Currently our staffBoboI highly recommend this!


Cat art works of his wife.


Wide variety of design!


Tea in addition to selling pottery and paintings!


"Jioufen teahouse"And out of the basement floor、On the left another gallery "Jioufen Art Museum"To and followed.


Click here "Jioufen Art Museum"Now、Enjoy the works of art and space。
1998On August 29.To open here、
Over the years the ownersZhi-Sheng HongFrom the works of art have been housed、So the new up-and-coming Taiwan domestic exhibits.


Zhi-Sheng Hong works


Tea Cup


Bud vase




Taiwan porcelain makers of Favorites "3,co"The works there too!
3,coThe、2003In the porcelain manufacturer founded in Taiwan、
Combined art, design and lifestyle、Have a brand concept to pursue the life aesthetic。
3,coThe "3' And the 'Art"、"Design"、"Life"Represents the、
And create an aesthetic combines these three elements、
From the desire of beauty lifestyle through them.


Of the staffBoboWas making her tea! (Xie Xie!)


Top quality Oriental Beauty tea

This is Oolong tea produced only a limited summer season.。
Precious tea leaves do not harvested only once a year、Smells sweet like honey highlights!


The design of the cans containing tea leaves、Of the ownerZhi-Sheng HongAlso depicted his wife、
To have finished with the paper、Stone-faced tastefully retro.


"Jioufen Art Museum"Further down the stairs、"Potter band"To go!


The ownerZhi-Sheng HongAnd workshop "Potter band"。


Many stood crammed with stoneware。
"Jioufen teahouse"As well as"Hand washes the other, tea of Weifang"In all handmade pottery used in、
Non-toxic soil and use to glaze、1230And a dish baked in a high-temperature kiln of body-friendly.


"Potter band"Down the long stairs in addition、And towards the passage below.


"Potter band"From down stairs to Qingbian Rd 308 issue along the red brick landmarks"Artist Teahouse"。
The originalZhi-Sheng HongOpen the location had been used as a Studio and、
"Artist Teahouse' = 'Jioufen teahouse"The sisters shop、2005May, 10 pmThe renewal open!
The distinctive red-brick architecture、The new Taipei City Government "Model building"To have been chosen.


In the shop、Painting collection of the work of the owner or owners for exhibits、
Exactly what "Tea, porcelain and paintings"The heart can be felt.


In the tables of the semicircle was set in the inside back、
Can enjoy tea while enjoying the conversation with the staff.


Wood spiral stairs were lined with red brick walls down.、Let's to the downstairs.


With integrated Cafe and exhibition space floor、
Spend a relaxing time is the best kept secret!


Antique table、It is based on very old wagon wheels!
Good compatibility with different point by point design chair、While rustic feel the taste!


But it is also fine、Would recommend terrace!
During the day、It is refreshing with spectacular views of the town of Jioufen, Yin Hai、
Tea while watching the neon night followed by far too cosy?!


Inside there are works of art placed in this cat、Is the work of Midori of the wife of the owner。
That was adorable-looking cats will be healed you will!

Jioufen teahouse
Address:Metro district, new Taipei City base, 142th Hill Street
TEL:(02) 2497-6487
Hours of operation:9:00-20:30

Metro district, new Taipei City base, 142th Hill Street

Artist Teahouse
Address:Example: the Metro district, new Taipei City Road No. 308
TEL:(02) 2496-7767
Hours of operation:11:00-20:00

Example: the Metro district, new Taipei City Road No. 308

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Explore one of the most crowded is the main street "Jishan st" and the stone stairs "Shuqi Road" in Jioufen! Jioufen "Amei Teahouse" This teahouse that Aburaya of Yubaba is rumored to have become a model
Explore one of the most crowded is the main street "Jishan st" and the stone stairs "Shuqi Road" in Jioufen!
Jioufen "Amei Teahouse" This teahouse that Aburaya of Yubaba is rumored to have become a model


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