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Explore one of the most crowded is the main street "Jishan st" and the stone stairs "Shuqi Road" in Jioufen!



"Grand Victoria Hotel"of
Sales Assistant ManagerKenji Takahashi.
Has been a tour guide in the friendsWang yongde mountain (commonly known as:Ms. Wang)Guide me、
Entitled "Takahashi & Wang Presents! Local Taiwan let US know! Half-day tour at night!"The next destinations、
Located in the mountainous region located in new Taipei City in northern Taiwan, Sweden,、
In the streets of retro and nostalgic atmosphere invite nostalgia while overlooking the sea
Has been Japan's famous tourist attraction 'Jioufen"The city!
Leave your car、Jishan st of JioufenThe entrance and seeOld Street Entry"Until I walk。
Each placemark、Seven-eleven signs!

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The main street 'Jioufen Kiyama city day and night filled with vibrant, featuring souvenir Jioufen


The busy with tourists day and night "Jioufen"In which the main street"Jishan st" Is!


All sorts of shops crammed with、Become a shopping arcade "Jishan st"The、
Place where it rains continued tourism.


"Jioufen"The was taken to 100 times or more in the cityKenji TakahashiMr. from、
Fun tour while listening to the local Taiwan information。
The last、During a visit here、I pass shops、TakahashiIs it in you can check every corner thanks to the Guide!


In Taiwan, QQ's popular "Red alveolar meat Yuan"。
Crystal clear skin's look like jellyfish in a whole。
Its skin is、Made from glutinous rice or sweet potato starch、Is wrapped in bean red alveolar meat (pork marinated in red yeast rice)。
Chewy texture is a texture is favored by women。
"Jioufen"ofTaiwanese meatball/BawanThe difference between the General and the gang、For the kneaded for Beni-Koji in sweet bean paste in the、
Red face to peek from the transparent skin is characterized。
Because the natural colouring is red yeast rice、Also I'm happy healthy foods。
The Studio Ghibli film "Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi"With what Dad had eaten"In the flesh disc?"And from the rumors that、
"Jioufen"To visit the、Taiwanese meatball/BawanSeems to eat zibri fan infested lot! (Lol)
So here are the sweet sauce、Sweets is not good so we do not challenge here is、
SpicyTaiwanese meatball/BawanIs the chewy texture is a good habit to be delicious!


In the shopping arcade of souvenir shopJishan stThe、Just a few minutes400as mThe distance is、
There reaches a fine time here, and the walk meanders.


Views of Jioufen at night watch the lookout、Crowded with couples or groups!


Seen from the lookout platform "9, old town"The night!


"Jioufen"The new"FUFA」!
In a shoe maker born in Taichung、Equipped with high-quality leather shoes and fashionable sneakers.


Say that most major places in Jioufen "Shuqi Road"、
Jishan stThe refers to the narrow stone staircase vertically through the city centre on the way。
Stone stairs feel nostalgic red lanterns、This is "Shuqi Road"It is。
Makes people feel the aura of tasteful retro buildings on both sides of the red lanterns and stairway.。
Taiwan movie directorHou Hsiao-HsingOf the Director228IncidentPaintings 'City of sadness"For as a filming location
Japan Guide from this Alley is mainly highlighted and、
It will be good shooting spot。
Those who are confident in the strength、"Shuqi Road"The happy come up under the scenery from the top.


Shuqi Road & Qingbian RdCross the square "Shengping Theater"That is the old movie theater。
Decorated montsuki hakama and dress their face Panel、
Tourists enjoying their photo!
Oh my goodness? Oh et al?
He reflected on the left yet?、Referred to Taiwan's Susan Boyle
Male singersForest education 羣 (Lin Yuchun) English name:Jimmy LinIs not it?! (Lol)


A little while ago "Gold Museum"At award winning back the sad cat、
Now、Madhya Pradesh back dog with extraordinary pathos on the stairs (lol)
"Jioufen"The city、Ensure that free-range cats and dogs a lot、
Photographing them is one way to enjoy。
Too much brute force approach、Let's shoot while respecting, unpretentious, do not hate it!
Now、After many walked around、Into the tea shop, take it easy!
Next is "Jioufen teahouse" introduction!

Shizuoka Prefecture West Center packed with information on gourmet restaurants in Tokyo, Nagoya and overseas!
Food log version caches to currently provides information on gourmet restaurants in more than 700。
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Aiming at the local half-day tour in northern Taiwan to enjoy the "Jioufen" from "Jinguashi" Taste of beyond popular teahouse "Jioufen Teahouse" age 100 years full of cans tea and horticultural Museum and Art Gallery
Aiming at the local half-day tour in northern Taiwan to enjoy the "Jioufen" from "Jinguashi"
Taste of beyond popular teahouse "Jioufen Teahouse" age 100 years full of cans tea and horticultural Museum and Art Gallery


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