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Preparation before going out to Italy Travel "This about Let's remember!" Italian course



After travelling to Italy、Would be remembered first of all Italy, a quick and good。Italy who is very cheerful and greeting is the basic。Although the short stay、If even a little conversation and Italy together it would be!

Greetings from Ed

Good morning, hi's Buongiorno ( buwongiorno )Once in the shop always greet。Buonnjoorunoo! And how good is the best!

Good evening, Buonasera ( buonaseera )From 3 o'clock in the afternoon during the dark hours greeting。

Goodnight Buonanotte ( buonanotte )Late check-in after leaving and when you get off the taxi at midnight。

And hey, it's Ciao bye ( Chao )This is in a close relationship。This is regardless of time zones。
PS:And I'm、Everyone! Ciao tutti!( Ciao tutti )Well this tour bus driver who was a。

Yes it's Si ( SI )When the conversation well ' Si,SI,SI casting casting casting "and use。

No No (-)Or said should not be such a hard sell to properly ' No!"And the manifestation of intention。

Thank you Grazie (grazie).Let's say "Grazie grazie" smart people to do something you have。

Please / you're welcome Prego ( Prego )Obligations to Prego Prego, and from people who say "Grazie Graze"。

Goodbye it's Arrivederci ( arrivedelci )When you leave the shop and use。Hard to think either Ciao with a smile。

Nice to meet you Piacere ( piacele )Local guide Ms driver's got to try。

Commonly used words

Delicious buono ( buuono )"buono buuoono!" and while your index finger in cheek muzzles because it is a gesture of the child's attention。
PS:Buono (male form)、Buona (feminine form)And、
In Italy, male and female nouns have.、But most of the masculine noun endings "-o" women almost always ends with a "-a"。

Splendid new bravo ( Bravo ) very delectable and not bravissimo ( brabissimo )When moved。

EH? And I'm sorry Scusi ( skiesi )When people bumped or call the clerk。

Excuse me, before the Permesso?( pelmesso )"Please just before that when use in the crowded road。

Thank you Per favore ( Pell favoured )Means in English "Please"。
Example:UN caffe,per favore. UN's cafes Pell favoured (coffee are required.)

OK Ho capito ( e KAPITO )Use this when you understand your opponent's。

I do not know Non capisco ( non Cape SCO )Consistent return in Italy upon Italy to not understand that (laughs)

I don't know Italy, Non capico italiano ( non Cape SCO litaliano )
PS:Japan Italy who are a local guide got in less。Italy, a quick、Or use English。

EH what? Come?( come )I didn't catch, "once again? "It used to mean。You say in English "What's?"Means。

Are nice Va bene ( VA Bene )That means in English 'OK'。Confirmed in the shop is OK when。

How much is it? Quato costa?( Quant Costa? )Use when you want to know the price of the product。

How much is it? Quant & # 8217s; e?( Quanta? )When you know something's quanta? And will be。
Attention:Quant Costa? Well quanta? Also both too much?? That is the、
When you want to buy are price is quanto Costa? Use。

Please discount Sconto,per favore (Fuchu Skonto Pell fabore)
A little discount! When you said that、-A little bit of meaning Un po & # 8217s; di ( UN Po di )Better to head。
PS:If used with a stand (retail) this word really a little discount gave me (lol)

I'll take this Prendo questo (blended quest)You can use when you shop。

Il conto check, please, per favore (Fuchu fabore IL controller Pell)Use in a restaurant or Café。

Where is the restroom? Dove il gabinetto?( Dove IL gabinetto ) or Dove il bagno?( Dove il Bagno?)
PS:La toeletta? ( La Telect? )Embarrassed and may lead to raising the intonation of the ending, just to hear。
Remember in Bagno, gabinetto Telect not familiar with Japanese restroom near words are easy、
In Italy"il bagno? Il bagno? 」There are commonly used。

By the way"Dove 000?' ( dove? ) is ' where is 000? 」Of you might remember when meaning is lost to the。
And right destra ( destra ) and left sinistra ( sinister ) straight diritto ( dirt )And the words to remember and
Easy-to-understand explanation.。

Real asked toilet in Italy who clerks in the cafeteria (cafeteria)、Meet me in a gesture of the hand gestures!
"Grazie!Grazie! ( Thank you! )」And good can tell with a smile
"Ho capito,graze o KAPITO、Grazie! (OK、Thank you! )」Sticks and it is perfect!

Even 1 the 00? Posso-?(-pots? )

Good hand? Posso toccre?( posso toccare?-

Can I try? Posso provare?( posso Pro Vale?-

Can I take pictures? Posso potografafe?( posso photographer re? )
PS:My photographer took a lot of pictures, so、I have been using this word was (laughs)

Can I enter? Posso entrare?( posso entrara? )

Can I pay by card? Posso pagare in carta di credito?( posso pagal Inn Carta di credito? )

Let me introduce myself!

What is your name? Come si chiama?( Rice SI charm? )

My name is Ayako Sono ayaco ( sono Ayako )Sono = is。In Italy、because it does not use the k co = kotonarimasu。

I am Japanese Sono Giapponese ( sono japponese )

My name is Ayako Mi chiamo ayaco ( Michelle karmo Ayako )Become self introduction about that!

Last but not、And Italy who praise、Very pleased, it seems better to care。
Japanese people praise, but do not feel bad、I'm not meekly accept bad Japanese (laughs)

Remember to praise of Italy!

Cute Lady carina (Carina)、Cute male carino (Carino)Upon seeing such young children often use。
A nice lady bella (Bella)、A nice man bello (Hawthorn)This will always remember! Apparition man bemberabelo! (Lol)

I have to learn it all? Those who thought、All right、With confidence! Italy who is so hilarious。It'll do if you forget the smiles and greetings。After、Unreasonably Italy who escorted Ms. eager said manageable、It seems that (laughs)

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Italian dinner at home, while looking back at Italy Michelin two star Ginza sushi restaurant "sushi? fish head" at returning home after birthday lunch
Italian dinner at home, while looking back at Italy
Michelin two star Ginza sushi restaurant "sushi? fish head" at returning home after birthday lunch


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