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Popular Chinese restaurants in ooimachi, China forest with Takumi couple of nexia and dinner!



During this time turned out in Tokyo often haunt Shinagawa ku Oi! Oi town atmosphere of downtown somewhere、Puffy was gone and much easier to visit taverns, restaurants、Has become a favorite city feel the human touch!

Even to this day "Nexyz."Director and"Dig Bana"As serving as a meeting with Taku Taku-Chan of President Buchanan and dynamiting oimachi station East exit 1 min Chinese Hua Lin (Karin) to bother!

This is Taku's shops.、And the shops are independent is loaded long training at Yokohama's Chinatown "456 House"、Enjoy the taste of authentic shops.
And more than 200 different menu, rich、Among them are especially、Most popular "Chen Mabo tofu" is recommended! In hot pot、Glowing hues from the show that will contribute to the hotness.、Get into the habit of tangy flavor and 花椒 deliciousness!

Stir fried bean sprout and the other or stick chicken bar、Spring Roll sauce、Shrimp Chile、I enjoyed that a lot of dumplings and so on.

I am glad that Taku-CHAN's wife and was Chanko and original us with them for Mr. Yasushi、Fun in W couple dinner party!

Taku-Chan do it I was just recently married couples are the only that celebrates the 15th anniversary of、Great for marital history、It is a big senior! Such talk make yourself a light being waged even husband and wife comedy funny and two of them (lol) However、15Over the years, and two people in a talk filled with mischief and love while Summit suggests that the goodness of love love.!

Our couples is still four years、I think each other laughing. Taku-Chan and his wife, wanted to continue having a happy married life!

Taku-CHAN、You did it、Congratulations on the 15th anniversary!













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"Sherwood Taipei" Breakfast in the elegant terrace! Check out of the hotel to give the peace! Arun's Curry Bar Ohi-machi retreat Bangladesh bar Curry!!
"Sherwood Taipei" Breakfast in the elegant terrace! Check out of the hotel to give the peace!
Arun's Curry Bar Ohi-machi retreat Bangladesh bar Curry!!



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