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New open "BAR & teppan-yaki SK 331" started as a hobby for the owner of casual teppan-yaki



In the last year2014December 20th.In the Kaji-Cho, Hamamatsu City Mizuho Bank alley
Newly opened the teppan-yaki "BAR & teppan-yaki SK 331"Mr.。
And adjacent bar equipped with billiards、Entrance is another, connected in。
Of the ownerOn lightJust received a request from a friend、
Everyone have fun bonding bar and teppan yaki restaurant is open!


Shop、L-shaped counter seats 7 with small and、Enjoy a chef to cook in front of。
The number of seats for、Advance booking to be better。
The menu is、"Steak (appetizer, salad, meat of domestic Sirloin or Tenderloin, rice, miso soup and soft drinks)" 9000 Yen
Or order à la carte。
On this day、Received an invitation, and visit us、
Welcome drink variety of à la carte Omakase at will!


Using a gourmet chain decorated with grape design、Hang from the neck napkin。


Draft beer

First is the toast with beer。
Outside、Unfortunately the rain paratsuku in is、Mixing of Hamamatsu Festival is a vibrant beginning.


"Boiled bamboo shoots"

He put on beer、Boiled bamboo shoots from the。
In the bonito will easily。



Under the caviar is in Royal style、Good together you'll like、
Lemon、Would be nice you freshen up with onion and parsley.


Here is、Chef。
The chef、OwnerSekiWith a childhood friend from kindergarten?。
The original、In French and Italian restaurant had worked as a chef is the、
SekiSent from consuming your voice、Charged with the teppan-yaki、It is now and studying!
First of all the、Starts from the vegetables.。


"Assorted vegetables

Bean sprouts、Chinese cabbage、Carrot、Paprika、Yam。
In any vegetables in Hamamatsu、Lightly seasoned with salt & pepper。


"Stacy Dale、Salt、Pepper、Horse-radish "

If you like, change the taste。


Tofu steak

In front of the Maine and Momen tofu steak。
After crispy、Will put the spice of ginger and green onion soup soy sauce!


"Hamana Lake from seaweed"

Seaweed from Lake Hamana in Teppanyaki grilled scoot、These will be。


"Brunello di montalciano"

BlackBerry、Black currant、With aromas such as Cherry、Strong, sweet scent。
Rich and balanced fruitiness and acidity better nothing lasts longer。
Here you will、All glass Baccarat are provided。
I liked the beauty of Ruby from the beautiful crystal and cut projected Massena wine glass。
However,、Is the weight quite likely tempered and arm muscles (laughs)


Maine meat now available!
To choose from the loin or tenderloin、Soft anyway low-fat high-quality meat, please!


"A5 Enshu dream Saki fillet 150 g"

Known for quality of beef "Enshu yumesaki-cattle"。
2000 yearThe JA dream Saki beef Commission、To get know the goodness of locally produced beef、Will be launched by brand-name beef。
Enshu yumesaki-cattleThe fat is good、Flesh is very soft、Rich、Taste with a deep。
Distinctive character and flavor as beef、7 national beef ability seen in "Prime Minister's prize"And the award-winning、
And Kinki Tokai Hokuriku joint beef cattle、During part of the Shizuoka Prefecture livestock cattle beef cattle
"Prime Minister's prize"Award、Has gained a high reputation in the country.


How to bake a rare, order。
240IH ° griddle makes baking scoot!


Put one piece carefully roasted garlic、It is my favourite combination served with salt and pepper。
Full of flavor soft Jussieu in depth.



Without using any salt、Bran pickled in rice bran only has very simple and、
Are scented with soy sauce at the end.


Soy sauce ramen

Of the ownerSekiJust like the Ramen is、Made your own ramen noodles better, otherwise provided、
Even to this day、Us acting finally simple soy sauce flavored ramen。
Finish the teppan yaki shop ramen、Also unusual are changed、
After drinking to finish easily have (lol)

BAR & teppan-yaki SK 331
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, 331-10 TEL:053-522-8867
Closed on Mondays:Day、-Opening hours:17:00-24:00

331 -10 tamachi, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu City

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