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In a China shop "oimachi Yongle" Showa 31 years since the popular bean sprouts near the time of a!



[Tokyo into the deep world of Oi (1)]

Tokyo friends "Nexyz."Director and"Dig Bana"Taku Taku-Chan of President Buchanan and little-known restaurants and bars present cosy city、Dinner Meeting at the Oi!

A number of times, go to Oi-Cho Taku-CHAN's home、A Word from Taku-CHAN。
"I experience a deep world of Oi.! "And。

1The second House、Chinese shops in the narrow alley a world of nostalgia is founder of 0/1956 "Zhu"To! That makes me feel nostalgic!

This becomes "easy" Omori "joy fun hotel" taste were heir to the branched and Shibuya, and Amadeus、"Taiwan-style with green onion ramen ' stores up for sale and will be!

Here comes through sales and some rumors as well as patrons who begun.、In cold weather, but is makes sense long line in front of the shop!

In the storefront and wait for 10 minutes and、To counter rotating restaurant! Taku-CHAN's、Time frame comes first "beer dumplings! "With at once! Large dumplings、With one firm, savory、Is jam packed, and we、Taste the appetizing aroma of garlic chives! Looking inside、Regulars have plenty of dipped in homemade chili oil can be seen! Nice tut!

Came out piping hot noodle rising steam dumplings at the end! With toasted onion spicy "bean sprouts near the" Billboard menu、It is a black frame、Taste is surprisingly plain and the 餡掛ke ramen! It is delicious indeed! There are thick:、Newspapers in the State feel the heat until you finish eating without getting cold!

Another thing is、Parkroyal on Kitchener road "noodle" beaten plenty of vegetables,。Blot in the soup here is not tired of vegetable extracts, easy to eat and taste! Favorite category is heita noodles hazy and soft!

Counter regulars gentlemen attendants will also be、Becomes a popular restaurant where you can enjoy the taste and the atmosphere of old times.

After this、2Hotels eyes are a deep world (laughs).













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Takahashi Masato "eggs'n" Rakuten market officer and information exchange "Night Oi Cup shop shop" 1000 yen become hopelessly popular pub chain
Takahashi Masato "eggs'n" Rakuten market officer and information exchange
"Night Oi Cup shop shop" 1000 yen become hopelessly popular pub chain


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